Spoilers 10th November 2020

Barrister Babu:

Saudamini’s truth is exposed by Anirudh and Trilochan. Saudamini accuses Bondita to be responsible for ruining her life. She gives a warning to Bondita. She tells that Bondita has ruined her life and filled it with sorrow, and now she shall do the same with Bondita. She accuses Bondita for snatching Anirudh from her.

She tells Bondita that its her promise to make Bondita’s life hell. She declares that she will snatch every single happiness from Bondita. She threatens to ruin Bondita’s life. She doesn’t want any peace to be left in Bondita’s life. Trilochan slaps Saudamini. He orders to leave his house and never show her face to anyone from the family.





Choti S

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