Tu meri Mohabbath (Part 13)

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[4/1, 2:40 PM] neha: ❤?TU MERI MOHABBATH?❤
Episode 12

Swara’s röom
2hr later swara got up and remembered sanskar’s outburst she luk around no one was there
S(to herself)-swara what hav u done u cried infront of him bt y?(confused) i never cried after that incident nt even infront of ragz then y with him? (remembered sanskar’s nauthy)wt r u dng to me? Y i m getting attract towards u? Aahh(hold her head)i wil becme mad bcoz of that mr maheshwari one day(remembered his words)bt he is ryt. I m hurting them who care for me for those who never cared for me i m dng wrong wit ragz who always stayed beside me supported me (determined) frm nw i wil live my life for my friends.(just then sanlakrag entered)hai ragz hai lucky (saw towards sanskar bt didnt wished him)

San-???y u didnt wished me?(bt swara got up and walk towards ragini)i m sry ragz i knw u r angry with me (hold her ears and make innocent puppy face any1 can melt to c that face)i m cholly(said cutely)
Here sanlakrag was shock to c that becoz swara never said sry that cutely wit that face
S(stil holding ears)ragz cholly na plz maf kardo apne pagal,idiot stupid dost ko pleeaaseee(most cutely)
R(cming to sence???)oh really where was i when u took that tablet ha(crossed her hands near chest)u knw i was so scared, i thought i lost my frnd(teary eyed) hw cn u do that (started to trow pillow)u idiou u stupid u monkey, donkey

S(stard to run) are sry na nw stop throwing that pillow meri maa
Both started to running in whole mansion swara age ragini piche here sanskar was smiling like mad wathing his lov running like kid and lucky he is eating popcorn and laughing like he is watching tom & jerry show??swaragini saw lucky and both smirked watching eo which gone unnoticed by lucky bt sanky noticed it
S(in mind)lucky beta u r gone i wish u soul rest in peace
Here sr came towards lucky runningly and thud….

Lucky(shouting)-aaahhh…………who throwed this pillow to my face(and saw towards sr)u both
SR-ha u were enjoying watching our 5t and eating this popcorn
L(smiled sheepishly)and startd to run nw lucky age swaragini piche)bhai bachao or this chudail wil kil me

Rag-??lucky u said me chudail u r gone 2day
L-are i didnt said to u(while running)
S-means u said that to me???
L??????no i said that to me i m chudail plz leave me baksh do i cnt run nw plz(sr startd to laugh)
Rag-(pulling his cheek)aww my baby dar gaye(startd to laugh)
After sme time swasanraglak had their dinner and sanlak left to their home

In unkown place
Man-(holding a photdn)oh swara baby u tried to kil urself ha chu chu bt luk u didnt died u knw y? Kuki i didnt tasted u til then u cant die dr (laughed evilly)u r mine ur body ur everything is mine i wil crush u (crushed that pic)just like this(hahahaha)
[4/2, 1:52 PM] neha: Next day sun ray disturbed our angle swara she got up wit a bright smile
S(to herself)gm shona(walked towards window watching sun)gm sunny hw r u?get ready swara

In mm
Oly sanlak stay ap and dp gone for business trip.
San-hmm lucky wt r u dng?
L-bhai sterday they both made me run whole mansion na 2day i wil take revenge ??
San-are y u want to die ha?dnt u love ur life?.
L-bhai stop dnt scare me or i wil tel ur beautiful that u had gf in clg (smirked)
San-oh realy 5n tel her then i wil 2 tel rag abt ur affair in clg it wil b cool na?
L-??bhai u r my sweet bhai na dnt tel her she wil eat me raw oly???
L-waise bhai wt is ur nxt move i mean wt is ur plan
Just then they heard a voice of girl

G-wt plan lucky bro(both turned and happy)
Sanlak-baby???(shoch 1 for sme1)
Girl with pout-bro plz stop calling me baby i m a big girl nw(wit pout)
Sanlak(both side hug her)oh my sara baby my chotu sis is angry with us
San (took a choco and showd to her)stil angry with us
S(grabing choco frm sanskar’s hand)no i lov u sanky bro(hugd him)and u 2 luck bro
Voice-are sme1 c here and help me(trio lukd at door
A boy is standind holding 3 heavy luggege and in his both shoulder bags)aaah stop watching me and help me dude its ur baby’s bags oly(making irritating face)

Sanlak???????-(helping boy)dude we warned u before marriage only bt u were head over heals in lov with ur janu that u didnt listened to us
Sara-(fake angry)my dear bro no need to brainwash my hubby or i wil brainwash ur loverz(raise her eyebrow)
Sanlak( folding their hands)- sry meri ma
L-(to boy)zain hw u manage her yar u r realy great(shock 2)plz u oly handle ur wife
Zain???-tq tq guys i knwthat i m great (raising his coller)
S(rolling her eye)whatever

Z-guys about which plan u were talking?
S-ha bhai tel na plz
San-wo actualy(told everything abt swara and her past)so i want to find her past bt before that i want my old swara
Zaisa-oh dnt wory bro/dude we r with u

San-tq guys
All shared a grup hug

Precap dnt knw

I hope u loved my shock baby lov u???
Sry for late update guys i was busy

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