Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman coming hospital and thinking Adi’s operation can’t happen without
Ashok’s sign, what a father I m, I could not do anything for my son. He sits crying. Ishita comes to him and he says Ashok refused to come. He says Adi is right, I m not capable to become his father. She says doctors took Adi, I told them to save his life, Ashok can sign papers later. Raman is glad. They see Ashok, Suraj and Mihika come there. Ashok asks where to sign. Raman thanks him for coming. Ashok says no need for drama Raman, you are a good businessman and you will give next three projects of your company to my company, as token of gratitude. Raman says its ok, I agree to this, come with me. Hr takes Ashok to sign.

Raman asks doctor about Adi. The doctor says we pumped out the medicine from his stomach. Raman asks can we meet him. The doctor says not all, but just one person can meet. Raman goes to meet. Mrs. Bhalla cries and Mrs. Bhalla pacifies her saying Adi is fine. She says Adi is our only heir of Bhalla family, if anything happened to him then our family would have not got ahead. He says he is fine, stop this now. Ashok smiles seeing her cry, and walks to her. He says aunty ji, I understand your problem, you are worried for Adi, its Ishita’s duty to take care of him, she is not Adi’s real mum, if anything happened to Adi, how is responsible, she has shown she is stepmum. He leaves after filling her ears.

Raman thanks the doctor. The doctor asks him to thank his wife. He tells Ishita that Adi is fine, let him be here for one day then you can take him. They thank the doctor. Raman says if anything happened to Adi then.. Ishita says he is fine, go to him, and call Shagun. He asks her to come. She says he won’t like it, I will send mum. He takes the medicines and goes to Adi. He holds his hand and cries. Adi opens his eyes. Raman says Papa is here, you are fine, you scared me. Adi says I m fine. Raman asks him will he talk to Shagun. Adi says it will be morning there. Raman says lets wake her up. Raman calls her and Adi talks to her. She asks is everything ok there. He says yes, I was missing you, everyone is fine here. Ishita looks on from outside.

She thanks Lord that Adi is fine, if anything happened, she would have not forgiven herself. Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks Ishita how did she give her BP medicines, she should have checked once. Amma and Appa come. Raman comes and sees his mum scolding Ishita. Raman says its your mistake, dad told you to keep your medicines safe, we have three children at home, what Ishita is doing for us, no one would have done this, she is not irresponsible, she is taking responsibility of my first wife who left it midway.

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Adi tells everything to Shagun. She asks if anything happened to you then, don’t do this again, promise me. Adi says you were right, its our house, they all love me and now we won’t be away, you, me, Ruhi and Papa will stay together, I promise I will do this. Shagun smiles. Ashok, Suraj and Mihika come home. Ashok says he will sleep in his room today. Mihika scolds him asking what was the need to take three contracts from Raman and misbehaving with Mrs. Bhalla. Ashok asks her to respect him, as he can do anything with his wife and sleep anywhere. She says if you touch me then…. Suraj reminds her the papers that they are not harassing her and she does not have any troubles here. Mihika leaves annoyed.

Its morning, Raman makes Adi rest in his room. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to get choc shake for Adi. Ishita thinks she has to maintain a distance from Adi and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla does the bad sight off. Raman asks Adi to rest. He says I will leave now. Adi holds Raman’s hand and says please don’t go office, stay with me. Raman smiles and sits with him, saying I m not going anywhere, I m here with you. Mrs. Bhalla kisses Adi happily and cries happily. Ashok sits with Suraj. Suraj asks what happened, how was the suhaagraat. Ashok says don’t talk about it. Suraj smiles and asks did the plan work. Ashok says she has troubled me all night. The FB shows Ashok coming in the room and calling out Mihika.

Mihika was vomiting in the washroom and says I had food poisoning, don’t know what I had, I can’t walk. Ashok says how would I have suhaagraat in this case. Suraj says its great, you did not touch her and vomits started. Ashok says she did not let me touch her, I was better before than marrying her. Suraj says its her drama, lets go and take contracts from Raman and cheer up your mood, come. Ishita asks Neelu to take choc milk for Adi. Ruhi asks her to come. Ishita says she is making food and asks her to go. Ishita cries. Raman looks at her. She leaves.

Ishita sits sad in her room and cries. Raman comes to her and she turns. He asks what happened. She says I was thinking my mistake could have been very dangerous for Adi, I should have been careful, Raman I m very sorry. Raman says its not your mistake, it was just an accident, everyone makes mistakes, its good nothing happened to Adi. He says lets go out for some change, and asks her not to cry. He makes her smile, don’t think about mum’s words.

Adi is her first grandson and she cares for him a lot as he was away from her since years, but Adi is fine, its important, forget everything else. They smile. He says Adi told me not to go office and I stayed. She says its good you spend time with her. He asks why are you not Adi’s real mum, it does not matter, as you are more than real mum, like Ruhi calls you Ishi Maa, I think he will also call you Ishi Maa, he will become like you, as you are an ideal one, I don’t like a crying you. Ruhi comes and says Adi is calling you. Raman asks Ruhi to teach Ishita to smile. Ruhi and Ishita say they missed each other and hug. Ishita smiles.

Pathak asks Ashok to sign on papers as it states he is not Adi’s legal guardian now. Ashok refuses saying Adi is my son. Raman says fine, deal is off. Ashok and Suraj reminds his promise about taking his sign and giving deals. Raman says don’t talk about promises, you never kept any, then why should I. He smiles.

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  1. Toshi ji we know that u love Adi a lot but that not means u r saying anything….u know ishita well then why r u come in ashok’s word….why u scold ishu???………& 1 more thing this is 21st century…now not only boys but also girls can take their family’s name ahead…..pls don’t compare between girls & boys……every childreen are equal…like ruhi & adi….

  2. Are yaar Aadi sirf Raman ka beta hai phir bhi Ishita uska itna khayal rakgati hai …Ramna bhi to uska papa hai use apne bete ka khayal rakhana chahiye…..Ishita par kyo chhilla raha hai……

  3. Are yaar ye. …Adi ka kya kare. ……pehle toshiji ne. ..aur ab raman bhi ishita ko gussa kare ga. ………….
    I…hate you adi…………….
    Ruh. ..plz tum tu raman ko. ..Adi k. ..intentions k bare mai bolo. ..tum hi Ho. …jo uss Adi ka bhanda phod sakti ho. …..

  4. SBS me phere wala scene hi dehkya hai and SBB me dehkya hai ki raman ishita fight karege kyonki adi kahi chala jayega … raman ishita par chilyega ki tum kaise ishima ho…jo tumhe nahi pata mera beta kaha gaya hai…..

  5. Bhagi even I want that….maine bhi jab se yeh padha tha tab se me bhi yeh hi soch rahi thi …kyonki Ishita to Raman ko batane se rahi…..ab jab Aadi Ruhi ko Ishita ke baarw mw bura kehata hai tab to Ruhi reply nahi jari but I hope ke Ruhi yeh baat jaakar Raman ko bataaye Ishita ko nahi….

  6. i read in sbs at pongal festival adi reveals his intentions to rhu hope rhu sab kuch jake raman ko badha de gi plz rhu tell everything to papa plz adi ur really disgusting hate u our toshiji aap ne tho haad hi kar diya kisi par ithna andha pyaar achi baath nahi

  7. This Mrs Bhalla is miserable I can’t believe that she came into the word of that kaminey ashok…….
    So cheap

  8. The serial started on a wonderful level. But now it seems to be going in the wrong direction. Some of the portions seem unrealistic ishita is a highly qualified and intelligent person. Now at times she is portrayed as very naive. So also with Raman. I would like the serial to come back on the right track and see the relationship between the two of them grow in a healthy way.

  9. WOW Ramans reply to Ashok in precap is SUPER!!!!

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