Shakti 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer gets enthusiastic about his surprise marriage plans with Soumya

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Shakti 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer telling his friends and neighbors around his shop about his birthday. They tell how we can forget that your father had opened this shop on your birthday. Sameer tells them about his marriage decision. They ask where is the girl? Sameer says he has beauty with brains and tells that he is marrying Soumya. They are surprised and asks Soumya? Sameer says I have planned everything and will propose her for marriage. He asks them to help him convince Soumya. Neighbor tells that Soumya’s life will be set, you will keep her happy. Everyone agrees to help him. Sameer’s mum meets Gill and tells him that tomorrow is Sameer’s birthday and Soumya and his marriage. Gill is surprised and says marriage. Sameer’s mum asks him to help them and not to let anyone reach there until marriage happens, and then they will see what to do. Preeto asks Harman to get up. He gets someone’s call who asks him to come near the temple in Ludhiana. Preeto asks Harman to go.

Varun asks Maninder to come and sweeps the stairs. He says I will help you and throw garbage. Sumit comes there and tells that Maninder doesn’t have to go anywhere. He tells that he talked to Panchayat head and he asked you to rest. He tells that he has shown reports to them. Varun gets angry. Sumit says they didn’t know that you didn’t take Maninder to the hospital when he needed treatment. Surbhi thanks him. Maninder apologizes to Sumit. Varun asks them to be happy and play drums etc and says my wife’s lover came here in disguise of an angel and says his eyes are on her. He asks Surbhi to accept once that Sumit is her baby’s father.

Sameer’s mum takes Soumya to the sofa and says she will apply mehendi to her hand. Soumya asks why? Sameer’s mum tells that Sameer has nobody except us. Sameer mixes haldi in the bowl and asks his neighbors to apply haldi. They get surprised and asks if he is making his haldi himself. Sameer says I am grown up in front of you and that’s why you will do my rasams. He thanks them. His friend asks if Soumya knows. Sameer says no and asks him not to call her bhabhi. They apply haldi to his face.

Sameer’s mum applies mehendi on Soumya’s hand and sings marriage song. Soumya asks about the song. Sameer’s mum tells that she was thinking about Sameer’s marriage, asks Soumya to forget her past and tells that she thinks they were destined to meet. Soumya says you said right, whatever we think, couldn’t happen. Sameer’s mum says she will bring lemon water. Soumya thinks her mehendi color used to get darker because of Harman, now he is not in her life, now what color or mehendi.

Surbhi tells Sumit that they do improvisation before showing the project to their superior. Sumit says even I think same. Maninder asks Varun to stay in a corner and don’t see them or show his face to them. Varun calls him kudkud kumar and says I came here to talk to my wife and not you. Surbhi asks him to say. Varun says he doesn’t want to talk in front of strangers. Sumit asks her to go and talk.

Jeet takes Raavi to a decorated room. Raavi gets happy seeing the room. He makes glitter paper pieces fall on her. Raavi gets very happy. He asks her to catch her love and throws balloon near her. She catches it and asks are you flirting with me. He says he is a lover. Raavi gets sad. He asks why her smile faded and asks her not to cry. He tells her that he will take her out of the troubled world, and want to give her new life by marrying her. He promises to keep her happy. Raavi hugs him. He smirks.

Harman and Jasleen come near the temple in Ludhiana. Jasleen asks Harman to call that man. Harman calls him. The man says I am waiting behind the temple.

Sameer comes home and gives clothes to Soumya. Soumya opens the box and sees orange color clothes. Sameer’s mum pretends to scold him. Sameer says I went to many shops, but I thought this color will suit her. He asks Soumya to try it once. Soumya gets emotional and keeps clothes there. Sameer tells his mum that if she hurts my heart in front of everyone then? Sameer’s mum says she will talk to her.

Surbhi asks Varun to say. Varun slaps her hard, making her fall down on the bed. Surbhi shouts asking him if he is mad and calls Papa, Nani etc. Varun says today I will show you what a real man is? Maninder, Sumit, and others hear her scream. They ask Varun to open the door. Varun opens the door and tells Sumit that he gets mad seeing him and asks him to go. Surbhi cries. Maninder says I won’t let a demon stay with my daughter and will file a case. Varun says you can’t file the case and asks Sumit to leave.

Sameer’s mum tells Soumya that she can understand that the color is related to her past and says until you fight with your past, it will keep haunting you. She tells that she saw Sameer happy after many years and leaves. Soumya feels apologetic and thinks she wants to stay away from the things which remind her of Harman.

Precap: Sameer confesses love to Soumya and holds her dupatta to tie ghatbandhan. Soumya slaps him hard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Boring episode…Harman has 2 mins scene only….

  2. It mean nothing, this hero just only talk the talk but he can’t walk the walk. so sick character day by day for harman

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