Tujhse Hai Raabta 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Malhar rescues Kalyani and regrets to doubt her

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The Episode starts with Malhar asking Pawar to alert all fisherman and says there are bombs in the coconuts. Pawar says they have broken all walkie talkie. Malhar says I will go. Sampada tries to tell the fishermen and women not to break the coconut, but they are about to break the coconut and stop seeing blood in the water. Fisherman says if shark fish caught anyone. Sampada sees blood and is shocked too. Malhar tells in loudspeaker that the coconuts which are in their hands can have the bomb and asks them not to panic and not to throw it. He asks them to handover the coconuts to his team. Police team takes the coconuts from them. Malhar says it is good that you all stopped seeing the blood in water and says they will investigate whose blood it is. Sampada shouts calling Malhar. Malhar says Sampada and comes to her. Sampada says this is all Baba’s conspiracy. Malhar says I know. Sampada cries and says she came here rescuing herself to tell him somehow, but his goons followed her. She then says the blood in the sea is of Kalyani. She says Kalyani is fighting with the shark alone and asks him to go and save her. He says she risked her life to save me and asks him to save her. Malhar says Kalyani and runs. Rao tells that Kalyani jumped from here as per the info. Malhar shouts Kalyani. Rao gives him something to fight with Shark. Malhar jumps inside. Atharv comes to Sampada and asks where is Aai? Sampada asks him not to worry and says baba will bring Aai. Atharv asks where is Baba? The fishermen ask each other if there is any coconut left. Sampada asks them to go and save her, says Kalyani risked her life for them. She prays to God for Kalyani’s life. Malhar puts the weapon in Shark’s mouth and searches Kalyani. He finds Kalyani in the underground of the sea and brings her. Atharv says Aai is with baba. Sampada, Atharv and fishermen and women are happy. Atharv says Baba. Malhar calls ambulance and takes kalyani, Sampad and Atharv with them. The terrorists come to Anupriya, Aao Saheb, Aparna and Pallavi and tell that Vaman and others are arrested by ACP. They say they shall kill them. Anupriya asks them to see women power. They recall freeing their hands and shouts at the terrorists. They stand up and beats the terrorists. Song plays….the bomb in the coconuts start beeping. Anupriya says there is a bomb in the coconuts. She asks Aao Saheb and others to run. Terrorist holds Anupriya’s foot. Aao Saheb stops for Anupriya. Anupriya asks Aparna to take Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb comes out with Aparna and worries for Anupriya. Anupriya frees herself and comes out. The bombs explode in Vaman’s house.

At Police station, Malhar asks Pawar to find Atul and take Konkan Police help, says he is going to hospital for Kalyani. Vaman tells that Atul is not terrorists, he had kept the proofs and tells that his partner is free and will do the explosion. Aao Saheb says it is good that you got saved. Anupriya sees someone looking at them and tells Aao Saheb. The person or Vaman’s partner in crime sits on the bike and runs away. Anupriya finds something there.

Commissioner tells Aao Saheb and others that crores of people was saved because Malhar, Kalyani and Sampada. Aao Saheb asks about Atul. Commissioner tells that they will search him and tells that Kalyani’s condition is bad, she fought with the Shark and saved Sampada. Anupriya is shocked. Malhar comes there and says I did wrong to doubt her, how can I think that Kalyani can support wrong. She has saved many people and she herself…

Anupriya asks what happened to Kalyani? Just then Doctor and hospital staff bring Kalyani there on a stretcher while she is unconscious. Everyone is shocked. Atharv says Aai. Aao Saheb is about to faint. Aparna holds her. Anupriya asks Kalyani to open her eyes and asks Malhar what happened to her. She cries. Sampada says nothing has happened to her, she is alive. Doctor says she is out of danger, but nothing can be said until she gains consciousness. Ketki comes there with Sarthak and asks what happened? Aao Saheb blames Sarthak for shooting Atul. Ketki says she bailed him. Sarthak says I didn’t do anything. Malhar assures Aao Saheb that he will find Atul and says he has promised Kalyani.

Anupriya asks Kalyani to open her eyes and says you used to eat my brain daily with your talks. She says if you don’t teach me then I will fail and asks her to open her eyes. Anupriya and Sampada cries. Malhar comes there with Sarthak and Ketki. He asks her to open her eyes and says Vaman is guilty and trapped and shot Atul Mama. He says we have all the proofs and we will search Atul soon. Ketki hears him and goes. Malhar cries seeing her condition.

Precap: Later Ketki comes to Kalyani and takes out oxygen mask, says if you don’t get up then I will make you sleep for forever. Kalyani feels short of breath.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Malhar, I am glad you realized your mistake… However, you really were rude to Kalyani, saying that Atul is guilty, she shouldn’t talk to Anupriya, tapping her phone, etc.

    Atleast put some cameras in your room. Otherwise, Ketki will kill Kalyani.

  2. I think Malhar doesn’t know how to act. Even he didn’t say a word to kalyani. Sampada better than him atleast she pray for kalyani safety. Totally Malhar doesn’t trust kalyani also he will never. I read news that anupriya and kalyani tell Malhar that ketki is responsible atul’s disappear and he doesn’t trust them and he supported ketki what kind of husband he is. Now he making me headaches.

    1. Hi @Lumière.. I too have seen that .. He never learns from his mistakes .. Again he trusts the wrong person. Kaliyani and Anupriya can repeatedly risk their lives to find and prove the truth. It will be when one of the two is seriously hurt that he blames himself and apologizes frankly in the episode of last night I would have been Anupriya .. I would have defended malhar to come after kaliyani. He does not deserve forgiveness from either his wife or those of Anupriya .. I would have blamed him for causing so much contempt for pain and suffering to kaliyani .. Marriage is based on respect .. Trust and love .. And malhar who says so lover of kaliyani to a funny way to show it. In short disappointing the next behavior of malhar .. In short

    2. Me too.. I saw Saas Bahu and Devrani…

      Kalyani stating that Sampada is helping Ketki and Sarthak getting married to Ketki (yuck)……….

  3. Really CVs do not give luck to his role in malhar .. We can not vote for a very good husband or son-in-law .. For he is neither one nor the other … If someone says that he is a good husband .. So you have to give me the right definition because for me currently malhar has no skill and image of a good husband and life partner .. See how he accuses and doubt kaliyani .. This is not necessary not part of a healthy relationship .. short .. we do not give the right base to help malhar to get oscar .. my simple opinion .. do not take bad ..

    1. I agree!!! Malhar was never in this relationship.. only Kalyani is…

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