Tum Aise Hi Rehna 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ria enters the home and the evil spirit of Aanchal enters too. Dadisaa says she will give the blessings. Aanchal’s spirit goes seeing Dadisaa’s rituals necklace. Revathi says she will do the aarti and looks at the cockroach in the aarti thali. The plate falls from her hand. Everyone look for cockroach but couldn’t find it. Kailash says we have done pest control last month. Dadisaa says let it be. She blesses Ria. Aanchal’s spirit sees eyes them.

Nurse tells the doctor that they need patient details to keep the body and asks what to do with her stuff. Doctor asks her to write Abhi’s name and gives her stuff to Abhi. Ria feels pain in her neck and tells Abhi. The window opens and a scary wind blows. Abhi asks Ria to come to him. She sits beside him. Abhi says he is an expert in massage and massages her. Ria thanks him. Abhi says you will be fine soon. Ria asks him to continue massaging. Abhi wonders why she didn’t feel my massage. Aanchal spirit is seen lying on Ria.

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Aanchal’s dead body is kept in the morgue. Abhi tells Ria that they had a fairy tale marriage and asks her to concentrate on him. Ria asks Abhi to close the window as it sounds strange. Ria sees someone’s reflection in the window and asks Abhi to open it. He opens, but doesn’t see anyone. Ria looks outside and tells Abhi that she saw someone’s reflection. Abhi says you are looking stressed and asks her to sleep. He locks the window and they go to sleep. Aanchal enters their room indisguise of a cockroach. The window gets opened. Ria wakes up and sees the window open. She wonders how is it open. She closes the window and turns. She gets shocked to see a woman combing her hairs sitting on the dressing table. She shouts Abhi. She wakes up and tells Abhi that she saw a bad dream and tells everything. Abhi asks her to relax and says it was a dream. Ria gets a call from the Doctor who informs her about Aanchal’s death. Ria gets shocked and tells Abhi that Aanchal is no more. She feels bad as they couldn’t save her.

Rukmani tells Abhi and Ria that both of you tried to save that girl, but life or death is in God’s hands. Raman says she seems to be not good. They feel bad about her family. Rukmani asks what about her last rites. Ria says we keep the dead bodies in the morgue for sometime and then handovers the body to the Police. Dadisaa prays for her. Pinky comes and tells about the fancy dress competition at her school. She says she will become Dadisaa. Everyone smiles. Pinky asks Ria to help her in the competition. Ria agrees.

Abhi and Ria are on the way to the hospital. Ria feels bad for Aanchal’s death. Abhi says those doctors were more experienced than you. Don’t feel guilty. He blames himself for the accident. Ria says we tried to save her, but….They reached the hospital. Doctor tells Abhi that Aanchal was restless after they left for home and even took out the glucose pipe from her hand. Abhi and Ria come to see her dead body. Abhi apologizes to her and says I don’t know who are you. He prays for her soul to rest in peace. He asks Ria to come. He leaves from there. Aanchal’s dead body opens her eyes shocking Ria.

Aanchal’s phone rings. Other Doctor says sorry for keeping her phone there. Ria gets stressed and sees Aanchal in the operation theatre. She unveils the mask of Dean thinking it is Aanchal.

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