Mahakumbh 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapadiya Maai shouting to catch the thief. She sees Rudra and asks him to get her bag from the thief. Rudra runs after the man. The thief throws the bag and runs. Rudra gets the bag and sees he has come near his home. He sees something on the ground and clears the dry leaves. He sees the sign on the metal door, and opens it by sliding. He gets inside the hidden passage and follows the stairs down. Its all webbed and dark. He sees a old lady lying there with leaves and webs covering her. He recalls she is his Dadi and some childhood moments come in his memory flashes. He removes the leaves from her and holds her hand. He cries and says Dadi.

He brings water and cleans her face, hands and feet. He holds her feet and looks at her. He sprinkles water on her face and she opens her eyes. She says my son Rudra. He asks how did this happen. He names Nanu, Balivesh and Chote Mama Anivesh. She says they have burnt everything, don’t know why they took such revenge, now you have come, its enough for me, where were you till now. Rudra says once I know the truth, I will not leave them, you rest. She closes her eyes. Rudra’s eyes reflect anger.

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Grierson asks Shivanand to have food, he can meet his son if he is alive. Shivanand says after 24 years torture, why do you worry for my life today. Grierson laughs and says he does not care for his life, but he cares for immortality Amrit, you have to be alive for this, have food. Shivanand says no, its Poornima night today and many people will Kalpvaas for Mahakumbh. He says they do it for self purity, they are optimistic and they don’t leave hope to soul releasing. Grierson says only we can do your Mukti, have food. Shivanand is adamand and says Kalpvaas.

Swami and his men proceed and like the decorations done by the people. He asks them to go and prepare for Poornima puja. They all agree to him. Maya looks on. Katherine comes to her wearing a saree and asks for a belt. Maya asks what will you of a belt. Katherine says I will tie to saree, else it will slip. Maya laughs. Katherine says I can see you are emotional girl, and you are hiding tears, you miss Rudra right. She says don’t worry, everything will be fine, you are a very sweet girl and Rudra can’t keep you upset. Maya thanks her. Katherine says she needs to get belt, else saree will slip, and shows the men. They laugh.

Grierson talks to his boss and gets dressed in Indian wear. He says he has done Kalpvaas, his life will be simple. His boss says he knows coming days are imp, make enemies your friends but do this task. Grierson says yes and ends call. He dons the look on saint. Even Chalres is doing the same, and does tilak, wears long hair wig and saint clothes. Rao comes to him. Charles asks does he have allergy if he stays happy. Rao says what. Charles says I m doing everything to make you happy. Rao asks did you join drama company. Charles says I m doing this for you. Rao asks him to follow Katherine and get data, be extra alert. Charles says I m not doing this for first time, take a chill pill, you tell Tiwari to keep an eye on Mahakumbh, as there will be big scene today.

Thapadiya Maai is angry and shouts, asking where did Rudra do. Maya asks him. Thapadiya Maai says he went to bring my bag. Maya says sit, have food, he will come. Rudra comes and throws the bag to hger, asking is this the one. She smiles and says Rudra my son, you got it. She dances and Rudra dances along, which is a surprise for Maya. Thapadiya Maai blesses him and leaves. Rudra looks at Maya and smiles. She asks where were you lost. He says I was lost years ago, I know my truth now, who are mine and who are not. She says I don’t understand, whats all this.

He says its fate, my fate got me here, you got me here, as you are my fate Maya. I did not identify my love, my Maya, I thought all night that the one who left and got away, will not come back, but who are with me now, I don’t want to lose. Maya is glad. Rudra says I have come back Maya, after forgetting everything, you also wanted this right, you promised this to my Maai Mui. Maya hugs Rudra and smiles. She recalls their good moments in Banaras. Rudra’s smile turns into anger, recalling Dadi’s words.

Rudra meets his Dadi in hospital and asks about his mum. She says your dad Shivanand is responsible for our family ruining. Rudra looks on stunned. Maya’s Nanu asks Maya to tell Rudra that we have killed Udiya Baba and Maai Mui. Maya is shocked knowing the truth and cries.

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