Tujhse Hai Raabta 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Moksh and Kalyani find out the truth

Tujhse Hai Raabta 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mukku along with his friend try to lift Aparna to take her to hospital, but they couldn’t lift her. Mukku says he will seek help from someone and calls for help till the morning. She tries to stop the passer by, but nobody stops to help him. Mukku brings trolley kept in the garbage and thinks to take Aparna to Aai fi’s house using it. Kalyani tells Anupriya that Pawar kaka brought Durga Prasad here. Durga Prasad go to Mukku’s room. Mukku and her friend try to take Aparna to hospital. His friend asks why did you wear boy’s clothes and says if Amma sees you in these clothes then will get angry. He says if anyone comes to know that you are a boy then? Mukku asks him not to say anyone. Kalyani finds Mukku missing in the room and makes Durga Prasad smell his/her clothes so that it can find her/him. Mukku and his friend take Aparna to the hospital and asks Doctor to treat Aparna. Doctor asks if they have done something with her. Mukku tells that her Aai is DM of the city. Doctor asks Kalyani Deshmukh. Mukku gives her number. Doctor gives prescription and asks Mukku to bring the medicines. Doctor calls Kalyani and asks if Mukku is her daughter? Kalyani says yes. She asks about the address and reaches there. Durga Prasad finds Mukku going out and runs behind him. Mukku climbs on the cart and asks Durga Prasad to go and not to bite him. Mukku’s friends tell Kalyani about Mukku’s Nani knowing about Moksh. Kalyani thinks what is this connection? Aparna gains consciousness and tries to escape. Kalyani catches her and asks her who is she? she says you acted to be unwell and asks how did you know about my Moksh.

Moksh/Mukku asks Durga Prasad not to pull his pant. Kalyani tells Aparna that she will take her to Police. She says she is Moksh’s mother and wants to know about her son. Mukku asks Durga Prasad to leave his pant and says everyone will know that he is a boy and not a girl. Kalyani looks at Mukku sitting on the railing on the wall while Durga Prasad tries to pull his pant. Kalyani is shocked and recalls whatever he said. She is in shock and turns to Aparna. She forcibly lifts her pallu and sees her face. She is shocked to see Aparna. She says you are Mukku’s Nani. This means Mukku is Moksh. She looks at him with love in her eyes and says Mukku is Moksh and you was hiding him from me by making him dressed as a girl. She asks Doctor not to let her run and runs calling billu. She runs. Mukku is about to jump down. Aahir comes there and makes Mukku sit in his car at the other side of the railing. Kalyani reaches there and sees Mukku taken in the car. She shouts Billu. Mukku asks Aahir to leave the car and tells that his Aai fi will not leave him.

Kalyani rushes back to Aparna and asks where is my son? She says tell me the truth else I have to forcibly calls Police. Aparna says I will tell everything. Kalyani calls Malhar, but his phone is unreachable. Aahir takes Moksh somewhere and ties him to the pole. Moksh asks him to let him go. Kalyani says I will take your life if I don’t get my Moksh. Aahir tells Moksh that today he will die as a boy. Moksh says he will die after getting old. Kalyani asks who has kidnapped Moksh? Yashwant or someone else? Aparna says Yashwant. Moksh tells his Aai fi is rich and will give him money. Aahir says you calls her Aai and asks who is your Aai and baba. Aparna thinks to take Kalyani to Aahir so that she handles him, she plans to elope with Moksh. Aahir asks Moksh who is Kalyani? He then tells that Aai fi is his mother. Moksh is shocked. Aahir says Kalyani is your Aai. Moksh says Aai fi is my Aai, this means I am Moksh whom Aai fi was searching since long.

Precap: Moksh pulls the lever of the crane and thinks it shall not fall on Kalyani. Kalyani and Aahir have a fight. The crane trolley fall down on the ground.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. In fact in this series .. We kill in turn the members of each family .. Sometimes the grandfather of kaliyani who kills the mother of malhar .. Then malhar who kills the son of Pallavi .. And now I think and believe that it is Pillu to save kaliyani will hurt Ahir and who will die. In the end, it would surprise me that malhar marries kaliyani and Avni who will stay between them. Because we see Madhav back too .. In short, the series is called Rabat .. But it’s hard when a lot of dead people overshadow the happiness of a family .. And worse when it is our loved ones who betray us. . Seeing arpana has done so much wrong to his grandson. Can we call her grandma .. Very little .. See Aoe saeb who is distinguished woman. To cause swara to spread because for them malhar was at fault and it is she who must pay. Seeing her get beaten up .. In short the series lasts when we see that the family members create problems for the other family member .. To hurt kalma and Anusar .. The family members stalk and hurt their people forgive them too easily.

    1. Correction Malhar didn’t kill Nul, he was following due process, Malhar didn’t even blame Nul for running his dad over. Aoa saheb instead of calming a scared teenager encouraged him to run away and he ran out in front of a truck so if anything a Aoa saheb is to blame

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