Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma and Kanak Confront Divya Jyothi Regarding Dr. Parag

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak is shocked to see Dr. Parag’s photo in Mausa’s trunk. She shows it to Uma and asks how are they connected. They both go to Mausa and ask how dare he knows Dr. Parag, showing his photo. Mausa gets tensed and looks at Nanda Maasi, then starts coughing. Maasi feeds him water and silently asks who asked to keep that photo, now tell some fake story. Mausa says when he heard Kanak going to Prathishta college, he enquired about Parag. Kanak gets impressed and says he thinks about them so much, they both apologize. Mausa says they cannot be wrong.

Payal cuts vegetables thinking sadly. Bhabho says she will help her, knows what she is thinking of, she should not think at this time and leave everything to god, they have doctor at home anyways who will handle her case. Ved hears their conversation and says Bhabho is right, he will call Uma. Bhabho speaks to Uma and asks him to come and do Payal’s checkup.

Kanak studies at night and thinks it is so tough. Uma helps her. She tells what Dr. Parag about oxycotin hormone which helps relax. Uma asks to take a break as his stress hormone cortisol level is increasing. She says she wants to work hard and get back mobile bike ambulance license. He kisses her check and says he released oxytocin now, she can continue her studies.

Next morning, Kanak reaches collge and thinks she should not make yesterday’s mistake. A few ward boys push her and run to hold someone. Kanak sees them trying to catch a girl who warns to stay away from her. She reminsices girl celebrating orphan boy’s birthday and distributing cake to even Kanak. Kanak asks what is her name. Girl says Surbhi. Kanak praises she is doing charity like her name. Girl continues warning to stay away from her. Kanak calls her name and reminds that they met when she was celebrating orphan boy’s birthday and makes her relax. Wardboy catches her and gives injection. Kanak asks what happened to this girl. Wardboy says she is hypertension patient. Kanak thinks she was so helpful to others, today she is suffering.

Kanak reaches class. Professor Divya warns her that she is 1 month late and has to pick up backlog, she cannot attend classes if she does not and asks her to leave right now. Kanak does not. Professor says she has to study anatomy of human skeletal tomorrow and explain her and if she fails, she cannot attend her classes. Kanak walks out. Parag sees her and says it is professor Divya’s class and only she has right to take decisions, he cannot help. He then thinks he is the one who has created all these problems, Kanak will be shocked knowing he is the mastermind behind all this.

Uma sees a mother crying seeing her son collapsed and rushes to them. Mother says her son consumed battery. Father stops Uma and says ambulance is coming. Uma forcefully checks and says poison is spreading boy’s body and should be treated immediatedly. Father asks Uma to go away. Uma brings first-aid box and says acid should be dilated and then medicines should be given, else boy will not be saved. Mother asks him to treat boy. Uma checks boy’s pulse.

Precap: Divya asks Kanak what is she doing. Kanak says patient has knee injury but is not given wheelchair, so she is

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    1. Cutie send the link is it time for star parivaar awards. If you are talking about efeed awards then I can’t see kanak and uma name in best actor and actress award. So how on earth will they end the show looking at how things are going I mean how will the end be. I must I love kanak style for college she looks so cute and beautiful ?❤️

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  4. This track is so boring, so many things not making sense. Soon it will be closed, they will show Kanak becomes paramedic dr. and all live happily after. All villains will be turned nice or dead.

  5. Really enjoyed this show. So why are they cancelling it. Get rid of the villains

  6. Archi406

    For those of you who have see Diya Aur Baati Hum, Payal is like another version Chaavi(Sooraj’s sister)

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