Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak, Uma Celerbate Teej

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak with Ved and Vansh reachestemple and is surprised to see Bhabho doing Uma’s aarti. She reminisces telling Uma that they are not made for each other and thinks why he came back. Meena sees her and gets happy. Whole family gets happy except Bhabho. She says she left alone and found today on Teej’s day with jamaisa/Uma, praises her choice that jamaisa looks like a hero. Kanak says she will meet Bhabho first and walks towards Bhabho. Babasa says Bhabo that this is called god’s wish, unknowingly she did Kanak’s mehandi. Bhabho says unknowingly, knowingly she will never. Babasa blesses her. She hugs other family members. Vansh and Ved angrily look at Uma. Rani says Kanak that she is looking different from last time, though cute last time and even now cute, asks Uma if she is right. Uma say he has seen her many forms and loved her in each form. Vansh angrily tries to confront Uma, but Ved stops her.

Meena says let us do aarti and gatbandhan first and asks Bhabho to do Uma and Kanak’s gathbandhan. Bhabho reminisces telling Kanak that she hates her as she is reason for Sooraj and Sandhya’s deadth. Out of flashback, she does Kanak and Uma’s gathbandhan. Kanak looks at Uma’s face and reminisces telling him that they will separate from today. Uma tells they will not separate neither in this life, nor in next 7 lives. Meena asks Bhabho to do couple’s aarti next. Bhabho does their aarti. Meena comments that Bhabho knows to respect relationships, she hates Kanak but is doing aarti silently hiding her emotions. Vikram says she is right, Bhabho can do anything to keep family united. Meena asks couple to take Bhabho’s blessings. They both bend to take Bhabho’s blessings, but Bhabho backs off. They touch ground instead and get up. Meena says let us do Krishna ji’s aaarti and makes them do aarti. They perform aarti hesitantly.

Vansh tells doctor Uma, let us speak. Babasa says Uma is doctor later and jiju first. Vansh says okay, let us speak first. Meena says there must be something important. Kanak walks in front and stops seeing kathbandhan tightening. Serial’s title song plays in the background. She looks at Uma. Ved warns Uma to come from here before they insult him in front of everyone. They walk aside. Vansh angrily tries to hit Uma shouting how dare he is to…Kanak stops him and says she is speaking. She tells Uma if she wanted, she would have transferred shop in her name and silently walked out, but her morales did not let her that, she considered him a good person, he kept quiet and came to meet his family so that her relationship with family entangles again and his marriage with her does not break. She says his fake dharam will not work in Pushkar. She continues and says she is breaking relationship with him and does not consider forceful gathbandhan. Uma sees gathbandhan on teej lamp and lifts it. Kanak breaks lamp and says lamp and gatbandan is broken now. They are lamps for her and not sign of suhaag, she is just Kanak Rathi and not his rambha, menaka, or urvashi. This is her real identity and she followed all relationships because of Bhabho, now Kanak misthan bhandar is in her name and show him property papers in her name and says not even court will accept their relationship now, so he should get out.

recap: Kanak angrily holds Uma’s collar and shouts he came to his reality. Meena tells Bhabho that Kanak transferred Kanak misthan bhandar in her and Uma’s name. In registrar’s office, Uma asks Kanak and her brothers to find truth first and then speak to him. Uma does not find Uma and his car later.

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  1. VINAL

    Thanks ma for fast update

    Not understanding what is there in uma mind surely kichdi to pak rahi hai ?????????????that why he called maasi sa in pushkar
    I think now kanak should take test of uma as he taken in laadno ????????

  2. Thanks MA for fast n detaliled written update…

  3. D Prakash Reddy Ashok nagar

    Omg.. another behadh serial in star plus…

    1. Another behang gud joke mister don’t over think

  4. Thanks a lot MA for your detailed quick update…please continue the same..keep rocking…

  5. Wow episode again. Uma has a lot of front & not prepared to give up without a fight.

    Just a thought do u think he played along with the arrest to see if Kanak does actually have feelings for him. As he has seen her defending him in front of her brothers.

    He could easily say he gave her 3 chances to leave & she did not

  6. Thanks for fast update.. After watching so many spoilers it was difficult to understand the sequence of upcoming events.. Now story is cleverly and logically unfolding..
    Finally kanak poured out all her feelings today, that thing she was unable to do till now bcoz she wanted her shop back.. Umashankar would have been shocked to see her durga maa kali avtar..
    Spoilers show Uma in jail for forcibly marrying kanak.. Didn’t quite like that.. It’s quite justifiable move from kanak’s family but the timing gap maked a lot of difference.. Cmon kanak came back out of her own choice for the shop, and now she remembers that Uma has forcibly married her.. She should have complained then and there and have had the guts to speak directly to Uma about the shop also..like even when she told truth to him she didn’t even ask once like why did he snatch bhabho’s shop.. Like common she did not mention her real name till now to Umashankar.. How can she be like this cool cucumber and then now you don’t need him so send him to jail.. Not fair at all.. we know kanak won’t support her brother’s move and will get Uma out of jail but still not happy with police and court case etc.. Creates unnecessary rift when we all want kanum to be together always..

  7. Uma ‘s expression has mixed feelings today he was happy that he met his sasural he was sad angry and dejected and even confused but he is ready to face anything alone but chose to play his part in a silent avathar just observing kanaks reaction.Kanak was in a shock today after seeing uma her entire happiness vanished in a second bhabho did their ghatbandan today that shows in future bhabho will be cupid in uniting them.Bhabho reacting like that to kanak in front of her husband is too much so now uma knows the hatred of bhabho so his unanswered question within himself is getting the answers now so why kanak took this much effort for kmb .Finally kanak ‘s performance today that girl need a round of applause each scene she portrayed very well .That ghatbhandan scene was very nice and kanak is going in front of uma and uma following her silently .kanak’s explosion of her anger which she was suppressing for so many days and uma watching silently to vent out her anger.Even in that state of mind also kanak defended for uma by stopping vansh that shows her as uma ‘s wife she took the lead and humiliated uma she does not want uma to get attacked or humiliated by her brothers .Last scene when she tries to broke ghatbhandan and uma holding her saree to prevent from catching fire shows the care and love towards kanak i am really puzzled about uma this same man dreamt to burn kanak if she betrays him same man is now showing this much care and love .Is he a split personality why uma is extreme in character .Overall next week will be uma’s dhairya pariksha let’s see how he wins it .But uma should face this song becos he done such a crime.At last kanak revealed her original identity to uma now uma will try even more to get back kanak in his life he has started to like each face of kanak .Tommarow is actual faceoff kanum .After all this I think uma will change it will be eyeopener for him

  8. Good episode…
    All frustation kanak undergone in uma house is coming out, uma is still silent.
    Previously i feel y this man talking too much, but without his speech episode looks incomplete.
    Rathi family reunion continues, but going
    slow, smiling face of uma is good to see
    after a week.
    How uma prove himself right in shop registry, his guts should b appreciated to face the consequences of his doings alone.

  9. Wow! It’s becoming harder than ever to wrap my brain around the characters in this show. The writer who writes Uma’s character, man, what do you eat? I want to eat that to get so many ideas. I have never ever seen such a confusing, complicated character. Is he there cos he loves her or is he there cos of his staunch religious beliefs. Or both? I have no idea. Is it Lord Shiva’s sign or his own heart that is guiding him? Either way, he is fighting tooth and nail for her. Could be obsessive and harassing in someone’s eyes and extremely romantic in others. Depends on perspective I guess. But it is Uma who will make Bhabho see what Kanak did for her. I think writers wrote that to give Kanak reasons to love him. Writers have dug a whole by all that forced marriage and religious nonsense and are now trying hard to climb out of it by showing him punished, held accountable, suffering, and helping Kanak. Still, very interesting story. And of course mind blowing acting by Rhea Sharma and Avinesh Rekhi. And ultimately, their sizzling chemistry. I am also liking seeing Kanak surrounded by so many people who love her(Bhabho or no Bhabho!) I love seeing her flanked by her two big bros. ? Overall, good episode.

    1. *Hole* not whole in line 16.

  10. I totally agree Diyaa, Uma’s character is sooo intriguing, you’re never quite sure what his motives are…. it keeps us viewers guessing & I think that really adds to his charm. Glad kanak was able to vent her feelings & let Uma see the real kanak…. just wish she could have confronted Uma about how he got the shop in the first place….but from the promo hopefully all is about to be revealed….love kanak’s brothers acting as her shield of armour & Uma’s decision to face the music & deal with the consequences…once again well done to entire tsmp team for bringing a refreshing story, with great casting & characters full of substance .

  11. change the hero character …he does not the heroine,,, like a villain in the serial

  12. it is a shame that Kanak is defending Uma when he never even tried to defend her whenever maassri was upset with Kanak.
    Kanak please don’t feel sorry for a man like Uma. He is not in his turf that’s why he is acting different.

  13. I agree with you diyaa is uma really loving her as his wife or as kanak rathi that is not still clear as the story unfolds it will be clear .The next twist of the story is going to be more interesting I think so after uma arrest kanak will free him from police it seems and uma will see love in her eyes so he becomes more confident that he will surely win her so uma will challenge his love.Oh god another test for kanak to prove she is not in love with uma.I seriously think this couple won’t divorce for another 50 yrs (lol) this uma will keep on giving test and tease her and our so called clever kanak ‘s mind will be preoccupied with thoughts how to win his challenges .I think its going to be a grt time for us to enjoy the nhok-jhok of this pair and sizzling chemistry of kanum .

  14. How did mishri die?

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