Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba and Baba care for Ranveer. The doctor asks how he is feeling. Ranveer says he wants to go home. The doctor says he has yet been operated. Amba promises that he is RV, and can shift the whole hospital to home. Baba promises they will keep care of him. The doctor agrees, and says she will do the checkup regularly. She says they have to do his dressing, after which they can take him. Amba caresses him. Ishaani asks Baba what the doctors said, Baba got curt and tells her Ranveer is conscious and they are taking him home. Ishaani asks how he is. Baba leaves, Lakshmi says she must talk to Ranveer home. She must first clean his room, well. Ishaani heads to go home, and instructs Kaki to drives slowly.
The associate of Ishaani takes her along him, as media is still waiting out. Ishaani cleans the room with vaccum. She feels dizzy, but makes all the arrangements. She keeps flowers, water, and gets fresh herself. She looks at the mirror, makes her hair well, places tikka and sidoor in her hair. She says she will meet him with the smile he wanted. Ranveer comes home, she listens to the tap of feet. Lakshmi welcomes him with Aarti, and asks Amba to make it. Amba makes RV’s aarti. Baba asks him to be taken into his room, they all take RV inside. RV stares at Baa and Chaitali while he goes upstairs. Baa and Chaitali gets worried at his behavior.
Ishaani stops by the bed-side as RV enters the room. She smiles, while RV is emotionless as he stares. She comes closer and feels dizyy, falling on the floor. Everyone but RV moves to help her, Derwash and Pratik help her to the bed. Lakshmi says the husband gets conscious, and wife gets unconscious. Pratik tells RV that Ishaani hasn’t broken her Karwa Chot, she has also kept her thaal on the dressing table.
They all leave the room. Ranveer looks at Ishaani, as she was lying on the bed.
Nitin says to Falguni that Ishaani needs her here, she must side her daughter at this time. Falguni thinks about Amba’s warning to Ishaani. Falguni asks how she can help her. Nitin says it is about her own relation, relation gets strong after going through tests. Whatever went good was that Ishaani realized, she loves RV. Falguni says RV had to pay for it, and Ishaani lost her trust resultantly. She regrets her thinking that Ishaani begins loving her husband. She says she (Falguni) could never love her husband but she respected him a lot, what Ishaani has done, she must pay for her. Nitin says she must talk to Ishaani. Falguni says Ishaani has crossed the door, and the respect is lost when one does so. Nitin says here Ishaani is being accused because she is a woman, he prays that RV keeps on trusting Ishaani like always.
Ishaani wakes up, she says to RV that had he woke up after a week, she must have waited for him to break her fast. He gets up to break her fast, has pain but stops her from coming near. He gets the water, she smiles. He brings the jar, and throws it on her face. He calls her a liar and betrayer and leaves the room, throwing the jar on floor. Ishaani is left shocked.
RV comes downstairs, everyone was there. He asks what is happening here, in anger. Amba asks why he came downstairs, he needs rest. Ranveer comes to Ishaani’s family, Manas asks how he is feeling. He asks what is happening here. Pratik says he did a mistake, Derwash says today was Disha’s sangeet so they cancelled the function. Pratik says he forgot to deny the caterers. RV asks why they cancelled the party. Baba says he wasn’t fine. RV says RV’s party isn’t cancelled, Sangeet will take place today.

PRECAP: Derwash asks Ishaani if the party must take place. Ishaani says if RV gets happy with it, the party will take place. Before that she must talk to him and tell him the truth. She leaves, Baa observes what is happening.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Good one.
    As always true love struggling to win.
    Can’t blame both its pure love from deep heart.
    Trust should be there between them but. .

    All troubles please go away from them.
    Let them drench and enjoy with love as soon as possible.

  2. Good one.
    As always love struggling to win.
    Can’t blame should be there between them but. .

    Please pain don’t go deeper.soon they should drench in love. .

    Looking a head.

  3. innaiku episode was better as expected.. atlast that promo scene appeared today. please change Ishaani saree.. happy that no Chiraag scene.. hope everything will be solved soon.. ranveer Angry Change looks good.. waiting for next episode.. & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL FRIENDS.. I wish you spend a great year ahead that starts with happiness and ends with that too.
    Happy New year..

  4. Ridiculous ranveer ! We can’t see u such a arrogant face bro. We got so many problems in everyday life. Don’t make it so serious. Love s life.

  5. Ranveer should know the truth fast

  6. I think Ishaani red saree seems to be very expensive that’s the reason behind that red saree to wear from past 10 days. Poor Ishaani.

    1. Ha…that seems so true..she’s just not getting out of that red sareee

  7. Hi Meri aashiqui tum se hi viewers I wish you everyone a very happy new year with loads of fun and happiness.

  8. Soaps are always bullshit

    1. Then dont watch it or in this case read it

  9. yah rgt ranveer dat face is blah!

  10. Happy new year, wiv new year ahead the dramas r gunna become more spicy for there’s guns be more drama n new plans cnt wait for tomorrows epi includin shastri sistas n uttaran n ultimately meri ashaqui i miss rang rasiya ashish n paro r da best couple in drama history

  11. i think they wont telecast today z episode… 🙁
    actually i had no plans fr today…
    well…wishin evry1 a very happy new year ahead….hav a blast!!!
    wish this show goes on till many more new years …

  12. I agree with u anu.
    Wishing everyone a happy new year!

  13. Happy new yr to all MATSH for

    Loved yesterdays episode
    What a change over rv OMG
    From such a loving and charming face to a face which shows only ANGER

  14. Hi,Today’s episode was very good one!But can anyone tell me the meaning of AASHIQUI?


  16. Am so happy that finally Ishani is at the receiving end. At least now she will start using her brain and become smart to some extent. Ekta’s serials always have a EMA anglw which is almost the signature track of her every serial. Now RV thinks Ishani has an EMA…wow interesting…i want him to make her life hell and then get to know the truth…then it will be worth watching!!

  17. ya ur right rachna…… And today episode is ok but ishaani u must think why rv talk like this…… then rv’s angry face also amazing luv u ranveer…… Rv entha characterla act panalum it is sooooo cute sooooo handsome wish u happy new year to all tellyupdates viewers .

  18. Ishani at least apply your brains now otherwise we would be damn sure you are a damn fool.

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