Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Maruti comes to Yamraj for Anjani’s life

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 17th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anjani leaving her life to go to Swarglok. Her soul comes out of her body, making her fall down. Maruti sees her falling on the floor and shouts Mata. Kesari hears his voice and shouts Anjani. He comes to Anjani and asks what happened? Maruti asks what happened Mata and asks her to open her eyes. Rishi Matang checks her and tells that she is dead. Anjani’s soul looks at them standing in sky. Maruti tells Rishi Matang that Mata will get up, she is teasing me. He says I have lost and you have won, asks her to get up. He tells that he will never do any mischief from now onwards. Rishi Matang tells Kesari that Devi Anjani has taken Samadhi, but there was no yog in her kundali, it is her akaal / timeless death. Shani Dev tells that it is done by him and tells that he wants to see Maruti fight with him. Maruti recalls Rishi Matang’s words that it is her timeless death. She thinks Mata can’t leave me with her wish, I will bring Maa back, even if I have to fight with Brahmadev. He leaves from Palace and flies in air. He hits the planets and calls Brahmadev. Brahmadev comes and asks Maruti to calm down. Maruti tells that he wants to know why he snatched his mother with timeless death. Brahmadev says there is a reason for every move. Maruti says I know that death was not there in her kundali and asks him to return his Maa. Brahmadev asks him not to show anger. Maruti pleads infront of him to return his maa. Brahmadev says Mahadev can only decide who gets life and who gets death. Maruti says he will talk to Mahadev. Brahmadev asks him not to get angry, rather than use his mind and calmless. Maruti says ok and goes.

Shani dev tells that Maruti has walked on the path of destruction, but little did he know that he is playing with fire. He says that time was not far, when his anger fire will become the reason for his end. Kaagvahan asks how? Shani Dev says Maruti will hold yamraj responsible for his mother’s death and if challenges him then what will happen. Kaagvahan tells that he has to bear yamraj’s anger then. Shani Dev says once Maruti misuse his powers, I will snatch all his powers and make him as an ordinary vanar.

Maruti comes to the Yam lok and tells the guards that he wants to meet yamraj. The guard scolds him. Maruti gets angry, thinks of brahmadev’s words and then gets polite, greets them and asks him to give his message to Yamraj that Anjani’s son came to question him. The guard asks what you will ask and asks him to go. Maruti hits him with his mace and he flies away. Other guard runs to inform Yamraj. Yamraj asks Chitragupt to tell about a king’s bad deeds. Chitragupt tells about his bad deeds. Yamraj sends him to hell. The guard/Yamdudh comes to Yamraj and tell him that someone wants to meet him. Yamraj tells that he will meet him after meeting the souls. Yamdudh asks Maruti to wait for his turn. Parvati tells Mahadev that Yamraj has cheated Maruti. Mahadev says yamraj doesn’t know who is Maruti and why he came here? Narad muni comes to Maruti and gives his condolences. Maruti tells that he came to talk to Yamraj about his mother’s life. He asks when yamraj will meet him? Narad muni shows him the pillar and tells that Yamraj will be in the meeting/sabha until Surya devta returns. He asks him to go back. Maruti thinks Yamraj has cheated him and don’t want to meet him. Shani dev tells that Maruti’s anger is increasing, once Maruti insults Yamraj then…it will be fun.

Kesari tells Rishi Matang that everything came to an end for him. He can’t imagine his life without Anjani. Rishi Matang says if you break then the people’s trust will break too. He says I am sure that you will do your Rajya duty. Kesari asks what is my duty? Rishi Matang says Devi Anjani’s last rites. Yamraj asks how many are remaining? Chitragupt looks at the pillar and says this will be the last meeting. Yamraj says he can rest after that. Maruti comes to the pillar, recalls Anjani’s death and lifts the pillar. Yamraj and Chitragupt get shocked. Yamraj asks who is this stupid vanar. Chitragupt checks and says this bal vanar is not dead.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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