Bigg Boss 8 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 96
Song Jhut bole kawa kaate starts playing. all inmates wake up and dances.

Dimpy says Ali Upen Patel is in love, Sonali says he is in love every week with different girl, Upen sings I am in love and points to Saonli, Pritham says that Upen you talked so much bad about her earlier, Ali says Sonali also bad mouthed him a lot, Ali ask Sonali to go in his arms, Sonali says yesterday I danced in someone else’s arms, Pritham says Karan singh, how did you find him, ali sys Upen yesterday hero was Ksg, all other were useless, Upen says I listened all the comments, like Karan is best, he imitates Sonali and says SAlman only gives me compliments, I am best, beautiful, people say I have put on weight but where, insecurity, Dimpy ask sonali are you insecure with girls, Sonali says only this is left in my life that I am insecure, Upen says why you say on back that Karishma is dump, call infront of her, Sonali says Karishma you are dump, Karishma looks at her.

Karisham says to Upen that Sonali never do one work, Upen sys I don’t take her seriously and she gossip a lot too, when she can say things about me then what will she say about others, she called you dump, Karishma says I know she likes you somewhere, Upen says no she is just in game, she don’t like me, she just want attention, Karishma says she want attention from you and Gautam and if you guys give attention to other then she have problem with them. Upen says she is fool, Upen says I did her work because you said, you make me soft, Karishma says this is not good, you made me fool, Karishma says I didn’t do that to make you fool, sometime you are bizarre.

Sonali says thank God there was no fights in my captaincy, I am peace lover, Dimpy says people have problem with authority, your captaincy had no authority like people order in captaincy but you didn’t, Puneet says my view is that people are comfortable with someone and not comfortable with other, if you are comfortable then you will have no problem with authority like when Karishma was made captain, she keep ordering to this and that, it was nagging, Dimpy says I am saying that when you are becoming captain.. Sonali says then take Dimpys’s permission first, she laughs, Dimpy sys listen fully before you speak, sonali says I listen most in this house darling, Dimpy sys in Karishma’s captaincy bigg boss showed how many rules broke, Sonali says but in my captaincy nothing happened, Dimpy ask in which world are you? there are many announcements happened, you were given warning too, sonali says what can I do, I can only ask inmates to not break rules, Dimppy ask Gautam was Sonali alert in captaincy? Gautam says she was alert for others but wasn’t alert to herself, Puneet says its is her nature, Sonali sys this is me and I am not gonna change for a show and this is a way that people have accepted me, aaah, she leaves, Dimpy says if you want to misbehave then leave.

Dimpy says to Karishma that Sonali was saying that her captaincy was smooth, I said that you had no authority but we were alert in our captaincy. Pritham says to Sonali that you will need authority where work is not done but here work was done without it, Gautam says exactly she was alert but was lazy for herself, like she made bigg boss wait, Pritham says she is active for others but not for herself, Sonali says it was my thing, Pritham says no it is captain’s responsibility to follow rules, Pritham says to Sonali that you should set example first by not breaking rules, Sonali says but I cant help, that is what I am, Pritham says you were shown sleeping, Sonali says where? Ali says Upen saw you sleeping in candy room, sonali says he is lying, sonali says I didn’t sleep and I didn’t break three prominent rules, I followed it, that’s the way I am, this is my USP, Gautam laughs.
Dimpy ask Upen to go out and see. Pritham says that Sonali you take time whenever you go in candy room, Upen says no she was sleeping, Sonali says Ae hello when did you see me sleeping, Upen says talk with me rightly, evevytime you try to find some content., talk with love and respect, first learn some respect, I don’t wanna here your rubbish, Sonali says like you have so much respect, Upen says your character is shown, Sonali says I know I am good, bye.

Sonali says that liar saying I was sleeping, you can say anything, Karishma says jhoot bole kala kawa kaate, I had doubt but now I am sure you are insecure, Sonali laughs, Upen says you lie in everything, Karishma says Sonali thought that why should I dance with props when I will get hero to dance. Sonali leaves, they laugh on her running away.

Puneet says it is bigg boss’s fault that cant he wait for Sonali. she was doing her make up so cant Sonali take time, they laugh.
ali says to Sonali that we are with you but why do you go to them in night, Gautam laughs, Ali says Upen told me that you hold his hand so now he keep his hand under blanket, Gautam says I don’t think that Sonali do this, we shared a bed but she didn’t do it, Ali says you said it publicly that she wanted to kiss you, Gautam says I aid openly, sonali ask Gautam to shut up, ali says you said openly that she wanted to kiss you, you alleged her, Gautam says Ali is trying to provoke you Sonali, Gautam goes to beat Ali, Sonali says this is fake allegation by Gautam and I gave no reaction, Gautam says I will clear with Sonali, why you are coming inbetween Ali.

Upen sys today all good people ae wearing white on Christmas, Karishma, Pritham, Upen and Alia are wearing white, Sonali is wearing black and says all look good in my captaincy, Pritham says we are talking about inner beauty, Ali says why you are living a fake life Sonali, Gautam is in kitchen and comes there with iron rod to see the fight. he comes there and takes off his shirt, he moves rod, Gautam holds a rod and say Ghajni has come, Upen ask what Ghajni are you? Dimpy ask Gautam to not do this, Gautma ask Upen why so aggressive., all laughs and says I was joking, why so serious Upen, Karishma takes Upen from there, Gautam ask what was that, I came to do comedy, Pritham says your comedy is not comedy, it turns into tragedy, Gautam ask Sonali did I do anything? sonali says no.

bigg boss says Sonali’s captaincy is finished so its time for new captain. bigg boss says that confession room is open for sometime, the one who come in first will be contender for captaincy, Ali goes in room, , he comes in confession room and says I want to be contender for captaincy, bigg boss says you are choosen as contender and are given one opportunity, bigg boss says to Ali that you have to tell other name for captaincy too, Ali says Sonali should be other contender.. he comes out, and says that I am contender, I was asked to chose one more so I gave sonali’s name, Sonali laughs and claps, Sonali says you wanted me to become captain again so give me vote now, Ali says I am contender now so how can I give vote to you.
Upen says to Pritham that bigg boss always say that make wise person captain, Pritham says to Ali that you changed your statement, Ali says nothing like that, Gautam comes there with rod and says aata maaji satakli, he leaves. Karishma comes to Upen and says to Upen that why aren’t you talking to me nicely, Upen says you don’t talk nicely with me, Karishma says its you who is always angry, Upen says I swear on my mother if you talk like this with me one more time so I will not talk to you again ever, Karishma says fine don’t talk to me, she leaves.

gautam ask Ali why you want to be captain? there are less people here and all do work so why you want to be captain, he wants immunity, lust is bad thing so we will support Sonali, she is not getting immunity, Puneet and pritham says that we will support Sonali too.

Upen comes to Karishma who is lying on her, he hugs her, she is crying, he says I am sorry, Karishma takes blanket on her face, Upen kisses her head and hugs her, he acts like taking selfie with her.

there will be task between Ali and sonali. task is that Ali and Sonali have to stand and raise captain’s flag, then one who keep holding flag in air for long time will be winner. they start the task, Gautam throws cushion at Ali, Sonali says I will not even get immunity and Ali you said that you will make me captain so now leave flag, Gautam tickles Ali, Puneet ask him to not do that, Puneet says to Sonali that even if your hand breaks don’t put flag down. UPen is still trying to talk to Karishma. Ali stand in odd position, Sonali chants captain captain, Gautam says to Ali that your pulse will get disturbed, leave flag, I know its paining in your hand, Upen ask Sonali to not fold your hand, you always cheat. sonali ask Ali that you want to be captain? Ali says yes, Sonali saus my heart is very big, ok I will give you captaincy, Dimpy and Gautam ask Sonali to not be fool, Upen and Karishma support Ali, Sonali ask Ali you want captaincy? Dimpy says ask emotionally, ali says give me captaincy, Sonali throws her flag and says take captaincy, I give you this, Ali hugs her, Karishma says you gave him a tough fight, bigg boss says Ali is winner so he is new captain, Karishma hugs Sonali too. Ali says my collar bone is broken but just by seeing your face Dimpy I kept raising my hand, Dimpy says this week I will not say anything, I will just look good, Ali says you are beautiful but now I am not that Ali, I am only captain now, we will play our mouse cat game after captaincy but now I will be fair with all, Dimpy says I am not interested in any work, I just want to sit and talk this week I wont work.

Pritham is doing Ali’s shoulder massage, Ali says to Puneet that after 30seconds of raising hand, I started seeing stars, and by seeing Dimpy’s face, I got energy and also I lose my captaincy because of Sonali so I thought that even if my hand falls, I will not leave flag. Pritham says Dimpy’s politics have started again, I wanted to make Sonali captain again because I wanted to make it difficult for her now, don’t take me wrong now.
Upen says to Karishma that now we are back in game, only we supported Ali, Pritham who sit with him, didn’t support him.
Dimpy ask Sonali why you left flag, Sonali says darling I am not greedy, Dimpy says not about greed,

Ali says to karishma that Dimpy want every point to argue as she want to be seen on Tv, Upen says only we two supported you, Karishma ask why Pritham didn’t support you? Ali says he said that he wanted to punish Sonali and also she will not get immunity by captaincy, Ali says don’t worry, I know everything.

Dimpy reads that luxury budget task was successfully done by inmates and BB news task was very well done by Dimpy and Gautam. they have got 800points and Dimpy-Gautam have got 200 points and due to Ali’s bad performance we are cutting 100points, so total is 900points. as Sonali was captain so she will decide who 3 will not do luxury budget shopping, Upen and Karishma laughs, Upe kiss Karishma on forehead, Dimpy reads that those 3 will not be able to use luxury budget items, Sonali says first name is Ali as he slept in my captaincy in bathroom, all laughs, second name is Gautam, all laughs, she says reason is that when I asked him to wash utensil so he was doing captaincy, she says to Gautam that take my luxury items, she says third is Karishma, when I was doing task for captaincy again, she folded her hands and said that she doesn’t want to bear my captaincy again, as if I did something bad with her in my captaincy.

Sonali is wiping her make up, Ali sees her and shouts seeing her, Sonali laughs. he leaves, Karishma comes there, sonali sys I was standing here, Ali said with whom you were talking but I want not talking to anyone, Karishma says he said that you were laughing, sonali says I laugh alone, Karishma says why you laugh with yourself only? Sonali sys by remembering things.
Ali comes to Puneet and says Sonali was talking to herself, I asked her with whom she is talking, so she said that she talks to her loneliness, did you see her teeth, her teeth are whole black, she is ghost, Pritham says rubbish, Upen comes there and says I saw her laughing alone too.
Sonali says to Karishma that sometime I like to be alone, Karishma says me too, Sonali says that’s why I was sitting in candy room, Pritham comes there, Sonali says before you Diandra saw me talking to myself, Ali comes there, Pritham says Ali is afraid of you, he saw you laughing alone, sonali says I do that, Karishma says she was not smoking in candy room but laughing only, Pritham acts like ghost, Ali ask Sonali to show teeth, Pritham ask to show teeth, Sonali laughs, they see her teeth and scream seeing her teeth, Gautam says you need doctor, Ali says she need Pundit. all laugh. Puneet is confused, all laughs more.

PRECAP- in confession room bigg boss says to Dimpy and Puneet that we will do lie detecting test with you. both. otherside inmates will have to tell if the answers of Dimoy and Puneet are correct or wrong. bigg boss ask Dimpy that you made Upen and Karishma friends in helplessness, Dimpy says yes, Karishma, Upen raise yes board too. Bigg boss ask Puneet is Dimpy chameleon, Puneet says yes, bigg boss ask did Pritham broke P3G for his good? Puneet says yes, bigg boss ask Dimpy if Upen didn’t have girls support he wouldn’t have reached till here? Dimpy says yes. later Kapil says that I am going in house with my family to have fun and make inmates relax.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Go Gautam go .. Support Gautam coz Now people are doing negative publicity for Gautam ..
    Don’t know why but I really don’t want KT to win she is such a fool.

  2. karishma n upen r putting fire in othrs mind.. luk d way she’s telling ali dat nly we 2 supported yu.. pritham didnot.. blo*dy cunning b*t*h.. looser.. idiot.. n lots more i feel lyk calling her.. she’s good for nothing moron

  3. Please gautam win and f**k karishma, upen, sonali and Ali out of the game

  4. I seriously don’t understand, why people like Gautam. All he does is overacting. He is a cheater. He didn’t have guts to accept his relation with Diandra

  5. OMG karishma talks polietely to the gautam while others r aggressive to him in the task…. I think she have feeling for gautam in her heart but didnt show it… Firstly she say him naughty… Now… Good gautam… We support you all the best

  6. we love.. we love.. Gauti,…..,…

  7. gautam is the real entertainer of the house
    People are jealous of his talent:-)

  8. Nice epi:) simple and sweet!! No unnecessary shouting and fighting!

  9. Gautham is the actual devil moron

  10. Good epi..
    Gautam is totally entertaining.
    Love gauti.

  11. OMG !!!!
    Ppl aap log abhi tak Diandra-drama pe hi aatke hue hai.. jiska koi vjood hi nhi.. useless.
    Gautam is real.. good looking.. selfless.. good human being nd entertaining. That’s why ppl like him nd support him.
    Nd of course he is superb actor nd we also like his this quality too.
    Love gauti.

  12. One more thing.. jb gautam nd diandra ka relation tha hi nhi then Gautam kya accept krta.. Ek attraction thi aur vo usne accept ki.
    Pta nhi janta kya cahti hai.. Arry usse marriage karle kya.. itna bda crime nhi kiya usne.
    Love gauti.

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