Mere Angne Mein 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti giving money to Aarti and asking her to get icecream. She asks her to wear slipper and go. Aarti says I m fine and goes. Kaushalya comes. Shanti says you got calm, you are happy that I praised you. Kasuhalya says no, its not like that, I m thinking for Shivam, I m worried for him, don’t put chilli smoke in his eyes. Shanti says I will do something if its anything wrong. Kaushalya says he is talking strange, he said Riya came and he was applying balm to her foot, I told him that I have sent Riya, what would I do, he was not going to room. Shanti says I was thinking what is he doing. Kaushalya asks what would I do, tell some idea. Shanti asks her to put garland on Riya’s photo. Aarti gets icecream.

Amit tells his friends that Rani came home and made me leave. He tells everything what happened, Rani freed Ashok and beaten me up. His friend says its wrong, you apologize to Ashok. Amit says Rani won’t let me marry again. His friend asks him to first get divorce. Amit gets a call from Pari. Pari says Rani has gone with goats, Papa is alone, come and say sorry. Amit says fine and leaves.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to see the miracle, its sleeping medicine, he won’t have wine then. She asks Kaushalya to prepare food. She asks Aarti to add medicine in Shivam’s food. She asks what are you thinking, tell me. Aarti says nothing. Shanti says you are thinking I m a sinner and lying to Shivam. Aarti says no, I was just thinking you lied to Shivam. Shanti says its not sin to lie for someone’s good, can’t I do this for Shivam’s good. Aarti hugs her and asks if I lie for someone’s good, don’t I need to repent. Shanti says no, why will you repent, why are you so happy, what did you lie. Shivam comes. Shanti asks him to get polio medicine done to Raina.

He asks her to tell someone else. She says Riya is gone, now you are there. He says I won’t take her responsibility. She gets angry. Amit comes and apologizes to Ashok. Ashok asks him to get Rani home. Amit says fine, listen to me, don’t tell me anything then. Ashok goes. Pari asks what happened to you. Amit says stop it, its a drama, see what I do with Rani.

Kaushalya asks Aarti to lessen the medicine. Aarti says it will be very less, Shanti said one spoon full. Kaushalya says no, this is enough. Amit holds Rani’s feet and apologizes to her. Rani says what will I do living such life, you don’t respect me, how shall I trust you. He says I knew you will ask this to me, so i got poison bottle, if you don’t say yes, I will have poison and drop here. Rani throws the medicine and asks him to agree to some conditions. He says I will agree, tell me. She tells her conditions. He agrees to all. She asks him to respect her and find a job. He says fine, its happy day, we will go out and party, come fast. She thinks maybe Ashok explained Amit, I will trust him and see.

Shanti says I understand your pain, how will this work, Raina is your daughter, you can’t change this, you have to fulfill the responsibility, I got icecream for everyone today, have it. He looks at them. He asks him to have it. He says I won’t. She asks why, you have to eat it, you don’t sit with me and talk, I thought you will eat this and talk to me, I will be glad. He says fine, you have it first. She says I will catch cold and get unwell. He eats icecream. She asks how is it. He says good. She asks him to eat. He eats and asks her to talk. She says my heart got happy that you sat with me. He looks at Kaushalya. Kaushalya says she got glad. He says I feel strange. Shanti asks him to go and sleep. He goes. Shanti says now see, he won’t have wine now. Kaushalya asks will he sleep by some medicine. Shanti says I told Aarti to put one spoon. Kaushalya looks at Aarti.

She says yes, she has put one spoon. Shanti says then he will sleep, its for four days. She goes. Kaushalya asks Aarti to be quiet. Rani and Amit spend some time together. Pari hides and asks the chaat vendor to give golgappas. She takes their pictures. She jokes. Amit and Rani smile. They go for a drive.

Kaushalya talks to the ladies. They ask why did she go to Maayka. Kaushalya says there was some argument between me and my husband, everyone have arguments, then I came back early. Shanti comes home and hears her. Kaushalya says Shanti can’t hear without me. Aarti sees Shanti. Kaushalya says Shanti cried and begged me to come back soon as she is incomplete with me, then I came back. Aarti signs her and says enough. Kaushalya asks what enough, shall I take your permission to talk to my friends, go and work. She says Shanti said I m the support and friend of this house. Shanti signs Aarti to be quiet. She thinks great Kaushalya, I will challenge you, I will see you.

Shivam gets drunk. Shanti slaps him. She asks Kaushalya did you give medicine. Kaushalya says I gave some medicine, thinking it will harm him. Shanti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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