Tu Mera Hero 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu telling Panchi that my friends took your uncle as my pandit ji. He apologies to his pandit, and asks him to come. Panchi says yes, we have to take uncle and dad will reach soon. Govind comes home and says a thief bumped into him and the coconut fell on his feet. Surekha jokes and says coconut would have broken. He says I m hurt, not coconut. Bhagwati smiles. He says its Krishna Abhishek’s arrangements going on, where is Titu, did he go to take pandit. She says yes, he went and did everything well, he is my son. He asks where is pandit. She says he is resting in back room, and Titu’s friends are with him, as Titu went for some mp work. Govind laughs. Surekha asks him to freshen up and she will massage his foot. He says I m fine and leaves.

Titu talks to Bablu and says about confusion, and asks did anyone see at home. Bablu says no. Titu says don’t let them know, I m bringing our pandit, and tells Panchi that we should reach before your dad. Kamlesh is stuck in traffic. Mukul asks everyone why are they working. Surekha saks him to do some work. Titu’s friends stop Mukul from going upstairs. Mukul asks them to move, as he has to keep thus items. They make excuses and stop him saying pandit ji is resting and no one should disturb him. He says no one will be allowed inside. Surekha asks Govind to sit and massages his foot.

She curses the thief and he defends him. She says you don’t support your son and support everyone else. He says he is fine now. He says he does not joke on Titu, but he did not do anything great. She supports him. He says I m not his enemy. He says even I want him to work and take responsibility, and make me proud. He says I don’t want him to spoil my name, else he will leave Mathura. She says I trust my Titu, this time he will show the work done well, he is Kanha ji’s avatar. He says if Kanha ji hears this, he will leave Sudarshan Chakra after him. She gets annoyed and leaves. He laughs.

Panchi is tensed. Titu asks her to chill, they will reach. She says we should reach before my dad, I don’t want you to get arrested. He says police comes at end. Kamlesh reaches Titu’s house. Titu’s friends see him and run. Govind has tea and is shocked as Kamlesh comes to meet him again. Kamlesh says Titu has kidnapped our relative. Surekha says Titu is Devta for us. Rekha says Titu can’t kidnap anyone, as it will make him work. Kamlesh gets angry and scolds them. He asks his staff to search the house. Surekha says you can’t spoil my son’s name like this and defends Titu. Kamlesh says we will know the truth in some time.

Mukul says yes, Titu’s friends were stopping me from going upstairs, maybe there is someone. Surekha says its nonsense. Rekha says what is he saying, is this true. Titu brings the pandit there. Panchi meets uncle and says relax. Titu says I will tell everything. Arvind tells Panchi that we should leave now. He says Titu has kidnapped me. Panchi says you are mistaken, Titu is not bad, he is good man, and praises him. Titu’s friends stop Kamlesh. Panchi convinces Arvind to save Titu and he agrees.

Kamlesh goes to the room and sees Titu’s pandit. Everyone smile. Titu’s friends hug. Surekha asks Kamlesh to leave now. Govind also gets angry and scolds him. Govind says you are mistaken, as we don’t go to anyone’s house and shout like this. Govind asks Surekha to take care of matter, and thinks where did Titu go. Titu is with Panchi and apologizes to Arvind. Panchi looks at Titu and smiles. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam………..plays……… Titu asks her what happened. She hides and says my dad has come.

She tells Arvind that she will think of some idea. Kamlesh says Arvind called me and said Titu kidnapped him, how can he lie to me, where is he, he is not taking my call. Kamlesh leaves. Titu says she has helped him, and thanks her. He says I was near Lord when my mum asked me, and he gave me to her. He invites her in the function. Surekha requests pandit not to tell anything to Govind. Govind tells Mukul to do all arrangements well. Govind hears Surekha giving gifts to pandit and stopping him from saying anything to Titu. The pandit talks to her, and Pinky signs her to stop. Titu talks to pandit and says its good you kept money. Surekha blesses Titu and asks him to go. He turns and sees Govind. Surekha is shocked too.

Govind says he saved all this by much work, and he can’t let it loose. Mukul says he has an idea and will send Titu to Agra’s Chacha.

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