Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi informs Pragya about DNA report

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The Episode starts with Abhi reading Kiara and his DNA report and says our DNA matched, I knew she is my daughter. He looks at Pragya’s pic and says my heart knew that she is my daughter, and says now it is proved. He thanks her for giving what he wished for. He thinks of Pragya’s words and thinks Kiara and Pragya will be with me now. He runs and collides with Tanu. Tanu feels pain. Abhi asks her to dance and shows Pragya’s pic. Tanu asks why are you showing her pic. Abhi says she is beautiful by behavior also. Tanu asks him why is he saying that? Abhi asks why she wants to know and says I am your wife and have the right to know. Abhi says you don’t need to understand, just Pragya wants to understand. Tanu thinks why Abhi was happy and what good news he got about Pragya.

Disha is in kitchen. Purab tries to romance with her, but she pushes him. Purab says how I will become romeo. Abhi comes there and asks them to make the day romantic. He tells them that Kiara and his DNA matched with each other. He says he will lift Pragya and Kiara and take them home. Tanu calls Nikhil and scolds him. Nikhil tells that DNA test report came, and says he bribed someone to give the report. Tanu asks what is the report? Nikhil says it will come in sometime. Tanu says report shall come in my hands first. Nikhil assures her that she will get the report first. Abhi eats sweets. He tries to take Purab’s sweets. Purab says he will not share. Disha gives sweets to Abhi. Purab says let my sister come tomorrow. Abhi says I will bring your sister. Purab asks him to sit. Disha says what you will tell her. Abhi says I will tell her that he has won the challenge and will show the DNA report. Purab says she will get upset with you. Abhi says I will handle her. Purab fears that they might have a fight and asks him to say sorry to her. Abhi asks what? Purab asks him to say I did wrong with you..I did many mistakes and thought that I will stay without you, but I forgot that you are my life’s biggest happiness. He says Pragya…come back to my life and return to my life. I promise to keep you life. Abhi says I am going to bring her here and not to propose her. Disha says di will get angry as she lost the challenge, and asks him to make her understand with love and talk to her nicely. Purab asks him to do as he said. Abhi says you are teaching to a rockstar how to propose. He asks them to romance and goes. Disha asks Purab why he doesn’t make her understand. Purab says it was for you only. Abhi comes there and looks at their romance and goes.

Abhi is driving the car and thinks of Pragya’s words happily. Ke tere sang paani yun saa….song plays.. He thinks he will make everything like before, infact more better than past. Tanu scolds Bahadur if any courier came? Bahadur says no. Tanu scolds him for using mobile and asks where is he going? Bahadur says to give tea to Dadi. Tanu asks him to stay on the door and wait for the lab guy to come, and take report from him. Bahadur says shall I tell Dadi.. Tanu says no and asks him to go and give tea to Dadi first and come there. Disha hears her and thinks Tanu knew that lab report was going to come today, but she didn’t come that it had already come. She worries thinking what she will do.

Dadi comes to Sunny’s school and see two women arguing about studies. Dadi tells the lady not to pressurize her daughter to study and asks them to listen to Narendra Modi. She tells about his event on the education at 11 am, LIVE on Modi APP.

Abhi comes to Pragya’s house and asks how is her pain? Pragya says fine. Abhi asks who was the doctor? Abhi says I. He gets nervous and asks her to forgive his mistake and says I forgot your mistake. Pragya asks him to come later. Abhi says I have come to talk. Pragya says I know you have come to snatch Kiara from me. Abhi says I came to take you also. Pragya says you might have tried to prove that Kiara is your daughter, but that didn’t happen so you might have come here to emotionally blackmail me so that when I tell that, you take Kiara from here. Abhi says you didn’t need to confess anything. I know that Kiara is my daughter and you are not King’s wife.

Pragya is shocked. Abhi says we both know that we love each other and kiara is the proof of our love. He says you have hidden Kiara from me, but you have given biggest gift to me. Pragya says I am not married to King, but Kiara is Mr. Singh’s daughter. Abhi gets angry and says enough. He gets teary eyes and then says sorry. He says you are forcing me, and says I have proved that she is my daughter and DNA is the proof. He tells that he got their DNA test done and that reports matched. He says it is clearly written that she is my daughter. Pragya is shocked.

King tells Abhi that Kiara is my daughter infront of the world and I love Pragya and will marry her soon. Abhi tells Disha until when he will bear and wants to end this game. Disha asks did someone tell you something. Abhi says Pragya is going to marry King. Disha is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Y boring alw

  2. Bright colours, bright music as Abhi luxuriates in the results of the DNA test. First teasing the unwitting Tuna, then celebrating with Disha and Purab who need to remind Abhi that he needs to approach Pragya appropriately. And of course, Tuna decides to wait by the door for a delivery boy who has come and gone. Tuna, who the previous evening was fully aware of the arrival of a DNA report, this morning cannot figure out why Abhi would be so happy, while clutching a photograph of Pragya. Either the writers or Tuna are very stupid. Who is holding the stupidity tight to their chest? Then there is another ad for Leader Modi. You’ve got to be kidding me! How deep in bed are Ekta Aunty and the political party? Social Engineers usually hide their political affiliatiions. We already know that Ekta Aunty is shameless. So on one hand we have Ekta who’s main concern is supporting same-s*x relationships and trans persons, in bed with a man who is known to be involved with groups of marauding people that run around killing and destroying lives, because of their ‘moral superiority’… based on well… their regressive belief system!! Whew! Somebody is being screwed. And you are supposed to happily participate. Back to KKB. Abhi forgets. This POS decides that he ‘forgives’ Pragya. He realises that he was warned by Disha and Purab to hide his arrogance from Pragya. He has forgotten to speak with Pragya using ‘love’. Instead he exposes what he really is: an arrogant manboy who thinks that he owns Pragya and Kiara. He quickly says, “I forgive you and now you forgive me” He is forgiving Pragya for having left him. Funny how this level of stupidity is broadcast with an ad for Modi. So, Modi needs to send some his goons (It’s been said that Modi is surrounded by goon friends) over to Abhi’s home, shove Abhi’s face into Tuna’s chest and tie the criminal couple together. Maybe Abhi stuck in that position, will keep the tuna fish happy and maybe just maybe the POS Abhi might take responsibility for his previous actions. If you are Pragya, now is the time to run and get away from this Mehra family of criminals. Even though Modi and Ekta Aunty claim that they are trying to modernize India, they are both lying. Their actions tell the truth. and both of them think that India should remain regressed (Abhi and his Mehra criminals). It’s more profitable to keep people uneducated and regressive or madly in ‘love’ with fictional characters… while running around and lying that you are bringing change to India. If Abhi is considered a hero, then there is a lot of work to do in India regarding regressive attitudes that keep regular people in poverty and ‘leaders and their social engineers’ in ridiculous wealth/power.

    1. Your words remind me of the time Ekta Daayan compared her shit shows to Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones has character growth her characters are stunted in their mentality, Pragya will always be a willing victim. Sriti doesn’t respect herself that much is pretty obvious. The government and their media puppets can do as they like, we see through it, more people will open their eyes to this manipulation.

    2. Well, let’s face it Kalika what kind of growth in characters would expect from a producer who is a limited thinker? Creative thinking. Ekta Aunty is exceptionally good at polarised, linear thinking. She’s good at using people. You must have suspicion of anyone who requires brain mapping. that tells me that she is too cowardly to face and understand her own emotional being. We will never find character growth in an Ekta serial, will we? And Pragya? She has been looking stressed. I like this woman’s energy. There is sincerity sitting in her heart. I felt the same way as you… How could Sriti respect herself by staying at this job? But notice she is diversifying? And the diversification is not Balaji related. And I was reminded by another commentator that we cannot know what their personal, financial and contractual considerations entail. I would like to believe that I would be out the door so fast… as soon as I realised that I was being made into a fool but who knows what she is facing. I would be truly disappointed if Sriti Jha turned out to be just another trashy player. And to your last sentence… oh yes, that is why I choose to be a voice that continues to speak. KKB makes it just too easy.

  3. He should be saying ” I forgive you for loving a stupid, arrogant man like me….”

    1. Worse, Tango, it’s not ‘love’. It’s a stockholm syndrome which creates the addictive pull towards an abusive criminal with a whore and a sister who wishes she could marry her brother attached to his nether regions. The sister and the whore are best friends. they share him and both of them get one side each. How could a sane adult woman fall for that kind of a mess, masquerading as a man?!

    2. aki i dont now whther u r a boy or girl and also dont known whther u had watched leena maya2 i dont know about her actiung there but it got success only due to her glammor acting i think , but sori for sharing this i am suprised and i cant get as why cvs are trying or forcing abhi to long for his not even she is suitable for a word “super figure”(pragya),she is a majboori lady not even truthful to him and she has done many majborri and bad thing in and her herself, while he has his super figure and great model white s*xy and charming lady of kkb, great biggest and best thing nearby by him and a loyal and faithful guilt wife near him,beaudtiful s*xy who dosent even need to force man to sleep with her ,y cvs are trying forcely to make abhi longing for pragya as if she is beautiful loving and everything she is herself,y i cant get it can u say the reason y they are forcing him to do this sori to get deeper sori if u are a boy sori if u are girl and u thin my message as some plz ignore and avoid it .s i shared it u becuase i thin u are the on e who is giving exact comments are u in twitter

  4. Hullo Iswarya, well to start I believe that many real men would see through tuna fish. She’s a liar. She’s incredibly greedy and demanding. Rich men can find more obedient, less noisy and better mannered trophy wives. Easily. Not as expensive as Tuna, either. Pragya has a heart. that makes her 1000% more attractive than a character like tuna fish. So, that is where I would look. Both of them look very different without makeup. I abhor dishonest, manipulative people. There’s my bias. I do not see liars and cheats as being adults. I see them as dangerous cowards who should be sent back to their mothers for retraining or jail. Every human being is beautiful when they have honest clear love in their hearts. I feel disdain for people who hide their real appearance. Enhancement is fine! Makeup etc. But going to the point of sticking things into your body to pretend to be something you are not is a betrayal to your truth. As well, every time Tuna does the lips and they are extra fat she looks exactly like a s*x doll I saw on a documentary (W5?) years ago. Same mouth. Same lips. Same wide eyed expression and wide open mouth. it’s eerie. Tuna fish would be very attractive to pre-teen and young teen boys, I would hope. I don’t believe that any of the actors are being forced to do anything. On the other hand their camaraderie (sorry to Tisha fans) could all be part and parcel of their work. Every time Abhi/Pragya do a dance at an event people forget that they are being paid to look like they are in love. If the actors are being forced, we likely wouldn’t know about it. People forget that what the public sees is fully orchestrated including ‘fights’ and ‘friendships’, off camera. It’s all a dance to have your feelings weave here and there and keep your attention, never to stray from the invoked feelings. Hmmm,
    before people met me, on work projects, I was often assumed to be a man. I understand that my thinking, actions, leadership etc have been called masculine. However, if you see me on a dance floor, there is no mistake that I am very much a woman. I am on the tough end when it comes to integrity and honest moral behaviour. You can be that and still play out loud and be the life of the party. And no I don’t twitter as yet. I may begin after a few weeks of having my website up. I did once see a link for kkb hashtag twitter so on occasion will read some of the tweets.

    1. whom u like the most in kkb really acting everything honestly i dont like that lady forced in set for degrading abhi i m 100 sure that she doesnt have acting and touched many hearts like sriti and pthers are i feel pityl shabir and sriti as their charcters are being reduced to the core ,now king also due to thisi serial kkb fandom started fighting even within their friends in twitter not even recognising that this is just a serial what even tisha hardwork of 4 yrs has been reduced due to leap first abhi now pragya for keeping that one women in serial can u see really a good acting in her i cant see except her screeching and finger pointing i had also admired many negatives but this lady is the first whom i hate the mostest really pathetic face,dont know y she is even in this serial for tis long nitin and somone sais that this lady is the soul of the show what even ,shit rediculous ,mainly i feel pity fro sriti to do this butcheered character really hadnsof to this lady really how much she would have felt these days i m getting tiresome seeing her like this , as u say dont know what she is facing in her real life we dont know but her character reduced and butched beyond redemption to u who is the bst in this actress who are recgnisable for me leads alone from first ,they are the main reaosn i m still like a leaf in this story none

    2. to say i dont unerstand the fact u said about tisha as abigya but someof them started shippng them forgetting he is married even ,due to their chemistry started shipping them unneccasarily

    3. The whole idea of the production is to have you become emotionally invested in one or more of the characters. This production does that very well. And becoming emotionally invested as an experience is always interesting. However, Iswarya I find that an ability to differentiate emotions and to step back and watch the whole emotional dance offers an interesting experience as well. I prefer watching the game that the producer is playing and how the producer/director use various elements to direct and train viewer emotion. The same methods are being used in other countries. That would imply that someone or some group is directing/manipulating or facilitating social engineering on a global scale. Same shtick, different messages for different populations all leading to a similar theme. So the daily antics within the plot are just that. They don’t matter. All that matters is how high can the viewers emotions be ‘twanged’ and held in that one position. It’s good to have fun, laugh and shine a different lens on what we see. Best way to learn about ourselves, in the end.

  5. thankyou aki for replying me every crap questions i ask u actually what are u doing are u married and working

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