Parth Samthan NOT quitting KZK2!! No Primetime slot for the show though

Parth Samthaan has made to the news in the past few days quite often. Earlier he made the news for testing positive for coronavirus and then there were rumours that he is not interested in playing Anurag in Ekta Kapoor’s popular show Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2. As per the reports doing rounds in the media, it was said that there were differences of opinion in between the makers and Parth. There were reports which suggested that Parth has decided to focus on his health and look at some other shows to do. But now as per the latest report in Bombay times, it seems like all the differences have been sorted out and the makers are ready to give Parth what he wants.

As per the sources of BT, producer Ekta Kapoor and Samthaan finally had their talk and everyting was resolved. It mentioned that Samthaan’s apparent demands of higher remuneration and shifting the focus of the show on him has been accepted by the makers and hence, the actor has decided to continue with the show.

And hence the fans can rejoice that their favorite star will now continue shooting for KZK. The track and focus, however, will now shift to Samthaan, Erica Fernades aka Prerna and their on-screen daughter. Karan Patel and Aamna Sharriff will continue to be integral parts of the show.

Apart from this there is also news the show will not be given a prime time slot on the channel anymore. The report is that the show will be shifted to an early primetime or a late night slot. In all probabilities, Saath Nibhana Saathiya Season 2 will be taking over Kasautii’s slot when it arrives.

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  1. I can understand his decision to leave. Though called leading man, he wasn’t, neither was Prerna as leading actress. Komolika ruled the show in a very negative and repetitive way. People are tired seeing nothing but her failed planned revenge practices. Yes, there’s need for a villain in every story. But this is too much. Anurag’s family presence is of no use. They bring nothing to the story. Mohini is hard to watch and it’s exhausting to see her always all dressed up and just taunting everyone. There’s an immediate need to change the story. Even kaushik and kukki story should not be there. Instead try showing why the rift between her and her dad. Concentrate on the real point of the story and leave the other unrelated Hungamas out. This is probably why Parth got fed up and I don’t blame him. They made him look like a chicken and stupid guy. So let’s see how they change the focus.

  2. Shesha485

    Still there is only title Kasauti Zindagi Kay is not yet changed. All the other dramas and tantrums happened. Even though the makers of this show created rumours like KZK going off air, Parth going to quit, Erica to quit, DT to join KZK and all, still the ratings are the low. People are aware of KZK’s baseless rumors and they won’t watch to increase its TRP. Also slot change is probably a rumor made by Ekta. Becasue there is zero percent chance for Saathiya to get 8pm slot as Shakti is airing at Colors and both belongs to same production house.
    I think Saathiya would get early slot like 6.30 or most probably YRHPK would be axed because only this show and KZK has pathetic TRP in channel.

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