Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Decides To Quit Studies

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chinmay warns Kanak to stay away from dummy body and tries to create heart rhythm in it. Dummy body responds and rhythm strip generates from ECG. Chinmay happily goes to inform Dr. Madhavi, warning Kanak not to touch dummy body. Parag walks near door and via bluetooth. Machine malfunctions. Kanak gets tensed and tries to give chest compressions to dummy body. Parag walks in with Chinmay and says he cannot pass Chinmay. Chinmany goes out and cries blaming Kanak. Kanak tries to explain that she did not do anything, but he continues his own explanation and crying.

Uma rushes for Payal’s help and asks Nanda Maasi what happened to her. Nanda says she stumbled while speaking. Uma checks Payal’s pulse and is shocked. Payal wakes up and asks why is he checking her. He says she collapsed, so he came to check her and should take her to hospital immediately. Payal says he need not worry about her and she will go to her regular hospital and leaves. Maasi asks Uma why he looks tensed. He says Payal is not pregnant. He goes to Bhabho and Ved and asks Payal’s report. They show report. He says he was right, Payal is given medicines to delay her menses to make her feel as pregnant, she is not pregnant at all.

Chinmany continues blaming Kanak. Kanak walks to Parag and pleads not to fail Chinmay. Parag says she is kind hearted, so her husband and others are taking advantage of her, what will she get if she passes in paramedics, her husband will gain instead. He suggests Kanak to give in writing that she will back off from paramedics if she wants to save Chinmay. Kanak agrees.

Payal goes to her doctor and informs that she collapsed and Uma checked her up. Doctor asks her to go for emergency procedure and asks nurse to take her in. Uma with Bhabho and Ved reaches hospital and nurses carrying Payal on stretcher asks where are they taking Payal. Nurse says she had her miscarriage just now. Uma asks what procedure was done on her. Nurse says only her doctor can tell. Uma walks to doctor and warns that he is a doctor and saw Payal’s report, she is not pregnant and was given medicines to delay her menstruation. Doctor gets tensed and says she did it on Parag’s order, he can go and ask Parag. Uma walks to Parag and confronts that he now knows his evil plans to earn money by frightening patients, he reminds about acid consumption patient’s case and Payal’s fake pregnancy showing reports. Parag says it is written Payal’s pregnany is positive and she is having fibroids, so her pregnancy is risky, what will he do now. Uma challenges to expose him.

Precap: Parag asks Kanak if she brought letter. She says yes and hands it over to him. He thinks Kana herself is halting her husband’s career and gets tensed looking at letter.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. No one is coming to comment section
    Now it looks like our show end ?

    1. Yes it did shreya too bad shashi summet production all the three shows went off air the writers destroyed the story of tu sooraj main Sanji piyaji if not it could have run for many years. I will miss kanak Rhea did great hope to see her soon on screen

  2. No one is coming bcs everyone is busy in voting ……atleast help our stars to win one award so it wud be our love for them as sweetest memories……we all appreciate their effort n hard work which they show us through their acting……now I know story going out of the track n some illogical plot they r showing to the viewers bcs they hv to wrap up the storyline in few days atleast they can make 400 or 500 episodes n then put off this serial bt anyways what we can do in this…..but one thing is sure the lead actor n actress did justice to their role n all cast just wonderful..

  3. TSMSPJ going off air??????

  4. Sad to say that ..Track is no more worth watching…

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