Tu Mera Hero 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu sitting and giving fake smile to Kamlesh. He thinks Kamlesh is staring as if he will take me to lockup now. Pratibha says Govind is not here. Surekha thinks of solution, Alankraj Maharaj. She asks Rekha to support her, she wants to tell Panchi’s parents that Alankraj Maharaj has told there is no good mahurat for Titu’s marriage for one year. Rekha thinks then Titu will not marry Vaishaili too and agrees to her. They get the snacks for them. Surekha stops at her mum in law’s pic and talks to her. She asks her to give Prasad to Lord and seek help. Rekha says please manage, and asks them to come. Bhagwati brings tea.

Surekha tells them about the marriage. Govind comes and says you all are here, Alankraj Maharaj has come. He asks Kamlesh and Pratibha to meet him too. They all greet the Maharaj. He introduces Panchi’s parents and asks Titu to touch his feet. Titu greets him. Govind asks Surekha to ask Maharaj about Titu’s marriage. She greets him and is tensed. Govind says we have called you here, so that we can ask him the mahurat for marriage infront of you all. Maharaj says the best mahurat is within two days. Titu and everyone is shocked.

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Titu is sad. Govind thanks Maharaj. Surekha says but two days can’t be enough for doll marriage. Kamlesh says yes, time is less. Surekha says they are already busy with Rachna’s marriage, they will be burdened. Kamlesh and Pratibha say yes, we want to do Panchi’s marriage well. Titu says yes, why to hurry. Govind says we can’t get a better proposal than this for Titu, and before anyone get plan to stop it, this marriage should happen. He says he does not need anything from Kamlesh, just send Panchi with your blessings. Kamlesh smiles. Mukund asks Kamlesh not to worry, as he is lucky to get a house like this, and both his daughters can get married in same mandap. Govind praises him.

He tells Kamlesh that we can keep Panchi’s marriage along with Rachna’s. Kamlesh agrees. Govind asks Bhagwati to brings sweets. He says congrats and hugs Kamlesh. He asks Surekha is this fine. Surekha hugs Pratibha saying congrats. Titu thinks how can he be happy. Govind asks Titu to touch their feet. Titu greets them. Govind makes them have sweets. He makes Titu eat the laddoo. Rachna gets the news that Panchi and her marriage on same day. She says fine mum, come home soon. Panchi smiles and says my marriage in two days.

Rachna says it will be tough to manage, how will dad manage, all relatives will come, you were host and became bride and I was bride and now your marriage host, leave this, lets start arrangements. Titu’s house gets decorated. Surekha comes to Titu. He asks her to find his good luck and she looks for it. He says you are a great mum. She says I m finding place to hide you and save from marriage. He says dad won’t leave me now. She says how to save you from Panchi. He asks him not to talk to Panchi, as everything has started. Titu jokes and asks menu of food. She says I won’t let you marry Panchi.

Rachna and Panchi do arrangements. Kamlesh’s mum says its good both daughters are getting married together. His sister says he saved money doing everything at once. Rachna says she has made their rooms ready and asks them to rest. Some people come and Panchi talks to them. Pratibha cries thinking Panchi used to manage everything at home. Kamlesh says he did not know when his daughter grew up. She says I can’t believe Panchi will go in two days. Kamlesh says Titu may have something that we could not find, Panchi has found it, we can bless her by heart that she always stay happy all her life. He consoles her. Panchi comes and says you are my parents, how can you get senti, I m in same city and can come anytime to meet. They smile as she says I hate tears. Kamlesh says lets go, there is much work.

Rekha thanks Lord and says congrats Mukund, Titu is marrying Panchi. He says yes, now Vaishaili will be your bahu. They hear Govind calling. Govind gives money to Bhagwati for shopping. He gives money for Keshav also, and says its Titu’s marriage. He gives money to Pinky for clothes. He gives money to Surekha. Rekha laughs seeing Surekha worry. Bhagwati tells Pinky that marriage is big day for a girl, she has many dreams, the marriage is happening soon, don’t know Panchi’s dreams are fulfilled or not. Govind hears this and thinks Bhagwati is right. Keshav looks on. Govind thinks is he hurrying and Panchi’s dreams not fulfilled?

Govind asks Surekha to accept Panchi, she can make Titu a better responsible man. Surekha says he is right, Titu will run and I will make him run before marriage.

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