Ardeep: Naina Re (2~I Love Aarohi)

Aarohi put a hanky on his mouth and he went unconscious. She grinned and got out of the car and took him as well. She walked inside the strange place and dragged a chair and made him sit on it and tied him with cello tapes.

A: Sorry Deep, Aarohi honay ka dhong karna para, lekin kya karoon, sach jaan’na chahti hoon

(I had to be Aarohi but what to do? Want to know the truth)

She threw water on his face. He woke up and saw himself tied up. He looked around and saw her.

D: yeh kya mazaak hai Aarohi? Kholo mujhe? Ab kya karnay ka irada hai tumhara?

(What’s this joke? Untie me, what do you intend to do now)

T: sach jaan’ne ka, batao Deep, tum kisay pyaar kartay ho?

(To know truth, tell Deep, who do you love)

D: main sirf Tara se pyaar karta hoon, tumse nahi, tumharay saath hotay huay bhi main kabhi tumhara nahi tha ye tum bohat achhay se jaanti ho

(I love only Tara and not u, even by being with u I wasn’t yours and you know this clearly)

She smiled turning her back towards her and got a drink out of his small bag and mixed wine in it. He untied his hands.

T: lo, pee lo isay, you will feel good

(Take it and drink it)

D: kya hai yeh

(What’s this?)

T: Pepsi cola

D: mujhe nahi peena (I don’t want to drink)

T: oh c’mon, peeyo na (drink it please)

D: nahi mujhe nahi peena, kya pata tumne is mein zeher milaya ho (no I don’t want to drink, you might’ve poisoned it)

T: oh c’mon, tum mujhse pyaar nahi kartay to kya hua? Main to karti hoon na? Chalo pee lo isay

( So what if you do not love me? I do right? Drink it)

D: nahi (no)

T: OK, main apnay haatho’n se pilati hoon ( I will make you drink by my hands)

She made him drink forcefully.

Meanwhile Aarohi was going back to Mumbai and had just sat in the cab. She felt like going back but ignored the feeling. She closed her eyes to relax and sunk deep into thoughts.

Aarohi’s phone rang and she picked up.

A: (with a shivering voice) hallo

D: hallo Aarohi, tumne mujhe kaha tha na k main us business trip pe na jaun or tumhara dil ghabra raha hai? Vo flight mein main gaya hi nahi, vo plane crash hogaya, main bach gaya, achha ek baat batao, tumhe kaisay pata chala k koi khatra hai?

(U told me not to go to that business trip and that your heart is refusing? I didn’t go in that flight, that plane got crashed, I m saved, tell me one thing, how u got to know the danger)

A: pata nahi, bas yoon hi dil ghabra raha tha, thank God you’re safe, come back and meet me as soon as possible.

( Do not know, just like that was heartbroken)

D: achha main ajaunga, OK bye, take care. (OK I will come)

*call disconnected*

Aarohi opened her eyes and realized she was sleeping and that it was a flashback of past in which Deep was going to a business trip but she was having bad vibes and was stopping him.

A: (in her heart) aaj vohi ghabraat phir se horahi hai (to driver) bhaiya gaari airport ki taraf mor lijiye, mujhe wapis jana hai ( That’s what’s happening today, go to the airport, I have to go back)

D: ji

Khud Hi Dil Ka Rog Lagaaye

Khud Hi Baitha Roye

Naina Re Naina

Tujhse Burra Na Koi

Naina Re Tu Hi Burra,

Tu Hi Burra Tujhse Burra Na Koye

Khud Hi Dil Ka Rog Lagaaye

Khud Hi Baitha Roye

Naina Re Tu Hi Burra

Tujhse Burra Na Koye

Khud Hi Dil Ka Rog Lagaaye

Khud Hi Baitha Roye

Naina Re

He took a u turn and she sighed.

A: (in her heart) aaj mujhe aisa khaali pan kiun mehsoos horaha hai? Main ne to bas burai ka ant kiya hai, phir kiun aisa lag raha hai k mere haatho’n koi bohat bara paap hua hai? Deep kiya kehna chahta tha? Konsay sach ki baat kar raha tha vo, hey Bhagwan, mujhe shakti de, kaash k maine ye na kiya hota. Deep, aaj mere haath sirf tumhe chhoonay ko taras rahay hain, meri aankhein aaj sirf tumhe dhoond rahi hain, Deep, aaj tum jahan bhi ho gay, tumhe pata hoga k main kitni bari zaalim hoon k khoon karke bhi tumko yaad kar rahi hoon, kitni bari dhokebaaz hoon, kaash k Tara naam ka kaanta zindagi mein na hota to hum aaj bhi haath mein haath daal k baithay hotay, London ki sardi mein ice cream kha rahay hotay, tum mujhe blanket ki tarha orrh letay, par mera yeh sapna ek sapna hi reh gaya, Tara jaisi shakal honay ki waja se ye sab hua, kiun aye tum mere zindagi mein? Kaash k tum aatay hi nahi, kaash ArDeep kabhi hota hi nahi, kaash Vishal se hi shahdi hoti.

( Why do I feel like this emptiness today? I have just ended the evil then why do I feel that a big sin have been committed by my hands? What did Deep wanted to say? Which truth was he talking about? Oh God, give me power, I wish I shouldn’t have done that, Deep, today my hands are craving to touch you, my eyes are searching for you, Deep, today wherever you will be, you might be knowing that such a big heartless I am, even after murdering you I m remembering you, such a big betrayer I am, I wish the thorn named as Tara wouldn’t have been there so today we would’ve been sitting hand in hand, we would’ve eating icecream in London’s winter season, you would’ve worn me like a blanket, but this dream remained a dream only, it’s all because of my face which resembles Tara’s face, why did u come in my life? Wish you shouldn’t have come n ArDeep wouldn’t have been there, wish my marriage would’ve been with Vishal only)

Sab Ki Prem Kahaaniyan

Dil Ki Bechainiyan

Tu Hi Shuru Karwaaye

Khud Hi Dil Ka Rog Lagaaye

Khud Hi Baitha Roye

Naina Re Naina

Tujhse Burra Na Koi

Naina Re Tu Hi Burra

Tujhse Burra Na Koye

Khud Hi Dil Ka Rog Lagaaye

Khud Hi Baitha Roye

Naina Re

While she was thinking all this, car stopped with a jolt, she got down and paid him.

Meanwhile, Deep was drowsy by the wine.

T: Deep, tum kis se pyaar kartay ho? (Whom do u love)

D: se (Aarohi)

T: (grasping his face) kya kaha?! (What did u say)

D: Aarohi se

T: aeyy! Shahdi ki Tara se lekin pyaar kiya Aarohi se, aaj main tumhe nahi chhorungi.

(U married Tara but u love Aarohi? I won’t leave u today)

She raised a knife above his head and was about to stab him but her hands shivered and stopped.

A: (calling a policeman) hallo. My husband Deep Raj Singh is missing

Pol: we got a news that he was shot, he was taken to police hospital and we even asked about who shot him but he didn’t remember, but then he escaped, don’t know how.

Aarohi smiled happily.

A: OK thanks for the information.

*call disconnected*

A:iska matlab mera Deep zinda hai, bhagwan tera laakh laakh shukar hai, matlab k vo.. Nahi vo kaise mujhe pyaar karega? Maine us par goli chalai, vo mujhse nafrat karta hoga, nahi, main tumhe Tara jaisi khooni or makkaar aurat k haath nahi lagnay doongi.

(Means my Deep is alive, thanks to God, means he.. No how can he love me? I shot him, he would be hating me, no, I will not let that murderer and the deceitful woman like Tara lay her hands on you)

Aansu Banke Shalka Jaaye Dil Ka Peymaana

Ishq Mein Hai Itne Sadme Dil Mein Na Jaana

Ab Ik Pal Ke Bhi Dooriyan Mujhse Sahi Jaaye Naa

Dard Bhare Tanhaiyaan Mujhse Sahi Jaaye Naa

Naina Re Tu Hi Burra Tujhse Burra Na Koye

Khud Hi Dil Ka Rog Lagaaye Khud Hi Baitha Roye

Naina Re

She tracked Tara’s location and followed the track. She even sent the location to police.

Meanwhile Deep was shocked on her act.

D: achhi acting kar leti ho Tara, ab tumhe sab pata hai to mera tumse jhoot bolnay ka koi matlab nahi, haan main Aarohi se hi pyaar karta hoon, tumse shahdi to sirf ek compromise tha, tum sirf ek zimedaari ho jisay main kabhi poora nahi kar saka hoon, mummy ji k ehsanaat ka badla tha ye

(Nice acting Tara, now when u know everything so there’s no point in lying to u, yes I only love Aarohi, marriage with u was a compromise, u r just an unfulfilled responsibility, I just wanted to pay for my mother in law’s favours)

T: Deep!

She screamed raising the knife once again but a force stopped her hand and pushed her on the floor. She looked back to see who it was and got shocked seeing Aarohi.

T: tum?!

She stood up and stabbed her, Aarohi was shocked. She pulled out the knife from her stomach and stabbed her. Tara fell on the floor. Police came there and arrested Tara for all the murders she had done. Aarohi stumbled to Deep and hugged him. She got a message and broke the hug seeing it was Chawani’s message. It was a video of him and Niku.

C: tere liye surprise hai, Niku, bua ko surprise de (there’s a surprise for u, give surprise to her)

N: (broken voice) bu..a aap kaisi ho? Bu..aa Deep un..cle pyaar kar..tay hain, aap ko bolne ka un…ho ne mana kiya tha, aap jal…di se wa..pis aa..jao

(Bua how’s u, Deep uncle loves u, he asked not to tell u, come fast)

C: dekha, Niku bolnay lag gaya. Doctor ne isay theek krdia. Deep ne hi doctor laya or unho ne iskay galay ka operation kardia, Deep ko mat maar, Deep achha hai

(Nikku started speaking, doctor made him ok, Deep called him n he made Nikku OK, don’t kill Deep, he’s nice)

Aarohi smiled. There was one more video. Niku and Deep were playing carrum in it. She smiled seeing the video and hugged him.

A: mujhe maaf kar do Deep, tum ko maarna chaha, tum to meri dhaal ban k kharay rahay, or main ne tumhe apna dushman mana. Sorry (forgive me, I wanted to kill u when u were standing as my bait and I thought u as an enemy)

D: tumhari koi galti nahi, tum nirdosh ho

(Not ur fault, ur innocent)

A: thank u Deep

Tutte Sapne Bikhre Armaan

Kya Hua Haasil

Bebasi Ka Chaaya Aalam

Kya Kare Yeh Dil

Kaate Katte Naa Rattiyan

Mushkil Judaai Badi

Yaad Aaye Beeti Battiyan

Laage Yun Goo Si Gadi

Naina Re Tu Hi Burra

Tujhse Burra Na Koye

Khud Hi Dil Ka Rog Lagaaye

Khud Hi Baitha Roye

Naina Re Naina Re…

She untied him and took him away in a car from that place.

A: (in heart) aaj ek or bhi sach bataungi tumhe, aisa sach jo shayad tumharay dil k tukray tukray karde, lekin tumhari aankhon par se yeh jhootay pyaar ki patti hatana bohat zaroori hai.

(Will tell u one more truth today, such a truth that will bring ur heart to pieces, but its necessary to remove the blindfold of fake love from ur eyes)

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