Tu Mera Hero 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tu Mera Hero 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with hotel manager asking them to search for their hotel towels, as two are missing. Manorama says you mean we are thieves. He says no, I m saying maybe it got in your bag by mistake. Panchi asks him to think before saying, as he is insulting them. He says I did not say you guys has stolen it, I said maybe it came in your bag, I will not leave you all now after your bags get checked. Panchi says fine, you can check. Rachna says you will give answer if you don’t get it. Manorama asks how can we give them our bags. Panchi says let him see, if he does not get it, see what I do.

They check all the bags and Manorama gets tensed. Rekha praises Surekha to end her annoyance and Surekha asks her not to apply cheese. The man checks Manorama’s bags and she gets tensed. He gets the towels in it and they are shocked. The man says this is our hotel towel. They look at Manorama. Manorama asks Rachna to see she is Chetan’s wife, why did she do this, and puts all blame on her. Rachna cries. Panchi says sorry, but don’t tell this to anyone.

The man says we will not embarrass anyone for two towels, you guys took the matter ahead. They leave. Panchi asks Rachna who kept the towels in bag. Manorama asks Rachna to say she kept it. Rachna cries and says yes maybe I kept it by mistake. Panchi says enough, you are doing mistake now by taking her blame on yourself. She says we both know the truth, that aunty has stolen the towels. Manorama gets angry and scolds her. Rekha looks on. Rachna and Panchi go. Rekha thinks to use Manorama as she is also against Panchi.

She says its not so easy, even I thought to expose Titu’s laziness truth to her, and it does not happen. She has a good fate. Manorama asks what do you mean. Rekha says I man their fate is very good. Manorama calls her sister and Rekha gets glad. She cries saying someone called me sister for the first time and calls her sister too.

She says Titu is lazy number one and tells everything about him. Manorama is shocked and smiles. Rekha says if Surekha knows this, then… Manorama says Surekha knows this, but we have to tell Panchi that Titu is useless. Panchi cooks food and Rachna helps her. She asks her not to be upset. Panchi says its wrong to take anyone’s blame. Rachna says the Prasad will get burnt. Panchi says thanks, and Rachna jokes on her. Rachna says she is lucky to get Titu and good inlaws, and wishes no one’s bad sight affects her smile. They have a laugh and hug.

Titu sits with Golu and says story of Chandu. He says a funny story and they laugh. Rekha and Manorama see them. Manorama says we should do something that his truth comes out, and sees Golu making her have food. Rekha is shocked seeing the dogs licking her hand and gets shocked. Manorama smiles and gets an idea. She tells the idea to Rekha and they plan to expose Titu. Manorama says I will sit in puja and you send Panchi here. Rekha says fine and prays Lord for help.

Rekha brings Panchi there and she has the Prasad. Panchi asks Titu to take care of it, and she will keep it there. Titu says fine and she keeps it. Golu says I will see it. Rekha says no, you have to go market, Surekha is sending you. Golu says I have to be with Titu. Titu asks him to go and sends him. Panchi goes in puja and prays for Titu.

Titu sits to protect the Prasad and looks at him while lying on the bench. Rekha and Manorama see him, and Titu goes to sleep. Manorama throws biscuits near it and the dogs run there. The dogs reach near plate. Manorama thinks Panchi is proud of her husband, she thinks he is hero, now she will know he is hero.


Titu wakes up by the sound of plate fall. He is shocked seeing the dogs. Everyone come out and see the dogs eating the Prasad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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