Tujhse Hai Raabta 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalyani and Malhar save the Nation from terrorist attack

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kalyani clinging to the clock tower and holding the hand of the clock to stop it from striking 11:45. Malhar smiles seeing he courage, but is tensed. Everyone is tensed. Anupriya shouts Kalyani and asks Malhar to do something, and says if her hand slips then we can’t stop the blast from happening. Malhar asks Pawar to send Bomb squad there. He runs to Kalyani. Anupriya cries and tries to go there, but pallavi and godaveri stop her. Anupriya says I will go there and save her. Aao saheb says we can’t do anything other than praying. Malhar runs and climbs the stairs. Atharv asks CM to come and says the bomb might explode. CM says when this girl can show courage then we shall too. Atharv asks Sampada to come. Kalyani is still holding and hanging to the clock hand. Atharv and Sampada are stopped from going there by the guards. Malhar clings to the clock and asks Kalyani not to leave her hand. Kalyani asks him to go for Moksh. Both are hanging to the clock hand. Bomb Squad tries to diffuse the bomb. Kalyani’s hand slips. Malhar holds her hand and asks her not to leave his hand. Kalyani cries. Malhar tries to lift her with his one hand. Sampada gets upset seeing Malhar trying to save Kalyani. Bomb squad diffuses the bomb and tells Malhar and others. He says we are saved. Malhar lifts Kalyani, but she faints. Everyone panics. Malhar moves on the small railing holding Kalyani and manages to come down. He brings unconscious Kalyani to Anupriya. Anupriya cries. CM tells Malhar that he is proud of him and of this girl and says he has no words to praise her. Malhar says she is my wife. Sampada looks on upset. Anupriya smiles a bit. Atharv asks Sampada to come. CM says your wife showed much bravery and proved that there is nothing big than the nation. Malhar looks at Kalyani. Kalyani is still unconscious. Everyone claps for them.

Malhar brings Kalyani home. Doctor checks her and says she will get consciousness in sometime, but she will have body pain for few days. He says don’t make her do house work. Aparna says I do the house work daily. Malhar looks angrily at her. Aparna says we both do, but now I will do. Malhar asks Doctor to come, and asks when she will gain consciousness. Doctor says in sometime. Malhar takes him out. Anupriya prays to protect Kalyani from the upcoming storm. Aparna closes the door and keeps her hand on Kalyani’s neck to suffocate her, and says I want to suffocate you right now, but I can’t do this and says don’t know how that useless Atharv became rich suddenly. Kalyani gains consciousness calling Moksh. Aparna acts and says he is fine. She acts to thank God and gives her water. Aao Saheb takes water in the pot and says that we were blinded to take revenge from Malhar that we were about to take many lives. She says we would have checked what those terrorists have kept in the saree boxes. Rao saheb says it happened because of your ego. Vivek says Sampada and Atharv returned also. Aao Saheb tells that how can they be alive and says they were so much insulted because of them. She opens her hairs and says she will not tie her hands until she takes revenge. Rao Saheb asks her to calm down and says you all are safe because of Kalyani. Aao Saheb says what was the use of this life, and says I would have died before knowing this, and says Sampada is our blood. She asks Pallavi from where Atharv got the money? Pallavi says she doesn’t know. Aao Saheb determines to ruin them.

Malhar holds the pot and recalls Kalyani’s words for him. He cries and breaks the pot. Anupriya comes there and sees him breaking the pot. Malhar breaks down and sits. Anupriya comes to him. Malhar says your daughter is mad, who risks own life and save others. He asks who do this? Anupriya says my daughter is such, stupid. Malhar says I don’t know whom to trust and says I want to believe Kalyani and want to believe that she didn’t help Sampada. He says if this is truth, then I have ruined an innocent girl’s life. Anupriya says I can understand your wound as I have faced similar wounds. She says people lies that time heals all, but 18 years have passed, my wounds haven’t healed yet. She makes him get up and says Kalyani came in your life as the ointment for your wound. She says Sampada never valued for your love, but Kalyani respect you even after bearing your bitterness. She says Kalyani can do anything for you, and asks him to give her a chance. She holds his hand and says I trust my daughter fully. She asks him to start a new life with Kalyani. Malhar says this is not that easy, my life’s bitterness will not end, until the people’s lives will be wounded who had ruined my life. He says Sampada left me and my baby and I want to suffocate her neck. He says it is not easy to hold Kalyani’s hand, nobody can stop me from ruining Atharv and Sampada’s lives, not even you, Kalyani or their new found wealth. He walks away. Anupriya hopes Kalyani and Malhar shall have happiness in their lives and fears Sampada and Atharv returned as storm to ruin Kalyani’s life again. She asks God to protect her daughter.

Malhar tries to feed the baby and asks him to drink from his hand, says your Aai is not well today. Kalyani hears him and gets touched. She takes baby in her lap and holds Malhar’s hand as he feeds the baby. Aparna sees that and gets upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sampada would never be happy….she have atharv but vex about kalyani and malhar….what a fool

  2. Aaj ka jo episode tha na woh sach mein khubsoorat tha….kalyani aur malhar is the best couple. I just loved Malhar today finally he starts to realise his mistake…….happy to see malhar’s melting heart. Now malhar will starts to feel something for kalyani.Eagerly waiting for next episode bcoz it’s getting intresting day by day.Kalma rockzzz

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Best secenes:-????
    (a) Malhar worry for Kalayani ???
    (b) Malhar bursted Kalayani mistake pot
    (c) Sampada pale face???
    (d) Malhar realisation of Kalayani and anupriya innocence??
    (e) Malhar calling Kalayani as Mokash Aai????

    2. I bursted into Laughter?????? after seeing Sampada pale?? face when Malhar dedicated Kalayani as his wife infront of CM and whole College that too proudly??

    3. Finally Malhar shared his pain?, tension, sorry?, anger??, love?? and revenge with anupriya that to turning soft towards her??

    4. Recap is tooo interesting????

  4. Beautiful

  5. Awesome episode today…thanks H Hasan..Hope malhar becomes too possesive of kalyani?? and takes good care of her..good to know that he is doubting whether kalyani was really involved in atharva and sampada’s shenanigans…loved the spoilers.. all the ladies treat sampada as dirt? and clean their house (removing sampada from house) using brooms..I don’t want Malhars personality yo change post truth enlightening…just more protective and possessive of kalyani??? loved how he was able to open up to Mai…. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode…I think there are chances that Atharva & Sampada might fallout and Atharva may fall for kalyani as well… don’t know but I feel that..it might happen…And then Malhar & Atharva both will fight for Kalyani ? ..I mean kalyani and Atharva chemistry was goid too before he became evil n all that nonsense…
    But I want Kalyani and Malhar to be together forever along with Mai nd Pillu…No offence to anyone just thought yo share my opinions nd predictions..
    hie everyone…? Have a good day??

  6. Leisa s morris

    Sampada is really funny, she ran away from her son and husband to b with a backstabbin,manipulative , lyibg cheatin crap of a man and now being offended. She vetter stay away from malhar and kalyani if she knows wats gd for her

  7. Hi Surbhi.. I did not see the beginning of the series .. So I can not say that there was a chemistry between arthava and kaliyani.Just seen some on YouTube .. But perso I just feel the opposite by seeing a or two episode that Arthava was pretending .. Short arthava only likes him .. Sampada I think was only a trophy he knew how to take malhar .. Malhar had him all .. money prestige he is beautiful .. While arthava had nothing .. I think Sampada is just a trophy he knew how to take malhar .. He does not really like Sampada .. I would join you on this track or arthava could to fall in love for kaliyani … and that he and malhar argue and fight for kaliyani .. Sure that she will stay with malhar that’s what I wish .. Both one such a relationship that excites a little more each day viewers .. Arthava will want to take again what is malhar .. Sampada no longer suits him .. She has beauty but can not have more child she becomes unstable and it will not please Artharva .. While kaliyani has become woman and mature enough .. I see it possible as a track ..I wish that Malhar remains soft possessive protector and begins to feel feelings for kaliyani … I loved precap .. Waiting to see more .. But I hope a track as well.Jealousy nothing better to bring out the possessive feeling and develop feelings .. Looking forward to see this step at malhar concerning kaliyani. We are a week late (zee africa) compared to the episode aired in India .. Currently we watch the episode where kaliyani strikes malhar believing to be a thief .. So I must say that I am very far .. Hope that CV read us. And understand our feelings

    1. In upcoming their will be some twist pakka where athrav will take kalyAni from malhar bec athrav has a hobby of taking other wife but I want malhar to fight for his beloved love..But now interesting waiting for further dhamakha… Today Sam drama I can’t tolerate.. Actually malhar should say pillu kalyAni is ur aai she has done everything to pillu..If baby goes to Sam def she will spoil it pls don’t give baby to pillu I want to c pillu happiness..Dis Sam understand malhar pain when athrav leaves her..One day athrav get bored and leaves her..She will be alone

      1. Divya.. What you say .. Waiting .. What arthava is going to take kaliyani from malhar .. That he’s going to have pakka what it is .. When you say malhar go to his love i hope kaliyani .. I dare hope that jealousy will make malhar accept new and fresh feelings for kaliayani .. I fear the same about Pillu’s welfare if Sampada recovers him .. But Artharva will not tolerate him .. I hope he will ask Sampada to leave Pillu for malhar .. Anyway .. If you can help me understand .. Thanks to you… Please help me

  8. I just love the episode…??? waiting for tdy’s episode.. Ohhhhhhh Kalyani Malhaar… Sooooooooo sweet

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