Tujhse Hai Raabta 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Malhar’s marital status shocks Kalyani

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The Episode starts with Kalyani praying to Bappa standing outside old Deshmukh house/Wada, and asks if her Aai is fine. She prays for Anupriya’s well being. She hears someone coming and runs to the workshop. She sees a lady and calls her Aai. The lady turns and tells that she is not of her Aai’s age. She tells that she came to buy an idol. Kalyani says you shouldn’t have travel in this condition. She makes her sit and asks why is she making her baby hungry with fasting. She shows the chocolate. The lady tells that today is her first fast for her husband and she can’t have chocolate, even though it is her weakness. Kalyani tells that God blessed women to become a mother, tells that if you eat it then Bappa will not get angry. She makes her eat chocolate. The lady introduces herself as Avni. Kalyani says then you don’t need to search the idol as Avni gives the shape to Bappa’s idol. She sits down on the floor and makes Ganapati Bappa’s idol. Avni says you are an expert and asks did you make it before also. Kalyani recalls making idol with Malhar and then Malhar shooting at her. Avni says this idol is very beautiful and thanks her. She says you have to come to my house, to see darshan of Bappa. Kalyani says I have done his darshan already. Avni invites her. Kalyani asks her to make Modak. Avni asks her to give her address. Kalyani tells that though she returned to the city after a long time, but familiar with the city. Avni comes to her house and places the idol. She calls her husband, who is none other than Malhar and tells that she had met a girl today who helped her and made this idol. Malhar asks who was that girl? Just then Kalyani comes there. Malhar turns and looks at her. Avni thanks her for coming and tells that he is her husband Malhar.

Kalyani gets upset and emotional. Malhar gets emotional too. Avni asks Kalyani to tell her husband if she needs help of Police. She tells that she has made Modak also. Kalyani and Malhar looks at each other. Avni asks why you both are looking at each other as if you know each other from before. Malhar says no, I didn’t see her before. Avni says I was joking and tells that they shall do the aarti. Kalyani looks at Malhar and turns her face. Avni does aarti and gives to Kalyani and Malhar. Malhar makes a sad and crying face. Avni asks Malhar to let Kalyani do the aarti first. Kalyani does aarti, followed by Malhar. Aao Saheb does aarti in her house while others follows after her. Swara calls Anupriya and asks her to do aarti. Anupriya walks towards the aarti, when Vivek takes the plate from Swara’s hand. Avni asks Kalyani to have modak and tells Malhar that Kalyani went out of Aurangabad to study something. She asks what she had studied? Kalyani says IAS. Avni asks her if someone from her family supported her to study IAS. Kalyani thinks of Malhar. She sees Malhar and Avni’s photo there.

Durga Prasad comes to Kalyani and barks. Kalyani is about to call it Durga Prasad, and then asks Avni if they have the dog. Avni says the dog is like their child. Kalyani says she will go home. Avni asks Malhar to drop Kalyani home. Kalyani walks out and cries, venting out her pain. Malhar comes there. Their souls are seen coming out of their bodies and begin talking. He asks if she will not talk. Kalyani asks what is left now. Malhar asks why you didn’t come to tell me that you are alive. Kalyani asks if you had known that I am alive then wouldn’t have got married. She says you seems to be very happy with the marriage. Malhar says yes, I am very happy. Their souls go back to their bodies.

Kalyani asks Malhar not to come behind her and says let it go. Malhar sits in his house and writes on the kite, Aai misses you Moksh. Chittni nahi…..He says when your Baba misses you so much then thinks how much your Aai misses you Moksh. Avni comes there and asks him to have modak. She says it seems you are missing Moksh, if I could then I would have snatched Moksh from the God. He says you have check up next time. She says you remember, and asks him to have food. She tells that she is very tired today. Kalyani thinks what did happen to Malhar? She thinks he didn’t think about me once…and cries. She says Aai…where are you? She says Malhar ji moved on so fast, didn’t think of billu and me. He says she is stupid to think, says if he had any feelings for her then he wouldn’t have shot her. She says Aai…I need you. She says I want to hug you and want to come to you. She cries and says she can’t see Malhar ji with anyone else. She cries badly.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sidrina

    Rubbish show. ACP Malhar Rane turned out to be of of those spineless Indian Tv men afterall.. nothing different in this show… Zee writers are always known for messing up their concepts.Its better not to watch their shows only.. bakwass

  2. My God… y Mahlar married????

  3. I think he’s probably not married but helping her out, but again if she knows about Moksh surely she would have some idea about the mother. Why lie about knowing each other always makes a bad situation worse and I hate that sort of deception it’s not fair on the new woman whatever the circumstances. I understand Aoa saheb pretends to care for Swara so she can hurt Malhar but what has Anupriya done to be treated so badly, also where’s Sarthak there was no need for Anupriya to move with the Deshmukhs and I hope she wasn’t foolish enough to choose them over Sarthak. Sarthak, Anupriya and Swara should have made their own way in life unless Anupriya blames Malhar for Kalyani and thus taken it out on Sarthak but ultimately punished herself

    1. I think anupriya feels she brings bad luck to everyone she loves so she stays away from sarthak to keep him safe. Aao saheb must have blamed malhar and anupriya for kalyani’s death resulting in anypriya loosing her strength and not opposing any of Aao Saheb wrong doings. She also guilt tripped swara so she marries vivek to make up for the accusations on malhar. She didn’t even spare pallavi or godaveri.

    2. For the first time In a long time I’m looking forward to the next episode, I understand Kalyanis reason for not letting Malhar know she’s alive but the reason they showed for her not being able to find Anupriya I find difficult to believe at all but looking forward to seeing the answers reveal themselves

  4. This show is totally a bullshit! Why they can’t show anything normal? And the character of Malhar, the most irritating, stupid, and boring one. Do one thing Malhar, marry every helpless woman you meet. Damn story!!!!!

  5. Yeah, some times ago I was a big g fan of tujhse hai raabta as it’s story was different from the other serials but as time passes by this is too becoming a boring one

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