Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak ResuesUma

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Commissioner Arpita asks Kanak if she is taking decision herself or if she wants some time. Kanak says she has thought well. Arpita says she ready Uma’s bail papers and orders constable to free Uma. Uma and Kanak look at each other silently.

At home, Meena with family decorates house for Kanak’s birthday and asks to increase balloons as Kanak is not a kid now. Golu and Rani at once say yes mamma. Meena says she heard 2 voices. Pavan says it is him and signals Golu and Rani. Meena hugs him. Bhabho with Babasa enters and asks to hurry up. Ved says Kanak will cleared all her guilt today.

Uma with Kanak comes out of police station and says he saw her new avatar, she must be feeling light now, he will drop her home. She says she will go by auto. He holds her hand. Tu Sooraj mai Saanjh piya ji….song…plays in the background. They look into each other’s eyes. Her dupatta falls and he lifts it and dorns it on her heard. Auto stops. Kanak gets in and says Hanuman gali. Auto leaves while Uma smiles.

Maasi prays Shivji and says Uma is mahadev’s discipline and because of Mahadev’s signals he developed feelings for Kanak, which is wrong. She is a mother and seeing trouble towards her son, she is taking Kaali’s form for Kanak. Kanak disrespected their feeling and it is a crime and there is no forgiveness for crime.

Bhabho brings gift for Kanak. Meena asks what is in it. Vikram asks to have patience, it is Kanak’s gift. Kanak returns. Family sings Kitne Bhi Tu Karle Sitam, Hass Hass He Sahenge Hum…song.. and dance around her. Bhabho also sings and gives her gift. Kanak emotionally hugs Bhabho. Meena asks Kanak to open box and show what is in it, she cannot handle secret much now. She says they are all going to Mount Abu and Bhabho has decided it. Whole family hugs each other. Golu holds Rani’s hand.

Ved says Kanak that she had to suffer even with her brothers’ presence, not to worry Uma’s case will go to fast track. Kanak says she took back complaint against Uma. Ved angrily calls police station and files complaint against Uma again. Kanak says no. Vansh says she does not have to worry as this is not Ladno. Kanak says Uma did not force her and it is her decision, he did not pressurize her, it was her self pressure instead. Babasa speaks and says even after he forcefully married her and tortured her. Kanak says she married Uma thinking he wrongly grabbed Kanak Misthan Bhandar, but she was wrong and was punishing Uma for the mistake he did not do, she betrayed him instead, she got lots of love in that house and she built false relationships in that house. She tells Ved that she knows he loves her immensely, but she cannot tolerate it. Ved says he did for her happiness and if she feels this is right, then he will not progress this case and will try to forget that his sister’s culprit is freely breathing somewhere, he is happy that Uma has left her life. Kanak looks around nervously. Family are shocked to Uma standing at door.

Precap: Kanak says family that she is returning to Ladno with Uma and is waiting for Bhabho’s permission. Vansh angrily heads towards Uma, but Kanak stops and says she will show Uma’s room. Uma tells her he was thinking differently for her till yesterday, but he was wrong. Vansh confronts Kanak that she lost her self-respect.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Now kanak is on the right track.. conscience wins..

  2. Another power packed episode which keeps you tuned to the tv.. I was not able to take off my eyes for even a minute thinking what will come next.. Was hoping for Uma kanak’s conversation today which didn’t happen, but kanum moment was good.. When kanak got out from police station she was sure she did not want to go with Uma to ladno, so she says she will go alone.. But she made up her mind to go back till the time she reached home..really excited to see what happened between them that kanak took decision to go back.. Hopefully they show kanum’s conversation in tomorrow’s episode..

  3. Interesting episode..waiting so so so eagerly for tomorrow epi..precap is so good can’t wait☺☺

  4. Loved Kanak and Uma’s scene..feelings so beautifully expressed without any words. Uma is head over heels in love with his wife and she has finally realised it. Looking forward in anticipation to tomorrow’s episode.

  5. Yes, Kanak has officially been brainwashed into being a pathetic , spineless doormat by a bunch of orthodox fools and hooligans. The gundaa of Laadno, who kidnapped and forced a girl wins. This show that had the capability of showing a modern version of Suraj and Sandhya has a disgusting criminal in place of Suraj and a foolish girl with weak self-respect in form of Kanak. The way they made her cry and whine about making so many mistakes. And the way that [email protected]#dy scum stood looking high and mighty and holy…I get it that they can’t show minds changing in one day but why did they show Kanak disrespecting herself by behaving as though that filthy hooligan Uma has done no wrong? The showmakers are making it so regressive. To justify a relationship between a gundaa and his victim, they showed this nonsense guilt track where she justifies his treatment of her,and forgets all the horrible rules that were enforced on her! Now only way to teach Uma and his witch Maasi a lesson, Vansh kidnaps Saras and forces her to get married and lead a life that’s completely opposite to her beliefs. And then see how it feels! and since most of you think one wrong justifies another, like Kanak cheating justified Uma kidnapping and forcing her similarly, Vansh doing that would be justified since Uma did that to his sister. And yes, after forcing her to live his lifestyle for a while, not touching her, and not physically abusing her, and all Rathi family loving her, Vansh can ask her to leave, giving her same “chances to just leave” like the chances Uma gave Kanak.

    1. Thank you so much! As a physician the comments have been so distressing. It appears abuse is deeply rooted and accepted in the society. It’s just unbelievable! Your comment and that of Navi yesterday give me hope. Though I wonder if you are not an international viewer like myself.

      1. Unfortunately, I am an international viewer. I am of the Indian diaspora though. I did not know that glorifying mental abuse as romance was so prevalent in Indian society. Actually when I started to watch, I thought Kanak was a strong modern girl. I also thought that though she was wrong in deception Uma and his family deserved all of it for being so backward thinking about women and putting her through all horrendous punishment not to mention glorifying Uma’s kidnapping of Kanak. Except for little Shiv, I detest each one of his family members including that dumb Saras. Actually, Palomi is the only one I don’t hate cos she is fighting for the man she loves and whom she has served for years in Hope of love. I don’t like her but I don’t hate her either. But I was liking seeing this zesty Kanak but then they turned her to this weird personality who is taking all blame on herself and took the case back saying Uma was not at fault. I mean what the…but this is a set of writer’s writing a story and they clearly think this is the kind of female suppression the Indian audience like and an orthodox dominating arrogant man with no respect for women’s rights is seen as attractive so they have written the story like this. And see, the comments section shows that they are right. All are so happy that Kanak showed “good character” by admitting her faults and freeing Uma because after all he is her husband!!

      2. Yes Naira gal I saw your comment the other day I was going to respond but I was very busy.
        The way everyone on this site rubbish the twins for standing up for their sisters – some even went as far as to say they are behaving worst than Uma. I was so angry I could not write or else I would have exploded this page. I am just so angry with this producers if I was living in India I would have gone to their set with police to arrest them for writing such filth and take them to women’s shelters/halfway house to see and hear the stories of real victims of such mentalities. I am so ashamed of all these that women my age group are glorifying such stories. Come on now
        Please I urge you to check the international websites – I mean United Nations websites

    2. My dears
      If you read the comments from the time of the forced marriage you will see how many of us – a few were against this ghastly behaviour.
      Yes I agree with you all I live abroad and studied international development especially gender studies. It is very sad to see how the youth of this page writes glorifying such a behaviour. I have felt like no one is paying attention to the plight of many girls and women in India and around the world that suffer such. It romantized here – oh wait this is very normal behaviour but I pray God forbid that this should happen to anyone of them or their love ones then they will see how romantic such a behaviour is.
      I don’t watch this filth but I follow it closely to see what these CVs are spinning. And it is very sad to read some of the comments on this page glorifying and romantizing this.
      When recently in India on the Independence Day a 12 year old girl was gang raped so tell me if such rubbish comes on telly does that not give scrupulous men out there the audacity to do such.
      I do agree with you sis this storyline should have never made it on this show after the progressive element of the first season. This is regressive, backwards sinful especially in a time in India where loads of women are being abused in different ways.

    3. Hello
      There are lots of people who hates this show.v don’t believe in forced marriage.so not watching the show at all.i really can’t believe dabh makers are doing this crap.cant believe kanak as is Officer sandya’ daughter.

      When I heard about second part I really thought they are going to show another successful woman like sandya.her twin brothers are all doing something great.never thought they will show as doormat and people will appreciate this.

    4. Meg, naija gal, missy
      i feel exactly the way you do

      1. Me to feeling the same… but didn’t comment that’s it.
        may be there are many people feeling the same.

    5. You know just bcoz the show shows a handsome well built guy of around 25yrs age ,many are just accepting the story given by the production , they are just thinking what does it matter if it’s a forced marriage or not, kanak got a well looking husband…….you know they will even forgive the lead if he degrades the girl at every moment just bcoz he is good looking and kind of victimized by the show……
      But what the some people don’t understand is if in place of Uma there was a guy who was a thug,gunda,mental ,fat , ugly,more than 10-20 yrs older than the girl ,poor ,etc they would have never wanted the girl with the same person ………
      I don’t get this thing about the indian serials “is there no concept of age, morals,huminity,etc ?” I mean a forced marriage is wrong in every aspect esp if it is against the girls consent ,it shouldn’t matterif the guy is handsome or rich…many girls are suffering in silence throughout India due to forced marriage bt instead of showing a strong headed girl fight against forced marriage they are romanticising it……I had nothing against the show until now I thought maybe after coming home she would gain some strength fight against the forced marriage, I would have accepted Uma character if he would have shown a little bit of guilt,regret,remorse about the matter , I thought maybe he would finally understand it was wrong , bt no the indian serials wouldn’t let that happen they are trying to degrade a little bit of self respect present in kanak,…i mean wtf ,,,…….if kanak return to her “so called sasural” she would go with no self respect ………..u know what ,the mere thought of Uma makes me want to reframe his face…….what I don’t how can a person trust anyone,esp a forced husband, in just 20 days while it takes more than that to trust a chosen boyfriend

  6. awesome episode ….
    why uma comes rathi house even he took a rent room ???
    story are same like other serial …
    kitne bhi tum spoil kr lo story ye pyar na hoga km writers teri app ki kasam
    hehehehehahah:-) 🙂

  7. I really don’t understand what makes Kanak to go back to Ladno?
    I don’t feel that Kanak loves him. If she has started liking him then it’s fine but writers plz don’t make her to go back vd a new mission to gain hatred from Uma’s family.
    Am excited for upcoming episodes and equally tensed too. Hope everything goes fine and they become diya aur baati soon.

  8. Wow.. Beautiful episode, kanUm scenes cant take eye out them, though the situation was outside police station, uma was completely mesmerized by kanak.
    This maasi instead of taking steps to free uma from jail, she is fuming??
    Don’t know wat happened kanak decided to go with Uma?.
    Eager to know the reason…..

    1. Reason to go back is Shiv, who changed her mind I guess. What Shiv told makes total sense if I would put myself in place of Shiv I would feel same why u played with emotions. And other thing I am thinking they want to make love story instead of hate story and may be later Uma get changed as Sandhya got changed in love of Suraj. Hope Masi don’t become villain and start villain role and hate Kanak forever.

  9. This is ridiculous, i know this is supposed to be a love story but did they have to show that Kanak as such a weak spirited girl when her mother Sandhya Rathi was so strong. This serial should have been shown before Diya aur Baati hum. Day by Day this show is becoming regressive. Pathetic and yet people only have problem with Pahredaar Piya ki and not this one. Strange indeed. Even tis show should be banned for promoting stockholm syndrome.

    1. You are right Abhishek. It’s amazing how very few have a problem with this show that is now justifying a criminal who had no second thoughts about kidnapping, tying, and forcing marriage on an unknown girl. It is making excuses for forced marriages in the name of religion and romance. BTW if I am not wrong, I think the production house for this show is same as that for Pehredar Piya ki.

    2. In stockholm syndrome there is only one person kidnapper. But here kanak lived with a family which gave her lot of love. Kanak got very much attached to the wholw family. She can go with uma for the sake of family and not for the sake of uma bcoz she does not love him

      1. I agree Anjali, But all the flashback they showed of Kanak remembering moments with Uma, we’re all creepy moments of her feeling uncomfortable after the kidnapping and when they were restricting her movements. To show it now as realization of some affection is indicating at Stockholm Syndrome.

    3. Good point Abhishek this should have been shown before DABH because it was such a progressive show with ground breaking elements in it and to resort to this.

  10. I really adored each and every scene of this episode wooow kanum moments after two whole weeks but it was very short There was no dialogues between them but their eyes talked with each other .Uma master in reading her heart he can always guess what kanak will think .Why he holds her hand he is assuring that he will never leave her .How romantic that dupatta scene was I thought our dharamwalae uma will cover her head with the pallu but he didn’t rather he wrapped it around her that signifies that he is so concerned and always be protective to her what the CVS are trying to explain us .When did she decide she will go back to ladnu that is not clear as usual no thanks or apologize from uma .yesterday what bhaana said is right the CVS are not going to redeem uma so soon.Rathi celebration was nice she got the love of her family especially bhabho which she longed for 20 yrs. I personally think kanak decision is right now I can understand her line of thoughts now when she spoke with bhabasa she clearly said that its a forced marriage but she could have come out of it 20 days back itself but she stayed there for her selfish motive she was free at her own will knowingly or unknowingly she has developed a relationship everyone the loads of love she got from toshniwal .Kanak was deprived of love from childhood so she was happy and was is cloud nine when a family accepted her as member of the family adoring her to the fullest leave kanak any one in her place will definitely take this decision .To bring happiness to gain the love of her bhabho (kmb) she did all this assuming uma cheated her bhabho but when she realized she was wrong uma at no fault and she was punishing uma for that.So by giving happiness to one family she cannot cheat the other family she played with their emotions .Now we know kanak responsibility in rathi parivar is over so she has to go to ladnu to fulfil her responsibilities I guess .I am sure she will hereafter will not go as fake kanak nor i doubt as per the spoiler she will go there to make everyone hate I don’t think so it will be too childish for kanak to think like that becos she very well know uma is in love with her .I think she is going back with some other idea.Maybe she is giving a second chance to work out this marriage.I am eagerly waiting for tom uma staying in kanak’s room .

  11. Another emotionally charged episode… I do feel for Kanak, had Bhabho not have treated her so badly for 20 years she wouldn’t have been so thirsty for love ❤️. Kanak was so full of life, I hope returning to Ladno & their orthodox ways doesn’t suck the life out of her. It does feel at times that the forced marriage is being masked by kanak’s misdeeds & 2 wrongs definitely don’t make a right – cvs really need to show something which puts the forced marriage issue to rest, so we can all move on from it and enjoy Kanak & Uma’s love story develop.
    I am an international viewer and don’t find the show is regressive or out to promote abuse, I can look beyond the present and see that the show has huge potential to highlight orthodox behaviour and show what girl power can do!. Kanak is her own person and whilst she does make decisions based on her emotions she is sound minded enough to make up her own mind and stand against her own family, she is definitely no damsel in distress. Unlike many other serials this show has characters with depth, great substance, and an underlying message. Go team TMSP I’m rooting for Nayyi soch ?

    1. Yes meera I agree to your viewpoint .Perfect analysis of the show .

  12. I accept some of your views. But that family only gave her love when she followed their outdated bizzarre rules. Otherwise she was punished. Her own family has loved her a lot, except for Bhabho. Why do you say her responsibility for Rathi family is over. It is still her family that has brought her up , and again except for Bhabho , all have loved her. It is both son and daughter’s duty to look after their family. Why does she have any responsibility to Uma’s family? They did not stop Uma from kidnapping and forcing her. They punished and humiliated her and gave her no respect. They forced her to follow many degrading rituals and only when she agreed they showed her affection. How is that love?? And because she lived with Uma for 20 days does not mean she has obligation to live with people who never cared about her emotions when she was treated like an animal and a second class citizen. The writers are writing these scenes because they don’t know how else to justify Kanak going to a man who started his relationship with her by disrespecting her human dignity and to a family that supported him fully in it. At this point, I hope, planned by Maasisa, Palomi would get Uma, Kanak would leave that idiot family, and they would find another man for Kanak at some point in future. Then they can come face to face again and start their relationship afresh.That is the only way I can see this story staying interesting.

    1. So so true
      And if you watched the story of Sandhya and Sooraj and followed it from start it was progressive and inspiring
      Here I don’t get it – many of us tuned in to see this because of DABH but were greatly disappointed.
      I don’t watch it but read the updates sometimes and get angry when allkeep talking about their chemistry.
      So I spend 20 days with a family I can easily fall in love really.

  13. Meg I agree with you too. I am an international viewer. Kanak was shown as a feminist but it seems Uma and family have brain washed her. I have stopped watching the show because it a degradation of a woman. It may not be physical abuse, but it is mental abuse. Today I just read the written episode. I don’t understand why Kanak has to go back to a man who forced marriage and saying she was the criminal. Uma should be punished and I don’ t believe a human being can fall in love in 20days with a family. 20 days is like vacations days it is not one whole year. I rather watch other shows that show a woman in a better light than a woman who has lost all the dignity in 20 days.

    1. I agree with you Beki – this is foolishness especially at a time in the world when human trafficking of women is so highlighted in the media and here kidnap and forced marriage is celebrated.

  14. I have really tried to see the Nayi Soch in this so can someone please explain it. Forced marriage is forced narriage
    To completely destroyed her character to explain his thinking does not make sense to me because from what I know he forced her to marry him first before she even found out that he has the shop papers – so they made her dumb as hell after escape went back there. From what I saw he didn’t even drag her round the fire he forcefully carried her.
    Some one needs to explain the Nayi Soch of this show because I am not seeing it or getting it
    I just cannot go past this atrocity because THIS IS A REALITY FOR MILLIONS OF WOMEN ROUND THE WORLD.

    1. I totally agree with you missy.i can’t believe she is sandya’s daughter.suraj respect all the girls.i really don’t how people are saying he is saying dharm or something which I really don’t understand what’s all this.im totally disappointed with the show.cant believe it came from dabh team.to get shop kanak went back is the another unbelievable thing because sandya and Suraj used to stood for truth.sandya did everything according to law. I really thought it will be another inspiring story.but …..

  15. I am sorry I cannot see any comparison this serial with pehredaar piya ki that is a stupid story and should be banned but why tsmsp this soap is full of substance it will be a awakening call for the rural segment .The makers are showing the harrasement of women in our society these orthodox beliefs are still practiced in some of our rural areas .I just cannot take it as just a love story it is about women empowerment .I am sorry i cannot accept kanak as a weak person .She is a person of emotions but that doesn’t mean she is weak she was already shown that some of the atrocious she cannot accept so many times she was showed as a strong women now we will see how she is going to change these Orthodox people.

    1. I am sorry Divyaa I have to disagree with you – I know you write well but I haven’t been able to be convinced by you that the makers are right.
      It is true what all are saying that Kanak character has been weakened – when the show started she was shown as gutsy, free spirited and modern but now to make her character go with this behaviour they have weakened her and make dumb, completely stupid.
      Uma is acting very obsessive could not even take no for an answer. This is not right. We are not against the actors we against the characters they portrayed and the ones who write such rubbish. To get the audience to accept the forced marriage concept they had to make her act in such a devious ways but even that can be explained even in a court of law. Even the shop he did not give it to her solely he shares it with her.
      Now in regards to your point that the makers want to show what happened in the rural communities- no there are other ways they could have done this:
      1) Kanak could have witness a forced marriage taking place and fight for the kidnapped woman/girl’s justice
      2) Kanak could have married Uma the normal way like sensible and decent people get married and then both become aware of a forced marriage and kidnap and fight for justice for the victims.
      Now that how you raise an issue on such plight.
      But to make the leads the perpetrator and victim of a crime that is punishable by law in the land, you are glorifying it and making a mockery of the law.
      Not only a mockery of the law but of womanhood, motherhood and humanity.
      We really need to think carefully about what we support, accept or condone because we might find her selves victims of such.
      Now I understand why Deepika Singh (Sandhya) refused to be associated with this show – she even went to court to stop them from using her in their promotion before the show started, at the time I thought she was being prideful because I was hoping to see her on screen again. I get it now – she could not support such a story that demeans women when she had portrayed such a powerful and strong character.

    2. I agree Divyaa that this show was full of substance in the beginning. And until she got back to Pushkar, she was a strong character. But since then, writers have slaughtered her character and tried to make Uma look bechaara and good to justify why Kanak would go back. They are showing the leading lady, going back to an orthodox family, that fully dlsupported their son in kidnapping and forced marriage, to change their mindset? The writers think Indian audience are fools who are just hungry for romance and they find ridiculous ways to show it no matter how much they have to degrade the female character. There should have been a separation track here. Uma not taking no is not him being a loving husband, it is him being an obsessive compulsive man. Even someone of Babasa’s generation came to tell him that his method of marriage was wrong and he did not admit his fault. He shows signs of some kind of mental illnesses. The writers have created a psycho in the male lead because horror of horrors , that’s what they think Indian women find attractive and hot! I find it very insulting. And both Pehredaar Piya ki and this show are justifying and romanticizing crimes- child marriage in that show and kidnapping and forced marriage in this one. I just can’t believe they made the character of Uma marry Kanak like that. There could have been so many other ways. The arrest track was their chance of setting that right but they ruined that as well by showing Kanak so extra crying and guilty like everything is her fault. I love the actors and I liked their chemistry, but I just don’t agree with the way they are developing the female lead’s character. She has no responsibility of trying to change the mindset of that family that has supported a crime against her and have only shown affection when she agreed to their degrading rules. There might be public petitions and complaints against this show and I would support that so writers of Indian serials may come to their senses.

    3. i agree with u divya,i am on your side.slowly kanak will change uma.and the real story starts.

  16. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome episode! Really very well-crafted episode! TSMSPJ is back! Good job makers and actors!

  17. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Good Job kanak! Kanak is not weak she is really strong because she have a guts to forgive. Kanak represent today’s youth that’s why she have a big responsibility! Kanak show forgiveness, humanity and respect! I am sure kanak will change Orthodox nature of Uma and Uma’s family!

    1. Forgive what? Kidnapping and forced marriage? Degrading behavior. You forgive betrayal, hurting, poor treatment. Crimes are punished in court of law.And show of respect to whom this who have never shown any respect for her human dignity and supported all inhuman treatment of her. No, youth of today do not support and represent that. That is the mindset of the50s and I wish writers and some viewers would recognize that. It is not her responsibility to change the mindset of Uma and his family members by living there with them and degrading herself and her family.

      1. I agree with you Navi
        We should just tell this to the millions of women & girls that are kidnapped daily and sold through human trafficking just forgive them their kidnappers and help them change their mindset, so they stop this behaviour.
        It is time we stand up and reject such behaviour if we want a better and progressive society. We have to be responsible.

    2. Bipasha, I was disagreeing with your statement about youth of today. Sorry if you felt I was attacking your viewpoint. This show started with a crime against a woman and that is why showing Kanak the way she is now hurts many women. Still, I have no business telling you what to think so carry on with your viewpoint. That’s your perspective and your right.

  18. Hi guys sorry not contributed for a while been a bit busy. I have read all of the comments and I too am an international viewer.
    My first point is that every soap on tv has had some sort of forced marraige has everyone complained about that – iss pyarr, ischbazz, kumkum list us endless. The force is either through a man or family pressure. In Dya Bhati Sandhya to was forced , but by her brother.

    I am not saying that what Uma did was correct, it can never be. If we criticise this show every other one should be as well & we should stop watching them

    The episodes have been emotional,& in a sense Kanak has fired a warning shot st Uma, she had shown him what she is capable of doing , even if she later withdraws het complaint, it does take courage & strength to do that. It shows she has a conscience, and is prepared to overlook certain things as she herself was not right either.

    I have said this before if you want India to change you have to start with the women of the house, they are the child’s first guru. It may well take a couple of generations as I belivee that a lot of issues are to do with living in the extended familiy

    On a lighter note want to see how this love story progresses

    1. Yes Parmeen, there were outcries and complaints against the force shown in those shows too. And plenty of people hated those tracks as well. The difference here is that they have shown and justified and outright crime , a complete stranger, kidnapping a girl he likes, and forcing her into marriage. Then subjecting her to atrocious suppressing environment. It touches a nerve because we see this one the news ever other day men thinking a girl saying no is no big deal and pursuing them anyway. After creating all that mess and not knowing how to justify the romantic track between a man like Uma and a girl like Kanak, , they made her come back and fully ruined the character of the female lead to justify the crime of the male lead. And they show no admittance of guilt on his part while they show the girl sobbing with repentance. At one time, I used to be able to watch the show with both a critical eye and enjoying the beautiful chemistry. But the way they have shown the episodes past couple of weeks has ruined the show for me. But I won’t let go of the comments section. ?

    2. No Parmeen Sandhya was not forced to marry Sooraj – she was lied to
      Her brother told her that he was educated and the family is progressive. There is a difference to be made to marry someone and outright forced
      Pray you never get kidnapped and forced to marry a complete stranger that is not from your culture, religion or from your country then you might understand why we are up in arms about this.
      Go back and read the comments in the beginning after the forced marriage and see that most of us have been very vocal about this.
      This is a crime – you cannot make a mockery of the law even if it is in storytelling.
      So in this case evil triumphs over good.

      1. I am sorry but forcing & lying same difference she still had a marriage that she did not want. I used also find bhabho very annoying with her attitude towards Sandya.

        As far getting kidnapped well I live in a country where law & order is paramount & this sort of thing would not be accepted at all. This brings me to the point where this happens in a country where everyone believes in the Mother Goddess, but women are still disrespected why? Upbringing has a lot to do with it. Why do mothers bring there sons up with this attitude of disrespect & treating women in this manner, why are girls aborted , all questions that women need to answer

        I might also like to add that this seems to be worst in the Asian subcontinent and what we are finding is that people are bringing these disgusting thought/actions with them (such as grooming girls / rape / acid attacks) to the west.

        I would have thought that people would be intelligent enough not to believe tv programs , that they are just fantasy. But apparently not

        Like I said earlier , if these programs are that offensive stop watching them & raised “hue & cry” so that producers have to show something else

    3. I agree with parmeen completely.

  19. I urge all who disagree with the show to keep writing here even if they have stopped watching, so that it doesn’t look like this show is beloved by all. Like Keerthi mentioned, many people simply hate what they are showing. But if you don’t express it on the forums, it looks like this is popular in India, when only a handful of viewers are liking this track. Also, it may help shape the story in the right direction. Besides, these pages are opinion pages not fan pages where only praising comments are allowed. So don’t be discouraged by comments like” if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Let us enjoy.” It’s really each person’s choice what they watch or read about and decide to write for or against. So I want to clearly mention, nothing against those who are liking the track and expressing it here. It’s a free space for expression. All my problem is with the writers and the production.

    1. Yes Navi I agree with all your points and I am up for it – will definitely make a comment here protesting against this garbage.
      I am not so lovesick or lonely to be getting excited about a romantic story where a strange man kidnapped a young beautiful girl and forcefully married her because he believes some god told him to do so. No I can’t I am pro womanhood and my parents have taught me not to tolerate wrong and keep quiet. There are so many ways they could have started their love story. They messed up badly
      This show needs to be off air
      Because of shows like this and mindset of men like Uma that’s why a 12year old was gangrape on independent day in India coming back from a school occasion celebrating independence. Look at the irony of that. The same men who were supposed to protect her as a sister/daughter violated her.

  20. Hi friends, I know everyone is free to express their views, no one is correct r pure in this world, request u all don’t try to impose ur thoght to others by giving reply like today navi replied bipasha, I follow this page for a long, I do liked navi’s comment earlier.so many ways to educate the society by giving replies u won’t get anything, b patient to others, it’s my humble request. Sorry if I hurt anyone but don’t try to criticize the viewers.

    1. Yes the reply was made but he did not insult her or her comments
      He just made it clear that not all youth are loving this – which I agree to

    2. Hi bhaana I agree with you .Each one of us our sharing our thoughts our own views regarding the story .I am really waiting for today episode.

    3. I am very sorry Bhaana but I was just questioning her statement that Kanak’s stance now is a representation of the youth of today. I never insult any writer’s comment. But if do respond if I see anything conflicting with my view of facts. How else do we discuss, engage in dialogue, and try to point what we think is faulty with each other’s view? I welcome differing opinions. When we write on such forums, anyone is free to respond and we to respond to their response. Still, I am sorry. This has happened to me before and with Bipasha’s comment. I tried to ignore but Everytime she starts making these flat statements about the youth of today I lose control and respond. I’ll try harder.

      1. No yaar, I felt difficult to take ur name in my previous comment, bcoz I liked ur view every time, but to maintain peace in this page I took ur name,i discovered tellyupdate page year ago n b a silent reader,this is the second show I’m commenting (first is ersk in Sony) so don’t know more about how u all discuss, yet I felt this page maintains respect each ones thought, no fightings inbtwn which r famous in other pages.
        U did replied others tat I m not interfering but tat commentator was cornered I felt n u will know I’m not interested in responding to negative comments too.sorry for taking ur name.

    4. Totally agree with you bhaana it does feel as though some people on here are trying to impose their views on others…. everyone is entitled to their own opinion & just because we are being patient with the storyline to see how it develops does not make us viewers that agree with or encourage abuse, nor are we some silly girls that have our heads in the clouds fantasising about romance. Some comments have come across as soooo judgemental & demeaning! (Which is a real shame as isn’t that what those against regression are trying to stand up against). I’m not out to offend anyone & totally get that the show is controversial and everyone has their viewpoint so I say live & let live. ✌️

      1. Yes meera, my opinion about story is also same, just want to know how the story moves. I too felt the same the last line of urs ???

  21. Yes divyaa me too eagerly waiting for today’s part, hope they show the reason behind kanak’s change over.

  22. I think when kanak got into that auto and she looked at Uma, she would have asked him to come along as her hubby.. they would have got his belongings from the guest house and then to kanak’s home . She has given Uma the right place in her life… He now shares her room and life as rightful husband..

  23. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I mean atleast kanak accept her own mistakes too. She not only point out Uma’s mistake but also accept her own. That’s the strength of Kanak. Anways, Even in today’s society girls faced force marriage or bad marriage only because of dowery.That’s the reality of this society. Many evil practices are still prevalent in today’s society. Anyways, I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling. Kanak represents today’s youth means she is not selfish,&self-centered. She still have morals and value!

  24. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I am a government employee! Grade -A officer. Earning 10 lakhs a year. Still respect rituals, culture, traditions in our society. Still really respect everyone feeling in my family. Sandhya and kanak character in the show really touch my heart . sometimes really feels connected with them. That’s why,I prefer to comment on them.

  25. this is called STOLKHOME SYNDROM.Where the kidnapped person feels sympathy or kind of affection towards kidnapper .
    there is totally wrong msg in this serial.And just bcz every TV serial in India is based on pyar- may-ladka-ladki type of story.they have turned SAVDHAN INDIA type of serial to a love story.lol… these ppl write any random story to make it n sell it.it is really stupid.LADIES PLZ PLZ PLZ DONT WATCH IT!!!!! it will do brain wash

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