Tu Mera Hero 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Hero and Juhi falling. She asks him to leave her. He stares at her and gets lost in her eyes. She says leave me. Panchi asks what are they doing. Hero leaves Juhi. He says this girl was running, I stopped her, we both fell down. Juhi asks what is he saying, she was doing practice. Hero says he was keeping an eye on her. Juhi scolds him. Hero argues with her. Panchi looks on. Juhi says I will run, I will not say any password. Panchi asks them to keep quiet and go to their rooms. Panchi smiles and says yes….

Hero is hurt. Panchi says you were fighting like kid, you know we got to know the truth, did anyone tell you that you are cute, you tried well, we know Juhi knows the password that can help police. He asks how do you know. She says Juhi said she will not say password. He says you are very intelligent, Titu is very lucky to get you. She asks what did he say. He goes to get water.

Its morning, Govind prays and avoids Titu. Juhi talks to someone and ends call seeing Panchi. Panchi says we all are with you, I know saying is easy and believing is tough, you can regard me your sister if you want, for humanity relation, fate got you in our home. She smiles. Surekha asks Govind why is he putting pillow on head. He says he is talking precaution. She says you have made Titu’s name spoiled, go and read paper. He says if anything falls, then see. Hero comes there. Panchi tells Juhi that fate gave her second chance to stay with a family. Hero hears them and thinks Panchi is trying to act sweet to get info. Hero hides and his hand pushes the vase. Govind shouts and asks him to come down. Govind pulls his ear and scolds him.

He asks why did he make vase fall. Hero asks Surekha to say its not his mistake. Surekha asks how, you are not a kid, how can you do this, such things trouble Govind so much, his heart breaks, I don’t like this, when will he take responsibility, he is doing strange things since few days. She asks Govind to get ready. He asks her to calm down. Panchi says Surekha has scolded Titu for this thing. She feels weird and goes. Rekha says I can see many things different. Surekha has scolded you, it did not effect you, you forgot to bring gifts for me. Hero says he will get gifts for them and goes. Rekha says there is something fishy. Hero says Lord would be happy that he is again praying. Rekha looks on. She cries seeing Titu talking to himself, and thinks he has got ghost on him.

Govind says Surekha has scolded Titu today, but she is not crying, why, what happened to her. She says yes, I scolded him a lot and yet I don’t feel anything bad, I felt it was some criminal standing infront of me, not my son. Govind asks her not to worry, Titu is her son. He leaves for shop. She says don’t know why I felt its not Titu. Rekha comes and says its because that was not Titu. Surekha asks what. Rekha says he has some spirit. Surekha says no.

Rekha says she has seen Titu talking to himself. Surekha laughs. Rekha says Titu promised me that he will get gifts and got wrong gifts. Surekha says he will bring it. Titu recalls Panchi and smiles. Gulshan asks him to talk to Hero. Hero says I m your twin, my name is Hero. Titu says great, you made your voice like me too, you are a good thief. Hero says I m not a thief, and tells about his family. Titu asks him to stop it. Hero says Gulshan will not let you come here. He says you love your family a lot, tell me, what gift you promised to Rekha and your Bhabhis. Titu smiles and says you can’t. Hero says tell me, if anyone doubts… Gulshan asks Titu to tell about gift, else Hero can do anything with them. Titu gets sad.

Panchi gets close to Hero. She holds his face and gets away realizing he is not Titu.

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