Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: King confronts Abhi and informs him about his plan to marry Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that he got Kiara and his DNA test and it matched. He says it is clearly written that Kiara is my daughter, our daughter. He says why did you hide this from me, what was your helplessness. He asks how can you hide such a big truth from me and asks her to tell. Pragya cries and gets emotional. She hugs him and says I was scared. Abhi asks why? Pragya says I thought if I take Kiara to you, then you will take her and will punish me for the mistake which I haven’t done. Abhi says didn’t you see love in my eyes. He says Kiara was away from her father for many years and asks what do you think that I will separate her from her mother. Pragya says sorry. Abhi says you gave me such a big happiness, that I can leave my life, but not you. He says I don’t want kiara alone, but my family. He says both of you are similar and says when I see her, I miss you and when I see you, I miss her. He says did I say you that I came in this world to meet you and love you. He says today if I am alive is because of you, so I want to stay with you, live with you. I can’t separate Kiara from you. He says first we were two, now we are three. He says I am pleading and begging infront of you and asks can I get my Kiara and family. He says I can’t stay without you both and promises her that he will not fight with her and will not let her go. He says I can do anything if you are together. Pragya says we will stay together, you, me and Kiara. They have a hug…It turns out to be Abhi’s dream. He thinks I have started dreaming again and says I am going alone, but will return Kiara and Pragya.

King is at home and thinks of Pragya’s words. He thinks why Pragya met me and asked help from me, she made my career and says he didn’t understand the Karmic connection. He thinks he listens to Pragya and realizes he is in love with her. He thinks Chachi had told me, and thinks if she is right about me then she is right about Abhi. He thinks if Abhi has feelings for Pragya. Abhi comes to King’s house.

Bahadur is standing at the door and tells Tanu that nobody came. Tanu says I know. Disha hears them. Bahadur asks her to go to her room and says he will bring the report to her room. Tanu scolds him. Disha hears them. Door bell rings. Tanu sends Bahadur to kitchen and opens the door and gets the report. She checks the report and reads that sample was contaminated. She thinks Abhi couldn’t prove that Kiara is his daughter, then why he was happy. He shall be sad and thinks he might be happy to make her feel sad or jealous, and thinks it is good. She thinks once Abhi loves her then she shall not be scared from Pragya. Disha is hiding and smiling. She recalls waiting outside and colliding with the delivery guy and replacing the reports. She thinks Tanu will be confident now and will not do anything.

Abhi rings the bell. King sees him peeping inside. Abhi asks where is Pragya? King says not today and says today we will talk about your behavior which changes seeing Pragya. Abhi says I want to meet Pragya and says he will go to school and meet her. King asks him to forget Pragya and take her out of his heart. Abhi asks what happened? King says Chachi told me that you have feelings for Pragya, but I ignored her words and told that Abhishek is my friend and can’t do this, but after whatever I have seen with my eyes, I have realized that you have feelings for Pragya. Abhi says you are thinking wrong. King says when I kept my hand on her shoulder, you felt pain and when I was about to dance with her, you held her hand and took her to dance floor. He says it was cheap thing and asks him to say yes or no. he says Chachi saw you and Pragya together, but I said no, my friend can’t do this. He says I didn’t know that my friend comes to meet my wife at my house, and have soft feelings for her. Abhi says I am friend and about to tell…but King asks him to say yes or no, and asks him to say if he has feelings for Pragya. Abhi says yes.

He says she is so good that naturally feelings come out. King says Chachi was right, you are fixing Tarun and Neha’s relation so that society restriction ends and you get a chance to get closer to her, so she was right, but whatever you are doing is cheap. Abhi says you are making fun of my feelings. King says you are making fun of my friendship and says you didn’t think before eying at my wife. He asks him to get out. Abhi says you didn’t know what we have between us. King says if I see you with Kiara or Pragya then…..Abhi says truth is that neither Pragya is your wife nor kiara is your daughter, so you have no rights on them. King says you know the truth, but that doesn’t matter to my family. He asks did you ask Pragya with whom she wants to live? He says Pragya is my wife and Kiara is my daughter in society’s view. He says I love Pragya and will marry her soon, so that such people like you stay away from you. Abhi tries to tell him about their relation. King asks him to remember their enmity and tells that they will not talk other than Neha and Tarun’s marriage. He says after their marriage, you will see Pragya and King’s marriage and after that you will not take her name and will call her Mrs. Singh. King closes the door and goes inside. Abhi tells that she is his wife, but King doesn’t hear him.

Disha waits for Abhi and thinks where is he? She calls Purab and asks about Abhi. Purab says I thought he is at home. Disha says may be he is with Di. Purab ends the call.

Pragya is at Kiara’s school. Teacher asks him to sign the form and tells that all parents shall attend sports day. Pragya signs and gives the form. Teacher says you forgot to write father’s name. Pragya thinks of Abhi and King and tells that if she can give the form later. Teacher says ok and goes. Pragya thinks to tell all truth to Abhi after Neha and Tarun’s marriage to lower her heart.

Abhi tells Disha that he want to end the fight of mind and heart and tells that Pragya is marrying King. King looks at Pragya admiring the mangasultra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yes! Abhi had a dream! And Disha fooled Tuna! I am sure that Disha will be punished in the future when Tuna understands that she was fooled. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And Abhi, possibly is finally going to be forced to take some responsibility for his previous actions. Yeah, King! He is the rat catcher and Abhi is the rat. Now we wait and see if Pragya will be fool enough to mess up King’s plans. The well-intentioned Pragya has a tendency to not speak at all or to speak out to the wrong people. Here is her chance to stop being a victim. Will she? The whole production is based on her willingness to be victimized repeatedly by Abhi and his attachments. Her lack of protest has insured that her loved ones are attacked as well. So, will Pragya become an adult woman or will she remain a pathetic victim?

  2. Dear Iswarya, this is for you. Here is an example of a twitter comment.
    “King was not at all a gentleman before P met him with all his gf n drugs but A though always loved money he was a perfect gentleman. He has attitude yet he is loving n top of all he is honest, loyal n does what is correct n not what is good for him ”
    This commentator has a selective memory. He/She has forgotten the majority of Abhi’s actions. Marrying Pragya for revenge. Daily torture and humiliation of Pragya by not just himself but his whore and his sister and Mithali. Constant lies to Dadi, Pragya and anyone who got in his way of meeting his whore. How many times did he leave Pragya stranded in order to see his expensive whore? All this, when everything Pragya did was to protect Abhi’s interests. And that was just the beginning. Everything that the whore and Aliyah did to Pragya must be layed at Abhi’s feet. Remember it was aliyah and Tuna fish that paid (how many times) to have Pragya killed. Pragya’s abuse finally ended with the end of Simonika. Pragya and Abhi sleep together and then the whore and sister manipulate Abhi to proclaim Pragya as dead. Abhi deserves nothing excepting jail with his whore and his sister attached to his nether regions. I would hope that likely will turn into a living hell, for Abhi. Believe when I say that my very healthy imagination thinks of far more gruesome punishments which would at least be equal to the torture he inflicted on Pragya. King rescued and nurtured Pragya. King appreciates Pragya’s contribution to his life, unlike Abhi who may have been positive here and there… only if he momentarily escaped the clutches of the whore and the sister. Abhi cannot ever hope to become a man while the whore or sister is alive. And what did I learn from that? I am seeing less and less selective memory issues from fans. That’s good. Lastly, just read your final message from yesterday. Having been away from life for many years (health) I am just returning back to work soon. Step one is putting up a website. Thus, I am finishing up and bringing to completion the ‘health story chapter’ of my life. Originally, I was told that my health story was my final chapter. But, I am walking (not running yet) and able to use my arms and becoming stronger week by week. Too slowly, for my tastes. Yes, I was thankfully and happily divorced, …just as my health issues became serious and life threatening. That is an offering (information) given when minting new friendships. So, with a smile (charming of course!), who are you?

    1. S I also knows that because I m also watching kkb from starting don’t know about kmh how he was before sdn now o know he too cared of pragya better than abhi she derrvd king but she doesn’t know about anything about his plan seriously this man do called abhi dent deserve pragya and Kiara I want disha and abhi to be sever punished by even Talia them selves alsz punishing pragyais not at all good disha has to undergone many because I hate from starting I don’t like her y is she alwz like pragya 2 to abhi doesn’t she have a family this idiot is safe in that house with no harms but pragya is the lady who went deep.with all she doesn’t deserve to have happy life with abhi confirm him asking pragya to come back to mm with wife a such aberbal word I don’t wnat to splel.in English she desees to he alone really with her daughter she could have at least continued her studies and managed but she is damaged as she depending in others k hated abhi after leap neither king nor abhi had ever asked her about likes dislikes everything in her life she didjt even have space in her life after mrg continues problems due to them do u know the way abhi was sent from the house oh king I like it tit fr tar he had to undergo every problems that pragya undetgpne I really want to c hik lime that I don’t say he is not a gentleman than k good he has only two women in his life from starting

  3. Halo Akituster,pls do not 4get dis play is nt abhi or tanu or even aliyah’s fault,dis is a play dey ar paid for n moveova no ryt tinkin man wil behave dat way,bt i dnt c any fault in abhi oda dan d foolish writer n producer of d movie,dis movie is 2 long 2 b messing up,n dont 4get no mata ow much king loves pragya it cant be reciprocated by pragya bcos her role whole heartedly luvs abhi,dnt 4get true luv conquers al,dnt 4get dat dey ar both at faultn dnt talk it personal,d movie is made 4 d two of dem.show me a true luv witout flaws n i wil show u no lyf witout air

    1. Hullo Kemmy, No. I don’t take your comments personally. The more different opinions the more learning that occurs. If you have read my past comments then you will see that I do put responsibility for the attitude of the show at the feet of first, the producer then the director and finally the writers who are following directions but shaping the cringeworthy details. I see Pragya and Abhi not in love at all, but suffering from psychological issues. True love does conquer all. But the only conquering that is going on is the criminal conquering. I see this production making a mockery of love, of adult humans, family, and institutions. I find the level of violence to be regressive and normalizing of abuse. The regular and gratuitous violence inflicted on women, the elderly and even children, in this production reeks of the stench of a rotting heart. So, I truly do wish to point out what I see as the level of ‘crazy’, in the production. I also recognize that the level of talent in the crew (excepting 2 actors) is high and being misused.

      1. who u say they are being misued ,i say i like shbair ,sriti and shika in this set that it i like their acting that it none of other i like shika performance appreciable i like even shika but nt the actres doing tanu sori .s this production is full of criminality free loaders and everything not not even getting punished if u see criminal is safe without anything she is happy but abhi and pragya are been butchered , all love story i have a doubt whether abhi loves whom pragya or tanu becuase when he loved tanu for sure he married pragya for revenge then he realised his love for pragya and then after leap marrying b*t*h but loving pragya what is this ,truly may be for name sake he can say pragya is his biwi but cant even see that after leap,nothing can done without speaking with each other fully outspoken but its happening only in dreams ,actually true love shoulnt even have a place for misunderstand ,but this serial is full of misunderstanding and criminality and abuse that it i from day 1 not a good husand and wife they were.they didnt even have time to share their views,.mainly violence and physical abuse is there here nothing other that i cant see anything .

  4. So, Abhi getting the report that Kiara is his is just in his dream? What a joke. Didn’t know that the technicians in that hospital were so incompetent. it figures. Can’t ask for a different outcome from the writers…so stupid

    1. No Yar he got the report h has in his.pockets till he comming to King house all are true but his conversation between him and pragya only dream of abhi he has the report even diha has the rpeott na

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