Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Nani does Chandni’s grahpravesh

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nani says now Chandni is bahu of this house, she has sindoor of your name, don’t insult it. Advay says just my hatred matters to me. He drags Chandni out. Nani falls down. Advay and Chandni turn and see Nani. What happened when Chandni and Advay faced each other again?

The Episode starts with Chandni coming home. Advay and everyone get shocked. Nani asks Murli to take Adi inside. Advay says this girl can’t come inside this house, this marriage was just for one night, I knew this and even Chandni knew this. Nani says but you two don’t know that relations are not a game. Maasi says Advay is right, Chandni can’t come in our house, I know what this girl did. Pooja says she is right here, she can hear you. Maasi says yes, even after hearing, she is standing here, shameless. Pooja says where else will she go, this is her house, please let her come in. Advay says Pooja, you know I can’t refuse to anything you say, but not this.

Advay walks to Chandni and asks her did she come here after facing so much insult, she falls much more in his eyes every time. Chandni recalls refusing to Nani. She says this relation and marriage don’t have any meaning. Nani says you both have taken pheras around fire, now believing this or not is your wish, my heart says there is none better than you for my Chiku, you can teach him living, Lord united you, there would be some reason. Chandni says but he hates me, how can he go to his house. Nani says you are going to your house, remember this, I just want a promise from you, even if tests are toughs, you won’t move back. FB ends.

Nani says Chandni has come here because of me, I got her here. Advay says you know what she did, even then you got her here. He asks Chandni did she come alone and not get her child. He asks Nani does she want to get such a girl home, who can disown her child. Chandni recalls Nani asking her about the child. Chandni cries. Nani says I got my answer, your words could lie, but you silence told everything true. Chandni asks what truth. Nani says that you are trying to save someone, you are silent to hide something, right. Chandni says yes, I m hiding something, I m doing this for my family, I can’t tell you anything more than this. Nani says you don’t need to tell anything more, I trust you. FB ends. Nani says truth has many faces, its not necessary that what are seenig is true Chiku, you took your revenge, now Chandni is bahu of this house, she has sindoor of your name, don’t insult it. He says I can’t accept her as my wife in this life.

He asks Chandni to get out. Nani says its wrong, you married her. He says all that doesn’t matter to me, this sindoor and mangalsutra, nothing matters. Advay says just my hatred matters to me. He drags Chandni out. Nani falls down. Advay and Chandni turn and see Nani. Advay runs to Nani and says so sorry, I will take you to hospital. Nani says stop, promise me you won’t make Chandni out of the house, you will respect her sindoor and mangalsutra, I got her here, if you make her leave, I will fall in my eyes, if you stay adamant, I will also leave along with her. He asks what are you saying. She asks him to promise, he won’t leave Chandni.

He sees Chandni and says I promise Nani, she will stay here. Nani blesses him. She asks Pooja to do arrangements of new bahu’s grah pravesh. Pooja goes. Nani tells Chandni about rice being a sign of prosperity, as bahu is Laxmi. Pooja does their aarti. She asks Chandni to take her first step. Advay turns to go. Nani asks Advay to stand there. Pooja asks how do you know what we do. Nani says I see my heart eyes. She asks Chandni to step in. Chandni recalls Mama ji’s words. FB shows Mama ji asking Chandni why is she going to Advay, he will insult her again. Chandni sees Indrani’s pic and says I m not going for him and myself, I m going for Indrani, this defamation has to become a relation, else what will happen of my family, this city will not let them leave, I m a stain and it should get away. She packs bag. FB ends.

Chandni hits kalash and comes in. Murli welcomes her. Chandni recalls her marriage. Maasi asks why did you get her home. Nani says Chandni is true. Advay says her veins have lies. Maasi asks did you forget what Chandni and her mum did with your daughter and son in law. Past moments are seen. Maasi asks did you forget that destruction started by Chandni’s blame, you lost your eyes by that trauma, you want us to accept her as bahu. Nani says our pain can’t get less by hurting others, I have lost a lot, then I understood, fire can ignite in any house, but it gets blown off after burning everything, move on now. Maasi says I can’t forgive her, she can’t become Chandni, this is my and Advay’s last decision. Nani says I m still alive, its my decision that she will stay here, she is bahu of this house, go and do mu dikhai preparations, why are you still standing here, go. Advay looks on.

Chandni asks Indrani to talk to her. She says you maybe annoyed, but I will make everything like before. Advay thinks no, I will never let anything get fine, you won’t be able to show your face to anyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Riana

    Hi Rabbevians….?????

    Nani finally proved that she is jewel…I gift her this…?

    Chandni’s Grihapravesh was Awesome and beautiful…??????

    Lovely Grihapravesh…???????

    I think Pooja is only here Chandni’s supporter…???

    Precap: Ohhh again that bichrani’s evil fac…???….Advay’s words were painful…

    #Love NiVay…?

    Btw guyzzzz i am loving this new changes….??????…what about you all ??

    1. Manuu

      Hey riana…ofcrse we r also loving d changes..bichrani aur lipstick ki kasam se thoda break toh milega..and ya..wil b interesting to watch hw chandini wil survive in dat house..choti choti nok jhok kab shuroo hoga inke beech..purani wali chandini kab wapas ayegi..crying mode pe hi atak gayi..
      Still we hav no clue abt mikku

    2. Pinku

      Haan manu I am also waiting for that…… pata nahi when chandini wil b back

    3. Antara

      me 2 liking new family ,new challenges changes should be new beginning again game on chandini has 2 be more strong instead of crying
      AD mission – chandini’s destruction continues………………………………………………………………………

    4. Pinku

      Haan antara continues

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Congo dear…

    6. Riana

      Thankyou ???

  2. Riana

    And thanx Amena for fast updt…???

  3. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Rab ne… (Sorry Gul khan ne)
    Banadi jodi..
    AdvaY aur chandni ki..
    Kya lag rehe the aj
    AdvaY aur chandni when they are standing together for the rasam..
    Ufffsss…. Muah muah muah… ❤❤❤❤

    1. Pinku

      Yea yes sunanda realy they look so cute together

  4. Antara

    when pooja said advay let chandini bhi inn pooja di u know i can do anything but not this sis -bro ka pyaar was awesome
    Wow graha pravesh bhi hogaya i liked the part when murali said “Welcome home bhabhi”
    waiting 4 Mu dikhai function kya plan hai ad?
    will advay succeed in defaming chandini?

  5. Sunanda_Guchhait

    I m just enjoying the way, this story is shaping up. Chandni is looking like the cutest doll in this Earth. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Nani rocks and everybody is shocked. Nani, you are too good.
    Nani gave them 440 volt shock. So our AD is chanting his one night shaadi mantra only. Dimaag mein shock laga hai nah isliye…
    But the way Lilaa maasi insults chandni and calls her ” besharam” is really break my heart.
    Tears of pain are rolling down her cheeks and AdvaY is just gazing her with his hatrayed filled eyes. But gets really happy when puja supports chandni and accepts her. She is so sweet.

    Jaise k insult karne mein kuch kami reh geyi thi, isliye AD phirse aageye mirch masala lagane. Sach mein AdvaY!!! Aap fed up nehi hote ho kya? All tym?? Ankhee dekhi ASR ki ??
    It’s like ?????????????.
    Ruthless AD is roaring with his trade mark style like a lion and without blinking once ,starts humiliating chandni,she was scared but this time she doesn’t take her step back for once as she promises Nani that whatever​ the exam is, no matter how tough it is, she will stand strong and win it.
    I feel so sorry for Advay when he taunts her about that baby. Nani is blind but still she can see the truth, but he can’t. When AdvaY will come to know the truth, I am sure he won’t be able to meet her eyes.
    “Kamse kam is zindegi mein to chandni ko apni patni nehi maan sakta”.. I am like awwww… Really AdvaY?? Dekhte hain!!
    Kyun ki..
    “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost”.

    AdvaY doesn’t bother about his shaadi, phere, mangalsutra and all. Only care about his hatrayed for Chandni.
    “Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano AdvaY babu … ishwar ka aashirwad hota hai ek chutki sindoor .”
    Anyways, AdvaY, the way you grabbed her hand I wondered who gave you that right? Husband has the right on his wife but you’re​ not her husband, at least you’re not accepting​ that right.?
    Then how did you do that???
    AD dragging chandni, Nani trying to stop him but slipped, Shocked AdvaY runs to her..all was just outstanding, mind blowing and brilliant. Oooh that “RUN”.
    Barun!! You’re​ Killing me man.
    Finally Nani succeeded​ in her mission. AdvaY agreed​ but…
    I am sure he will make sure that Chandni, herself leave the house. One day it will happen for sure but that day AdvaY will try to stop her but can’t. Waiting for that.

    At last Griha pravesh rasam is done by chandni.
    ” Iss badnaami ko rishta banna hi hoga””. Respect your determination chandni.
    Every time, when she is looking at AdvaY, I can see her pain but not AdvaY. How?
    I like Lilaa maasi when she said
    ” abhi to Vashisht family ko aur tadpana baki hai”. Indrani and uski sisters ko tadpao not chandni.

    Precap: chandni!! Stop it yaar. Your sauteli mom is more than happy. She got the house and got rid of you.and you are crying for her???? And other side
    AdvaY is so unapologetic​ and ruthless. But very soon
    AdvaY will say..
    “Itni shiddat se nafrat karne ki koshish ki hai … ki har zarre ne mujhe chandni se milane ki saazish ki hai”..
    So Be careful.

    1. Pinku

      Super dp sunanda and super duper super super super review cnt stop Complimenting u sunanda I am.literally searching for words to praise u….. super review…. i agree to each n every word of urs…. love u sunanda a big hug with a basket of appraisals….

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Thank you thank you so much and love you too pinku di.

  6. Pinku

    Yaaron itna intezaar kara tha hai advay jab episode shuru hota hai na I feel like it’s over in 2 mins u know…. i feel so sad….. dekhti dekhti Wednesday bhi hogaya…. coming to the episode I am scared kahin phir se ye vo routine story na ho jaye… chandini will solve house problems keep convincing everyone… impressing everyone… but masi will remain negative when advay gets convinced and start loving her phir se ye masi will add some ghee n oil…. hey bhagwan pls aisa mat honey mat dena….. tom is again trp day ?

  7. Situations are the same, but persons see through different point of vision, Advay and his aunt had seen that in negative where as Nani and Pooja through positive side.
    The revenge has finished, no its the beginning of a new revenge, no one except a strong stubborn caring Nani by side, or at least that Shilpa will be of a little help in future along with Murli and Pooja.
    Whole episode and glare of Arrogant Singh Raizada in one side and precap added water in well cooked curry to spoil it.
    Chandni must not win till she does things for herself, her marriage, her new family with her in laws, her Dev, the caring Nani not for her disaster sisters, not for her mother…not for her maternal family..not for the hate but for a marriage she is trapped in, for Advay Singh Raizada, never for her Mother..never for that cheap gold digger Indrani. Its intolerable now.
    Advay’s aunty…she may be tough to crack, angry bird, glaring Chandni, hates Vashist family with Chandni the most, matches Advay’s step in anger, hate, arrogant nature but she is clear in her motive, determined in her decision, stubborn in her aim and truthful so far which makes her different from the aunty of Vashist family, the basic difference between Mausi of Advay and Chandni.
    Advay Singh Raizada has denied his first weakness, his love for Chandni, hide one proof of being Dev that morning but gave her permission to stay at his house, full of proofs.
    Antihero Singh Raizada….
    “What shall I name this Love??”-the hurtful question…

    1. Astha reddy are u the same or someone else where is ur dp

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Harsha…Its me only. forgot to login.

  8. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Hey guys… I was thinking..
    Meghna ka woh unknown partner, jo vaag gaya.. agar woh Raizada family se koi ho to?? AdvaY ka koi relative, bhai or maasi ka ladka. Then? Kaisa hoga? . Aisa twist huya to I Will be really happy. Jo insult AdvaY ne chandni ko kiya, uske baad AdvaY ko vi same insult feel honi chahiye. I really hope aisa ho.
    What do you think guys??

    1. Pinku

      Well said sunanda 1000 % vote to u aisa hi hona chahiye waiting for it

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Me too di.. without doing anything chandni had to bear a lot. Now AdvaY should feel that same insult which he gave her.

    3. Manuu

      Ab tak toh pooja ke alava koi cousin nahi hai advay ka..pooja ka koi bhai hi..meera mausi ka beta..
      Sunanda it will b interesting

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Three sister ko agar ek sath hona chahiye to Raizada family se hi koi hoga meghna ka partner, Mikku shikhu are already a pair.

    5. Pinku

      Sahi kaha hai sunanda ab tho sehna padega…. pata nahi trp kitna hoga iss baar

    6. Nivika

      100% aisa hi hoga chahiye…asr bhi guilt feel karega

    7. Lizaa

      me too …..sunanda

  9. Manuu

    Hey my friends..kaise ho sab
    Finally chandini ki entry ho gayi apni sasuraal mein..ab stry hoga mazedaar…entertaining..hope so.
    Phir se advay wahi mode pe..nafrat..mujhe na uske kadvi baate sunn nahi pa rahi hoon..I guess now the luv stry strts..attitude asr se romantic asr ki safar dekh ne ko milega
    Aaj toh nani ko salute..she has stole d show today..
    Nani bina dekhe hi sach jhoot ka farak pehchan thi hai..chandini ki achayi ko samaj payi..pooja bhi help karegi ab
    Meera mausi toh ditto asr..kareli zubaan..
    Nani ki aankhein bhi usi waqt gaye..d question is no one from vashist family knows her..hw is even dat possible..

    1. Pinku

      Sahi hai manu how is tht possible?? Sach me manu precap me phir se dar lag raha hai pata nahi ab kya kya sehna padega……

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Don’t worry ab jo hoga dono ko sath mein sehna padega… Di

  10. Oh I missed today’s episode. Par thanks to this page at least read karke imagine kar liyeh. So how are u all? Sab safe hona?

    1. Manuu

      Hey mahak..catch it on gd..hw r u..r u from mumbai..tum safe ho na..ab kaisa hai waha..rain has stopped right..stay

    2. Yes Manu I m also fine. Rain got stopped on 30aug. Dhoop the aur aaj back to office. Bas sardi ho gaye sorry for late reply

  11. Madhu.r

    Advay should find his brother soon

  12. Pls make the chandhni character a little bit stronge.As if she is soooo innocent .which is not match to this century.

  13. KartikK

    Quiet intersting epi . Miss old scenes now hope they com back soon and we have yet to search for the name of this love till then watch ipkknd 3
    Iss pyar ko kya nam do – A panicfull question

  14. Yazhu

    Hi Rabba ve gang….
    Hope everyone had a great day… I’m here after 10days… As it’s a real busy week for me… My college also started and I’m staying in hostel… So my only source to watch ipkknd3 is through hotstar…

    I’ve missed most of the episodes including today’s ????but watched the important episodes like our NiVay’s marriage epi ????finally they’re married and together… Looks like there’s much more drama waiting ahead ???????totally loved my Advay’s action sequences during the marriage track ?????????????????????????????????????

    I really missed commenting in here ??don’t know whether I can comment regularly ?????but sure will comment on the weekends ☺☺☺☺☺gonna miss the Rabba ve land during the weekdays…. ???????????Love you all ????????

    Love ASR ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????(Advay’s smirk and smile will definitely make me comment at any cost ????)?????
    Love NiVay ??????????
    Love ShiKku ??????

    1. Pinku

      I yazhu missed u so much yaar kaisey ho aap…. ayyo u missed it… its ok hotstar zindabad….acha vaisey rehtey kahan ho aap….hostel as in Mumbai Delhi?

    2. Yazhu

      Hi Pinku… I missed you guys too…. I’m really fine… I’m staying in my clg hostel yaar (in Coimbatore, TamilNadu)… ??

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      After so long time yazhu. Good to see you back.

    4. Yazhu

      Hi Sunanda… It’s good to see you all too… Missed commenting in Rabba ve land ??

    5. Manuu

      Hey yazhu..good to see u back..hw r u..clg kaisi hai..hostel..everything is fine right..
      No worries..jab bhi time milega ba comment

    6. Yazhu

      Hi Mannu… Good to see you too… Clg and hostel are fine… I’m just feeling quite low as it’s my first time staying in hostel but everything’s fine now…. ???

    7. Pinku

      Nice nice so good to hv u back

    8. Manuu

      Home sick..adjust hone mein time lagta hai..all d bst for ur new life,clg,studies..take care..and ha whenever u feel low..hame yaad karo message us..

    9. Yazhu

      ☺☺??thanks yaar Mannu… It really made me feel good after commenting here…

    10. Hello Yazhu! Epdi irukke? I know it must be tough to settle down initially! Take care of health! Will help you with home remedies for anything in case you need! Missed chatting here! Do comment when you can!?

    11. Yazhu

      Thanks Sangita… Ippo paravaala nallavae irukaen.. Thanks for your concern… Sure will comment here whenever possible…. ???

  15. Pinku

    Hamari astha Singh raizada kahan hai… aaj abhi tak nahi aayi…. wru astha… waiting for ur comments….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Excuse me!! Pinku..I am present. I commented last night @8:54 PM. My cmt. is right after yours. See clearly my blind girl…Itna miss karti ho mujhe!!chalo kamse kam sab log mujhe kitna miss karte ho,yeh toh pata chala. Main login karna bhool gayi thi.

    2. Pinku

      Oooooo my bad……

    3. KartikK

      u have also forgotton somethin else mrs ksr

  16. Nice episode overall. Only certain things must come out atleast the fact that chandini is indranis step daughter. This may change advays perspective a little bit

  17. Just checked uk ratings and found ipkkd3 is the second highly watched show with 124000 viewers ????????

    1. Harsha
      How do you check uk ratings please tell me.

    2. I was in some site. That site says they recorded overnight ratings which are intended on weekly ratings released on Tuesdays. It says first place is with ymh and second place is ipkkd3. It is a recent one as they said some channels are not aired in uk because of heavy rains

    3. Yeah that one

    4. Pinku

      Woooooow harshadeep such a good news…. sunanda yazhu manu aqsa riana astha big hug time…..

    5. Manuu

      Hey’s really good news..big hug to u too ????baby Kauai hai

    6. Manuu

      Kaisi hai..yaar this autocorrection

  18. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Aastha singh Reddy.. this is for you..
    Ummm… Haan..

    ” Kahan ho tum..kahan ho tum..
    Pyaar mein AdvaY k, kya kho geye ho tum?”

    1. Nivika

      Night about Asr…
      Hope so dreams khatam ho geye hai..and she comes backs…

  19. Where is that guy now? Veer / miku.. I hope that writers ne uska chapter na khatam kr dia ho.. ?? kyunki pichle kuch episodes se uska koi discussion nhi hota . ????

    1. Nivika

      He will come….dont worry!!!…..but missing him

    2. Pinku

      I miss him too… aap bane hai chirkut

    3. Hopefully he’ll come soon.. ? he’s very cute nd naughty.. ?

  20. Pinku

    Astha kahan ho yaar an kitna wait wala intezaar karogey… a jao yaar

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinku…Tum mere bina ek pal nahi reh sakti na!!??(Advay style).Sach ek hota hai..sach sach hota hai par sach ke kai chehre hota hai..Mera toh bas dp ka rang badal gaya aur tum pehchan nahi paayi!!! Its so sad for me…meri cmt. se pehchan leti mujhe…sob sob…????

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