Tum Aise Hi Rehna 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ria thinks she is already stressed and now this thing. She is getting more stressed. She gets Abhi’s call. Abhi says she took an appointment of a psychiatrist and asks her to come. Ria says they will go tomorrow, but Abhi insists so she agrees. Rukmani comes and asks her not to step her feet outside the room and do as Guruji said. She gives her Gangajal given by Guruji. She calls Abhi and informs him about Guruji asking her to stay in the room until the eclipse is over. She says she is worried. Suddenly the TV starts. Ria wonders and tries to switch off the TV, but couldn’t. She sees Aanchal accident on the TV. Gangajal falls on the table. Guruji do the puja at home. Aanchal tries to enter Ria’s room, but couldn’t. She thinks if I can’t go then Ria can come outside. She calls the tantrik there and asks for his help to get Ria out of the room.

The tantrik is seen and then Kammo is shown showing her eyes. She gets up and comes to Aanchal. The tantrik is seen controlling Kammo. Aanchal gets happy. Kammo/Tantrik opens Ria’s room and sees her sitting tensedly. Kammo comes inside and tells Ria that Guruji called her and asked her to keep the sindoor for the puja. Ria says how can it be possible. Guruji asked me to sit in my room. Kammo says still there is time for eclipse to start. Ria asks her to give sindoor to Guruji. Kammo tries to convince her and says Guruji is feeling danger on Abhi’s life. Ria says I will go for Abhi’s safety.

Abhi comes home and greets Guruji. He says he will call Ria. Rukmani stops him and asks to meet Ria. Guruji asked him to tell Ria to stay in the room. Abhi says he doesn’t believe on all this things. Rukmani insists so he leaves. Ria looks at the mark made by the Guruji. She tells Kammo that she won’t do any mistake again. She says she won’t go until Rukmani or Abhi calls her. Fake Abhi falls down and calls for Ria’s name. Ria asks where are you Abhi. Guruji gets up from puja and says lets go to bahu. Aanchal is seen standing right infront of Ria. Fake Abhi/ Tantrik asks Aanchal to enter Ria’s body. Ria looks for Abhi. Guruji and everyone come and see Ria outside. They get shocked. Guruji says I told you not to come outside, then why did you come out? Ria says she heard Abhi’s voice asking for help. Abhi says he didn’t call her. Kammo and Aanchal smirk.

Aanchal looks at the eclipse. Guruji asks Ria to go fast. Aanchal enters Ria’s body before she could run inside. Ria faints. Abhi asks her to open the eyes. Sheetal brings water. Ria opens her eyes. Aanchal is shown in Ria’s body and says she is fine. Guruji closes his eyes. Aanchal looks at Guruji and pretends to feel neck pain. Abhi tells Guruji to let Ria rest. Guruji insists. Aanchal hugs Abhi. She thinks her truth will be out if eclipse is over. She thinks to act carefully. She says she can’t do the aarti. Rukmani insists and says it is a matter of 5 mins. Ria/Aanchal says she can’t do aarti even for a second. Abhi tells Rukmani to do the aarti. Guruji insists again. Rukmani says she would have do the aarti by now. Abhi says sorry and takes Ria in the room. Everyone get shocked. Rukmani and Dadisaa ask Guruji to do something.

Abhi massages Ria’s neck. Aanchal looks at Abhi while staying in Ria’s body. Her song plays…..Abhi asks why are you staring at me. I won’t go anywhere? Ria holds his hand and stares him. Abhi asks her to say something. She asks him to come closer. Abhi says it seems your neck pain has gone and says he will bring something for her to eat. She stops him and asks to be with her. Abhi goes to bring ointment. Aanchal is seen.

Sheetal asks Ria,why did you throw your clothes on the floor. Ria talks rudely and says it is her wish. She turns. Sheetal sees Aanchal in Ria’s body. She tells her that you are not Ria, but someone who entered her.

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