Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Abhi promises Rhea

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The Episode starts with Aaliya hearing Aryan talking to his friend and telling that he is coming alone, as Ranbir went to meet Prachi. He tells that Ranbir had told that he will tell everyone about his love with Prachi tomorrow on rose day. Aaliya is shocked. Ranbir asks Prachi to listen..and says you are good, I am good and says don’t you think that we can make our life perfect together. He asks do you want me in your life? Prachi gets emotional and nods her head. Ranbir gets happy and says I knew that this will happen, and that’s why I brought something for you. Prachi thinks if he brought ring and propose me. Ranbir tries to take out something and asks did I propose you for friendship. Prachi says I thought…Ranbir says you was expecting something which I should have told before. He says thank you…for supporting me in my so called wedding. He says you have saved me and taught me the new meaning of friendship. He ties friendship band on her hand and asks her not to take it out. She says never. Ranbir tells that if Maya had not come then they would have married by now. Prachi is silent still. Ranbir says you knows well what is in our hearts and mouth. He says we shall let our closeness and silence talk. Ek din Kabhi jo Subhan Allah plays……He holds her hand. Prachi moves away slowly and smiles.

Rhea is drunk and comes downstairs. Abhi sees her and takes her to her room. Aaliya says if Rhea tells him. Abhi takes Rhea to room and says he don’t want her to drink. Rhea tells that she didn’t get her love. She says I am in love. Abhi says I know that Ranbir….Rhea says I don’t know that if I will get my love or not and tells that if she don’t get him then she will go very far. Abhi asks her to tell if she loves Ranbir truly. Rhea says yes. Abhi says if Ranbir loves you then nobody can snatch him from you. Rhea says if Ranbir had got married to that girl then I will kill myself, says I swear….Abhi shouts and asks her not to talk about dying. He says I will talk to Vikram, Pallavi and everyone, promises her that nobody can snatch Ranbir from her, he will be just hers. Rhea asks really? Abhi says yes, I promise..don’t talk about dying again. Rhea hugs him and cries. Aaliya hears them and gets happy. She thinks sorry Bhai..you are snatching other daughter’s happiness by promising Rhea.

Ranbir and Prachi look at each other. Shahana comes there and asks Sarita behen what is her problem. Sarita behen says Shahana was snoring loudly. Shahana asks prachi, why she was looking at her like this and switches on the lights. Prachi turns and looks back. She thinks if it was my imagination and looks at the band on her hand. Sarita behen asks did you ask Shahana to sleep in my room. Prachi says she might like to sleep in your room. Shahana says Prachi had asked me and throws pillow on her. Prachi throws pillow back on her. Shahana falls down and sees Ranbir. She gets surprised and asks Prachi to say that she sent her to sleep in that room. Prachi says the same. Sarita behen goes. Shahana asks Ranbir to come out. Ranbir comes out and hugs Shahana. He appreciates her for handling Sarita behen. Prachi asks him to go. Ranbir asks her to come to college tomorrow. Prachi says ok. He leaves. Shahana asks what was going on?

Prachi says you will be beaten up by me and asks why you hugged him. Shahana says I am your sister and not Maya, with whom you are jealous. Prachi runs behind her. Abhi asks Rhea not to shed her precious tears. Rhea promises that she will not cry. Abhi asks her to hear carefully and tells that he is her mom, dad and grand father etc. He asks do you know why Ranbir haven’t married? Rhea asks why? Abhi jokes and tells that he didn’t marry as you wants to marry him. He says no bade papa, chote papa can stop the wedding. Aaliya comes there and tells that she brought kada for her. Abhi tells that he will talk to Vikram when he is back. Rhea asks him not to go anywhere. Abhi asks her to be with her Buji and leave. Rhea gets happy and hugs Aaliya. Aaliya tells her that she heard Aryan talking on phone and tells that Ranbir had gone to Prachi’s house to convince her to come to college tomorrow. She says tomorrow is rose day. Rhea tells that she will either die or kill Prachi. Aaliya says only weak persons die. Rhea tells that she will fight her war and win.

Next morning, Pallavi comes to Abhi and asks him to come with her, as there is big problem. Abhi asks her to tell. Pallavi asks him to trust her. Abhi comes to Pallavi’s side of house and finds Dadi’s sister coming there. He says you…and hugs her. He gets emotional and sits down on the ground. Dadi tells that her son and daughter in law didn’t let her come here when she heard about Daljeet, as she was herself unwell. She tells that she told them that she loves him very much.

Precap: Ranbir plans to shower flowers on Prachi when she enters the college. Prachi reaches the college. Before she enters, a truck hits her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. can this story line gemore boring…why cant there be a reunion and I though kiara will be back.end this shit show more like a diarrhoar show.

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