Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Malhar bashes up Vikram

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The Episode starts with Anupriya asking Aao Saheb to have breakfast and says you have to take tablets also. Aao Saheb sees Kalyani coming there and asks her not to do this again. She says if my Godaveri had gone to jail because of you then…Anupriya gives her tea and is going. Kalyani stops Anupriya. Anupriya tells that she didn’t lie. Kalyani says I can understand that a mother can do anything as Godaveri is like your daughter. She says I got the hope that my son is alive and tells that she can understand her doings. Aao Saheb tells that Anupriya didn’t tell us that she forced Godaveri to do this. Kalyani tells that she wants to show her IAS certificate and tells that it was misplaced in shifting so she got duplicate certificate. She tells that her name is Kalyani Anupriya Deshmukh on the certificate and tells that she always wanted to be known by her name. She gives the credit of her success to her and hugs her. Anupriya is about to hug her and looks at Aao Saheb and Pallavi. Kalyani tells that she is going to office and asks her not to wait to have food.

Vikram asks Avni to think about Kalyani who is trapping her husband. He says I somehow saved my husband. Avni asks him to stop him. Vikram tells that he knows such women, whose thirst don’t end with one man. Malhar comes there and asks him to say it again if he has courage. He takes the table to hit him, but Avni saves him. Vikram shows the photo to Malhar and tells that such things don’t hide for many days. Malhar asks him to get up. Avni asks why you didn’t tell me that you know her from before and do job for her. She says even she didn’t tell me. Malhar says yes, I hide it and told that he asked Kalyani not to tell her anything in this condition. He tells that he is handling her personal security and is demoted and ashamed to be Sub Inspector. He says how to tell you that I am guard now and tells that he didn’t tell her as she might feel bad that her husband salutes Kalyani. He tells that Kalyani refused for Vikram’s alliance. He tells that she shall be thankful to Kalyani, as she only brought her mother and saved her and her baby. He tells that he has no relation with Kalyani, she is only his boss. He thinks he can’t tell her about his past with her. Avni asks Vikram to leave else he can’t go on his foot. Malhar asks Avni to go and rest and comes out. He comes out and asks Vikram, what you was telling about Kalyani. Avni also comes out and hears them. Vikram asks him to leave him. Malhar beats him and says you needs to take seven births to know Kalyani and asks what do you know about her. Avni thinks why Malhar is praising Kalyani as if he knows her since many years. Malhar beats Vikram.

Later Kalyani calls Malhar to her cabin and gives his re-appointment letter, says you can come to job tomorrow. Malhar gets Pawar’s call. He asks Pawar to search compounder from his native place. He ends the call and tells Kalyani that Compounder is missing from hospital and I have seen Trilok’s bills, they all have Aao Saheb’s name. He says when Pawar went to hospital, he came to know that Compounder took leave and went. He tells that he will bring that compounder back from pataal. He gets hyper and shaken up. He asks what was the need to help my son’s murderer. Kalyani gets worried seeing his condition and asks him to have medicine and water. She calls him Malhar ji. Malhar takes the tablets and relaxes. He asks what did you tell me just now. Kalyani says Malhar ji and gets emotional. He says I will search proofs against your Aao Saheb then you will have no option than to believe me. He goes. Kalyani thinks why Malhar ji is doubting Aao Saheb so much, why she was paying Trilok’s bills.

Swara brings the photo frame of Kalyani’s certificate. Anupriya thanks her. Swara says you love her so much then why don’t you express it. Anupriya says she is helpless and tells that she wants Kalyani to go away from here, me and Malhar. She thinks how to let her stay under my reflection as Guru ji told that I am inauspicious, Kalyani wouldn’t have shot, my daughter wouldn’t have died and Sarthak wouldn’t have left her.

Aao Saheb comes there and tells that Vikram came there, tells that Malhar has beaten him so much. Anupriya and Swara are shocked. Aao Saheb asks her to make food for Vikram. She sees Certificate and takes it from Anupriya. Vikram tells Aao Saheb that Malhar stopped his car, took him out and beaten him. Aao Saheb asks him not to talk to Malhar again. Pallavi also tells that Malhar is crazy. Anupriya brings tea. She tells Vikram that she will bring haldi lep for him. Vikram says saucer is bad. He says I will use this and takes the certificate frame as tray. Anupriya is shocked. Vikram tells that Kalyani will lose her job very soon as she didn’t do right by cancelling my tender. He says this will be used as tray. Anupriya says you are insulting my daughter and takes the certificate frame. He gets up and the tea falls down on his suit. Vikram asks what I will tell my mother now, that girl’s family had thrown tea on me. Kalyani comes there. Vikram complains to Kalyani about Anupriya. Kalyani tells Anupriya that she should have taken care and asks Vikram to give his jacket for washing. Vikram says she is not having manners in office. He takes out his jacket and gives to Kalyani. Kalyani wipes the frame with his jacket. He asks what is this misbehavior? Kalyani asks him to keep his tone low as this is her house. Vikram tells that if this girl stays here, then I don’t think that I will marry here. He leaves. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani, how she is behaving with Vikram? Kalyani tells that she has enquired about Vikram and he has played with many girls and she won’t let Godaveri’s life ruined. She says I will talk to her and goes.

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