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Laut Aao Trisha 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita falls on ground after drinking drugged drink. Aditya checks her pulse and says she is no more. Trisha and Kabeer are shocked to hear that. Trisha says he must be lying and asks Amrita to wake up. Officer asks to seal the whole house. Someone kills waiter who stops him from entering house.

Vivan’s friend calls him and asks to help him. Vivan asks what happened. Friend tells how a lady gave a child to him and ran trying to escape from goons, but goons caught her and took in their car. He followed car in his bike and found car in a secluded place. He heard goons asking lady about the child. Lady says she will not tell as child is legal heir of property. Goon says he got an order to kill child. Just then kid cries. Goon hears that and starts following him. He keeps child under a dustbin and calls Vivan. Vivan asks him to send his address, he will reach there.

Kabeer asks to seal the doors. He devastedly walks near Amrita and looks at her sadly. Officer says his doubt about Jahnavi’s revenge was right. Kabeer says Lavanya and Kushan are missing from party and asks officer to check where are they. Sonali calls Lavanya and tells her about Amrita’s murder.

Officer finds blood stains in garden and finds waiter dead body. He informs about it to Kabeer and says murderer is still here. Kabeer asks to check all guests.

Vivan reaches his friend’s sent address and finds his mobile, but not him. He hears child’s cry in dustbin and picks him. Goons come searching child, but walk out. Vivan calls police station and informs that his friend has been kidnapped and to help him. He sees goons standing in front of him.

Forsenic take Amrita’s pics and drink sample. Trisha cries reminisces the moments spent with Amrita and she telling that she and Sanya are her life. Lavanya and Kushan come there. Kushan is shocked to see Amrita’s dead body and walks towards her. Lavanya asks to control himself. He starts acting as mad and says Amrita aunty is sleeping. Kabeer asks where were they. Lavanya says this question is valid if they were here. He says it is valid wherever she is as she has a motive to kill Amrita and says they both are his top suspects. She asks why everyone dies whom he protects. Amrita’s body is taken out in a stretcher. Trisha tries to stop, but Aditya holds her. Kushan starts both laughing and crying. Trisha cries while Amrita’s body is takne away.

Officers take all guest’s finger prints. Officer tells Kabeer that forensic experts found poison in Amrita’s body and drink and 2 person’s fingerprints. Kabeer asks to take family member’s fingerprints. Meghan hesitates, but eventually gives her fingerprints. Sonali asks why family member’s fingerprints are needed. Officer says everyone’s fingerprints are needed and reminisces giving drink glass to Amrita. Lavanya resists, but gives cooperates on officer’s request. Even Trisha gives her fingerprints.

Lavanya gets into a store room and waits for Sonali. Sonali comes there and asks why did she call her and says she gave drug overdose to Amrita and reminisces calling Lavanya and telling that she has created a doubt in Trisha’s mind regarding Amrita and Kabeer’s relationship and today in party they can plan something and get Amrita out of CEO position. Lavanya asks her to do whatever she wants. She steals Vivan’s drugs and mixes them in Amrita’s drinks. She tells Lavanya Kabeer took her fingerprints and he will arrest her. Lavanya says she told her already not to be oversmart, but she went ahead with her fool plans. Sonali says if she does not help her, she will not spare her. Lavanya says she will not help her and walks out, leaving Sonali tensed.

Kabeer comes to Varsha’s house and starts crying. She asks what happened. He tells her about Amrita’s murder and says he could not save her. She is shocked to hear that and tries to console him.

Trisha cries looking at her parent’s pic and reminisces the time spent with them. She tells Pratik that he always used to tell that she is his princess, then why did he leave her alone. She asks Amrita why did she leave her alone after giving birth, she hates them both.

Sonali is tensed thinking she will be in a problem after her fingerprints are found. Gaurav comes there and says investigations are on and it will take whole night. He says he does not know who can Amrita’s enemy. She asks him to relax and sleep. He says until Kabeer finds out real culprit, he will not get sleep. She gets more tensed hearing that.

Kabeer reminisces his time spent with Amrita and Varsha telling that he loves Amrita. Varsha brings him water and wishes she could lessen his pain.

Kabeer reaches Swaika house and tries to console crying Trsiha. Trisha says when papa left me, mamma was there to console me, but after mamma, how will she live. He hugs and consoles her. Sonali watches that peeping. Trisha says mamma told you know who killed pappa and maybe same person killed mamma, asks him to tell who killed her parents.

Gaurav asks Sonali if she got any info of Vivan and says he tried his phone numebr many times, but he did not pick call. Sonali asks what if he is in trouble. He gets a call from inspector who informs that Vivan had called and told that he is in trouble, he reached the sport and found his phone instead, asks if he reached home. Gaurav says he did not come and asks if he is alright. Inspector asks him to inform if Vivan reaches home. Gaurav asks him to findout Vivan. Inspector asks him not to worry as police will find him. Gaurav informs Sonali that Vivan is in trouble. He panics and asks what is happening to his family.

Goons torture vivan and ask to tell where he hid child. He brings electric saw and frightens him.

Kabeer informs comissioner that he got fingerprints at Armita’s murder spot. Commissioner says he got the report now and gives him report. Kabeer is shocked to see Trisha’s name in the report.

Lavnaya comes to her bathroom and gets afraid seeing guard’s deadbody in mirror. She opens tap and blood flows from it instead of water. Kushan sees news that Kabeer is denying to answer anything regarding Amrita’s murder. Lavanya shows her hands and says blood is flowing from tap instead of water. He smells it and says it is water. News reporter says serial killer is murdering Swaika family and they are yet to know who is the next target, Gaurav, Sonali, Vivan or Trisha.

Commissioner asks Kabeer to control himself and says he warned him not to get personal with the case, but he did not listened to him. He says during party, he was the reason for Trisha and Amrita’s argument and even Pratik was tensed regarding his involvement and even Lavanya met him personally and told about it, but he ignored all this as he did not see most efficent officer like him in his whole career. Now, he has lost his sharpness and is not accepting the fact that Trisha has murdered Amrita. Kabeer says he will not accept it. Commissioner says glass has only Amrita and Trisha’s fingerprints and it proves Trisha made that drink to kill her mom as she was angry on her because of Kabeer and got humiliated seeing them together, it is common news nowdays. He asks Kabeer to arrest Trisha and close the case. Kabeer says he cannot close the case as it is clear someone is trying to ruin Pratik’s family. Commissioner gets angry.

Goons torture Vivan, he calls mom and dad to save him. Goon takes video of taking electric saw near him and says he will send it to his dad. Gaurav’s friend calls him and says Vivan was with him last night, but not know. Sonali asks what happened. He tells her the whole incident happened and asks he does not know why Vivan did not reach home yet. Gaurav asks him to inform if he gets any info of Vivan and sadly says that earlier Pratik, then Amrita and now Vivan’s murder. Sonali says Vivan cannot die. He says he will talk to Kabeer about it as he believes him. Sonali asks if he is crazy as Kabeer is good for nothing and they cannot risk Vivan’s safety in his hand. She will take commissioner’s help.

Commissioner gives Kabeer arrest warrant and asks him to arrest Trisha and do his duty.

Precap: Kabeer comes to arrest Trisha. Sonali and Gaurav come with ransom money to rescue Vivan. Goons kidnap even them. Kabeer reaches there with his officers.

Update Credit to: MA

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