Tujhse Hai Raabta 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani gets emotional talking to Anupriya

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The Episode starts with Malhar making it clear with Avni that he has only given his name to her unborn baby and that the sindoor and mangalsutra which she wears is just a lie to show off. He says our marriage is fake and it never happened. Avni looks on. Kalyani gets down from her car and asks God to give her strength so that she can give the letter to Malhar. She thinks how to give this letter to him. Malhar asks Avni to remember before asking him any question that he gave his name to her baby so that he doesn’t call as illegitimate. He takes mud in his hand and tells that just like that people start their relation witnessing God, likewise God is the witnessed that nothing had happened between us. He says this mud which gives shape to God, will remind that there is no relation between us. He asks her to remember always and tells that he can never love anyone again or can never settled down in the marriage again. Kalyani comes there and sees Malhar holding Avni in his arms and she is fallen on him. Kalyani misunderstands them and gets sad. She thinks you have given me courage to face Malhar ji, but how to face this. Kalyani looks at the suspension letter in her hand.

Malhar finds Avni unconscious and recalls Avni asking him where was he last night? Malhar tells that even though we stay in the same house, but we are not husband and wife. Avni faints hearing this. fb ends. Malhar asks her to open her eyes and makes her sit on the chair. He calls Doctor and asks him to come to his house as Avni fainted.

Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that Kalyani must have suspended Malhar by now and tells that once he goes away from their lives, then there is no danger to Kalyani’s life. Kalyani comes there. Aao Saheb asks her if she has signed on Malhar’s suspension letter. Kalyani nods her head in approval. Aao Saheb hugs her and says grand daughter shall be like her, who makes my surname famous. She asks Kalyani not to get upset and tells that she has done right. She says you might be thinking about Malhar’s unborn baby and his wife, tells that they will learn to live in poverty. She says once you get rid of that evil rakshas Malhar’s sight and he shall never look back at you. She turns to Anupriya and asks her to accept Kalyani as she has fulfilled her wish, says I know how much you love her. Kalyani thinks I am sorry Aai, Malhar ji has ruined my and many lives, but I couldn’t gather courage to give him suspension order letter. Anupriya looks at her and goes inside. Kalyani goes behind her and asks her to listen to her.

She says you must be felt pain and heaviness in heart, when you had seen Papa and Madhuri together. She says it was a strange feeling, you must have cried a lot, but you never cried infront of me and everyone. She asks how did you stop your tears and asks how you are very strong Aai. She says I have to learn this from you, asks her how she learnt to be strong and stopped her tears. She cries. Anupriya cries and thinks what I will teach you, I have learnt from you to be strong, may be nobody saw my tears as I never had courage to shed my tears. She brushes off her hand and thinks I know you are very strong, but don’t walk on that path, Malhar can’t give you anything than the pain. Kalyani asks Anupriya to talk to her.

Doctor checks Avni’s report and tells that haemoglobin is just 7.1 and tells that this is not acceptable in pregnancy and it can lead to complication. She tells that they have to do blood transfusion, but there is no O negative blood in their blood bank. Malhar tells that he will arrange the blood and asks her to prepare for transfusion process. He calls blood banks, but couldn’t get any help. Anupriya thinks of Kalyani’s words. Kalyani comes there. Anupriya puts the tea in the cup and it falls on Kalyani’s hand. Kalyani writhes in pain and tells that I know you very well, your hands shake when you get stressed. Anupriya makes Kalyani wash her hand. Rang teri preet ka plays……

Anupriya says you don’t know me very well. She says I will talk to you as you have suspended Malhar, but don’t to get love from me. She says you can call me anything, but I have accepted that I have no daughter and I am not of anyone’s mother. Kalyani says you wanted me to agree as you have said this easily. She says when the hot tea fell on my hand, I took your name Aai…She says raabta/connection is strong which stays even in painful moment. She says Aai…I have returned for you, my every breathe is for you. She says I am alive for you, then how to believe that I am not your daughter anymore. Anupriya brushes off her hands and says I am not your Aai. Kalyani says you wants to say that Madhuri is my Aai. She tells that Madhuri gave me birth, but she was just Madhuri for me and you are my Aai. She says it was Ganapati Bappa’s plan to unite us, and that’s why he never let me call Madhuri as Aai, and I realized this after meeting you, as I was destined to call you Aai. Anupriya gets touched with her words, but brushes off her hands again and goes out taking tea.

Kalyani gets a call and gets shocked. She says I am coming there. Malhar asks Pawar why did you take help from Kalyani, I feel ashamed infront of her and you have taken her help. Pawar says I thought she is DM and she can arrange the blood. Kalyani comes there and sees Malhar holding Pawar’s collar. She asks him to not to befriend someone who doesn’t value his friendship. Pawar goes. Malhar tells Kalyani that he doesn’t need her help and asks her to give his suspension letter while going, as he knows that she has signed on it. Kalyani thinks how to give this letter to you and thinks if he loses the job then how he will take care of his family. She refuses to give him suspension letter. She asks him to control his ego and says if you had known to control your ego then our Moksh would have been with us. They get emotional. Kalyani says don’t spoil your child’s future for your ego and tells that she came here to help Avni. She says you don’t have the right to stop me from helping her.

Precap: Kalyani telling Malhar that she will bring her Aai here. Malhar says your Aai will never donate blood to my wife. Kalyani says she will come here surely. She comes to Anupriya and asks her to donate her blood to Avni, but Anupriya refuses to come.

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  1. Anupriya has become irritable now . Kalyani should become more dynamic as she was before. Malhar should become brave and should use his intelligence. But Anupriya is now intolerable . She should be the one who should support Kalyani in such worse time and how can she fully believe in such superstition beliefs despite studying law.The series should now adopt some interesting plot as the competition among good shows has grown. I hope some new twists will wait ahead but seeing evil win over good disappoints me.

  2. This show is supporting superstiotions……just fed up of this track…….how unbelievable the story is going on…….😑

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