Tujhse Hai Raabta 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sampada returns to take Moksh and insults Malhar and Kalyani

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kalyani thinking how can Atharv become so rich suddenly and thinks such things happens only in films. She says it is good that truth came out and takes Moksh to feed him. She feels pain in her hand. Malhar comes and asks why did she get up from the bed and asks him to give Moksh to him. Kalyani says she will feed him. Malhar asks her not to be stubbornness and takes baby from her. He tries to feed baby and tells him to drink milk from Baba’s hand today, and says your Aai is unwell today. Kalyani looks at Malhar as he calls her Aai of Moksh. She asks him to give baby in her lap and feed him. Malhar keeps baby in Kalyani’s lap and tries to feed milk to baby. Kalyani holds his hand to set the bottle in right position. Aparna comes there and gets upset.

Atharv is throwing money in Mugdha’s house. Sampada comes there. He asks her to throw the money and says they are rich money. Sampada says today was our day and tells that she wanted to make Kalyani jealous and wanted Malhar to get shocked and loses sleep. She says but Kalyani was appreciated by the claps and Malhar is happy with her. Atharv says we are not fools like them and says they were all fools. He says if we were fools then we wouldn’t have the money. He says Kalyani and Malhar have to bend down infront of us. Sampada says I can’t see them happy and says she wants her son back. Atharv says no. Sampada says I want my son back.

Aparna brings soup for Kalyani and says I can’t believe that she is alive. She says she don’t want to talk to her or hear her voice as they have kept her lovingly. Malhar asks did I ask for clarification. Aparna goes. Malhar takes the baby from Kalyani and asks her to drink soup. Kalyani tries to take the spoon, but feels pain. Malhar offers help. Kalyani takes the straw and keeps pillow to drink it. Malhar says if you say then….He asks if it is hot. Kalyani says no. Malhar goes out. Kalyani thinks soup taste is bad. Just then Sampada comes there and shouts at Kalyani. Kalyani says Sampada and comes out. Malhar, Anupriya and Aparna see Sampada. Sampada says she came to clear the wrong accusation on her and tells Malhar since when he started giving tough punishment and says you married Kalyani to punish her, but what revenge. She says you don’t know truth as I know truth only.

Anupriya thinks Sampada telsl the truth today. Sampada walks towards Malhar. Malhar kicks the paint bottle and says she can’t cross this line and asks Aparna to tell her that all way is closed towards him and his son. He says he don’t want to raise hand on a woman. Kalyani says no and says Sampada can’t cross this line. She confronts Sampada for blaming her and Aai in the letter. She asks her to tell the truth to Malhar, that they were not involved. Sampada says I have to cross this line and says today she will tell truth. She crosses the line and goes towards Malhar. She acts and says she did a big mistake and today she came to rectify her mistake. She says she did mistake to leave her son, today she has returned to take him and snatched Moksh from his hand. Malhar asks her to give Moksh back to him. Sampada refuses. Aparna asks her to apologize to Malhar and give baby back to him.

Sampada refuses and says I am his mother and fed him milk before leaving. Anupriya asks what milk are you talking about and says he don’t know your aanchal. She says the baby is of the whom who saw his tears, who sacrificed her sleep, bear hatred of everyone and gave love to him. Sampada says I did a mistake, but not anymore. She says I spent all days in memory of my son. She says how you will know about the mother’s love, you don’t have any children. Kalyani shouts and tells her that who told that Aai is childless and says I am her daughter and she is my mother. Anupriya cries. Kalyani says I saw that yearning for my Aai and asks who are you to question my Aai. She says you have blackened the word Maa and says you will not understand the relation between the Mother and a son and says you have ruined the relation. She asks her to give her son. Sampada says I will not give and pushes Kalyani. Malhar holds Kalyani from falling down. Malhar asks Aparna to bring Sampada’s stuff from the house. Sampada asks do you want to raise hand on me and says I was your wife and knew what is law. She asks him to touch her and says she will get him arrested else she is not Sampada.

She says you can’t harm Atharv or me as we have everything now, money, fame and everything and you are a small policeman and asks what is his value? Anupriya asks her to mind her language and says surely you would have looted someone or cheated someone and says so much wealth can’t be earned so soon. Rao Saheb tells Sampada that she has already done wrong and asks her to give Moksh to Malhar and asks her to have sympathy on baby atleast. Sampada asks him not to interfere and asks who gave you right to speak now. Anupriya shouts Sampada. Aparna brings Sampada’s stuff. Moksh is crying. Malhar opens the box. Kalyani asks her to give baby to her and says if he cries then he will have short of breath. Sampada says let him cry, he must have cried when I left him, now he will cry for 2 days and will be fine. She says Moksh shall differentiate between Aai and Aaya Bai. Kalyani cries for Moksh.

Precap: Sampada tries to take baby from Kalyani and says he is my son. Malhar brings the firestick and says he was burning in it since she left him and today he will make her realize how the burning sensation is…

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. First portion was too good.happy to see Malhar’s concern n care for kalyani…sampada is really a witch, she don’t deserve to be a mother. Hopes malhar will teach her lesson.

  2. This boldface, wretched Sampada! Have this beast any shame, or a single remnant of semse.? I want artharv’s legal wife to see a replay of the bomb scare, function incident with artharv referring to Sampada as his ‘wife’ and escape to continue her task, of murdering sampada! It’s high time that both are punished! How despicable that she still lays claim on Moksh, kalyani should be the one repaying her for all the suffering. She’s rightly entitled to give a few to many slaps!

    1. Pallavi is loopy and annoying but the best thing she ever did was slap her useless brother and Sampada in that storage closet

  3. Leisa s morris

    Dis sampada eh hmmm. U writers have really mucked dis show up by giving sampada and arthav such wealth to come hold over malhar and kalyani. Dey should b begging for mercy but instead u gave dem such power smh. But if she knows law so much she should know dat she has non or lil rights as she abandoned her son but I guess writers r just gonna bypass dat and make it as such as she has all rights. If so as father malhar has same rights as her as hes moskh biological father,who took care of his son from birth and being his wife kalyani has as much rights to moskh as him. Sampada should not be given moskh not even in an attempt by writers to show he belongs to kalyani,she shouldnt be given him at any course especially considering artharv doesnt want him at all.

  4. Sam is selfish if she conceive she would not bother for pillu but she can’t conceive know so she behind pillu but kalma should not pair up now itself bec first they should become friends later they should understand each other then they should feel then they should confess again they should marry once again then their bond will be strong or elSe it will break up easily bec kalyAni still can’t feel any love she just want malhar happiness bec he is his husband.. Malhar heart is wound it’s heeled when sam gets punishment bec he love her so much it’s difficult to accept 2nd wife bec he has baby too he dream many things with Sam tat should vanish from his heart..So he should be happy first they he should feel her love..V should wait suddenly if they fall no interest to c…..Athrav acting masth waiting athrav and malhar face off

    1. What kind of demented fantasy world are you living in? Please focus on your own love life (or lack of it).
      Kalyani and Malhar are stronger together. By the time we wait for your gradual love story to happen Billu will graduate from college.

      1. U try to understand malhar point of view his wound can’t heel soon anupriya asking his hand to kalyAni and to lead a new life but malhar is gentleman he know d value of love and relationship so he said it’s not so easy bec he has to vanish Sam face and her wound should heeled.. in one day he can’t fall for kalyAni easily .Even kalyAni should feel his love in one day baby can’t grow it takes 9 months to c dis world like wise y u in hurry ur saying like u want everything in one day love, marring,intimate, baby etc if they progress as u said it will end in dis month only and lastly don’t forget some love stories complete in death some in beginning each has different stories..I want kalma story to be in different ..And u also focus on ur own life each have different opinion it’s our right to say wat v feel u hv no no right to object it..And don’t worry in dis generation only they will pair up..Try to hv patience…

  5. Super episode!sampada I really hate her man ???how can she call herself as mom who leaved her baby alone crying and ran away with her extra martial affair lover..and now she calling herself mother even she doesn’t see or care for her son’s crying she never going to realize what is mothers love.. Finally her true nature came before malhar by herself.. And kalyani each words gave goosebumps ???? and anupriya words ? ? and malhar kalyani scenes r good the way malhar kindly asked to let him help her, and so caring.. And soft form angry malhar ???

  6. Few days ago Sampada was looking like a beggar, she looks even worse now even with nice clothes. She and Atharv don’t love each other, Atharv is a hoodrat who will only ever love himself and Sampada is an egoistic b*t*h like her mother and grandmother. I am sure Kalyani will find Mughda and bring her back, Sampada is nothing more than a cheap mistress after all. She just wants to hurt Kalyani and Malhar, she doesn’t even care about Moksh, she pushed her own mother while she had Moksh in her arms.

  7. Actually Malhar is always silent he never support Kalyani when Aparna harrasses

  8. Loved the attention of malhar kaliyani .. It’s quite strange to see him act like this but very adorable .. I liked the look he gives to kaliyani before the arrival of Aparna .. His look is so sweet. In short .. I wonder why all this hate for malhar from Sampada .. What he did so that Sampada hate it and wishes its decline .. Do not understand .. In short .. Disappointed that it does not is not telling the real truth about this letter .. I also wonder why CV gave all this wealth to Sampada and arthava .. Anyway. Although malhar see the true character of Sampada .. All this scorn she told him about his work on his money .. In short although malhar know what Sampada thought of him …. His heart is still too fragile for the given to kaliyani .. And even kaliyani has not yet in mind to feel love for malhar. I wonder what resume we have to show when the two will start to feel for each other. Jealousy !!!! kidnapping !! Which will make that malhar or kaliyani think differently of each other than only respect .. Because what kaliyani thinks that malhar is his friend she respect. But when will love for kalma .. When will they realize their feelings .. When will jealousy come ..

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