Tum Aise Hi Rehna 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Revathi asks Sheetal about the puja thali. Sheetal says it is ready. Rukmani says we will do the kitchen ritual after the puja and then you can make whatever you want. Ria nods. Abhi comes. Ria gets a phone call. She gets tensed as the call is from her hospital. Abhi thinks how she will talk. Rukmani asks her to pick the call. Ria tries to go. Dadisaa asks her to talk here itself. Ria receives Mona’s call informing her about her patient and asks her to tell the medicines of the patient as she has the flight to catch. Ria gets shocked and wonders how to tell. Abhi helps her and asks her to tell the names of Papa’s medicines. Ria informs the doctor. Rukmani asks her not to bring phone again to the kitchen. She agrees. Dadisaa asks her to make kheer and they go to sit outside. Abhi wishes her best. Ria thanks him.

Rukmani asks Sheetal to inform Ria that they like sweet kheer. Sheetal informs Ria. Abhi gets a call. He tells Rukmani that he have to go to office for important work. He informs Ria too. Pinky comes and says she wants to eat kheer made by chachi. Rukmani asks her to sit. Ria comes out of kitchen and stops Abhi. She says you are leaving me alone now also. Rukmani sends Pinky to call Ria. Abhi says I have to go and promises to come back home early. Pinky comes and calls Ria. She asks where are you going? Ria says nowhere. Abhi tells Pinky that Ria came to see him off. Pinky informs Rukmani. Rukmani says today’s girls do a lot of show off. Ria kisses Abhi on his cheeks. Piya re plays……….Abhi asks are you mad? Ria teases him. Abhi says this is our house, anyone would have seen us. Ria says everyone is inside. Abhi says shall I leave now. Ria tells him bye. Pinky sees them.

She goes to Sheetal and informs her that Ria called sweet heart to Abhi and even kisses him. Sheetal asks her not to tell this to anyone. She smiles and goes to her room. She asks her husband Sarthak to take her outside to watch film and calls him Jaan. He gets surprised. Sarthak asks do you want to see old film Jaan. He asks what happened to you. Sheetal gets romantic and says we both will go. Pinky will stay at home. Sarthak asks what happened. Sheetal says she is recalling their starting days of their marriage seeing Abhi and Ria.

Sheetal plans romantic dinner with Sarthak. Abhi calls Sarthak and asks him to come to office urgently. He says sadly that he will come. Rukmani tells Dadisaa that she didn’t see a girl doing PDA with her husband all her life. Dadisaa says time has changed. Rukmani says youngster doesn’t respect elders. Sarthak says he is going. Sheetal follows Sarthak. Rukmani tells Dadisaa that she is changing seeing Ria and says she have to do something. Sheetal comes to Sarthak and says she will send him off daily. Pinky comes and asks what are you doing? Sarthak says she came to give me wallet. Pinky says it is with you. Sarthak asks her to go. Pinky goes and informs Dadisaa that Sheetal went to give purse to Sarthak. Dadisaa tells Rukmani that Sheetal haven’t changed. Sarthak kisses her. Sheetal gets shy.

Sarthak and Abhi come home. Sarthak looks at Sheetal romantically. Abhi teases him and compliments Sheetal on her beauty. Everyone come for having dinner. Rukmani asks for Ria. Abhi says she is talking on phone and will be here in sometime. Ria comes and calls him Abhi. She says Mumma wants to talk to you and gives the phone.

Abhi says I will talk later. Ria insists him to talk now. Abhi says hello and says call is disconnected. Ria says Mumma wants to talk to Maa for Pagphera rasam. She will feel bad. She will get tensed. Abhi asks her to understand. Rukmani asks what is going on? This is dining table and not your room. Ria says sorry. Rukmani asks Abhi what is your age? Abhi says 26 years. Rukmani says it is not looking like that, just the way she is calling you Abhi Abhi. It seems you are 12 years old kid. They get tensed.

Ria gets a phone call from her hospital. Doctor asks her to go to Kashmir to treat the I injured patients. Ria says ok. She informs Abhi. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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