Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dylan saying he does not remember what he did. Shekhawat asks do you really forget everything. Dylan says yes. Dabbu brings Kamya there and says I know that reason what happened with Dylan, it happened because of Kamya. Juliet asks what nonsense, why is she after this orphan 11 year old girl. Dabbu says she is not a little girl, she is a woman, she is separating me and Dylan. Dylan asks whats wrong with you. Dabbu says trust me, she is not 11 year old kid, I have seen her true face. Dylan says enough, I can’t believe this. Dabbu says I can prove this is a woman, I will bring her true face out. She starts pulling Kamya’s hair. Kamya cries. Dylan says enough Dabbu, don’t dare to touch her. Dabbu says trust me, I have seen her removing her wig, she is clever woman.

Dylan says she is a girl. Dabbu says I heard her saying, she is Trishna. Dylan says enough and raises hand on Dabbu. He stops himself and Dabbu cries. Dylan says I won’t hear a word against Kamya, she lost her parents and you are behaving such with her, I don’t know this Dabbu, you have hurt my heart, how can you be heartless and emotionless. They all go.

Kamya tells Dabbu that Dylan and she will unite, Dabbu can stop them if she can. Dabbu cries. Dabbu comes to her home and asks Eshu for Mamta. Eshu says they all went for Dusshehra puja at Bhu Devi’s house. Dabbu prays to Lord. Mamta comes and hugs her. Kajal gets glad seeing Rajveer. She welcomes him. He says I have left Chandi and… She says don’t say anything, I understood. She says I know why you came here, you can’t forgive me after what I did, and brings divorce papers to sign. He stops her and says no Kajal, I will stay with you here, I want to be with you in your last moments. She hugs him and smiles.

He says divorce papers are not needed. Shekhawat stops Rajveer from tearing the papers. He slaps Kajal and says I could not think, you can fall so low. Rajveer gets puzzled. FB shows Shekhawat receiving Kajal’s medical report. He calls doctor and gets shocked. He says its good its spelling report. FB ends. He says this is your report, you made this to get Rajveer back, you wanted to use his goodness and pity. Kajal says I just did to get Rajveer, don’t misunderstand me, when I came back, Rajveer has gone very far, forgive me, I m sorry, I did not know when I went on wrong path.

She cries and apologizes to her dad. She says she wants to stay with him. Shekhawat says if you realized this, I will not ask you to leave home, sign on divorce papers and free Rajveer, let him start his new life. She signs on the papers and gives him.

Mamta asks Dabbu why is she worried. Dabbu apologizes and says I m sorry. Mamta says I m proud that you supported your family, I want to say sorry, I did not behave well with Dylan. Dabbu says its not your mistake. Mamta asks whats the matter. Dabbu says Kamya, whatever happened with me, Kamya is responsible. Mamta says that little girl. Dabbu says she is not little girl and tells her everything. Mamta gets shocked. Dabbu says that girl wants to snatch Dylan from me, what shall I do. Mamta says we all are with you, its Dushehra, and Sita will also lift Dhanush to fight evil.

Kamya takes juice for Dylan and smiles. She says Dabbu went out after getting angry on me, why did she do this, I still have head ache. Dylan asks her to sit. He says Dabbu did wrong, I m sorry, don’t be annoyed, I will talk to her. She says I m not angry, but I m scared. He says no need to be scared, I m here, I won’t let anything happen to you. She asks him to have juice, Juliet has sent it for him. He says fine, if you give me a smile. She smiles. He drinks the juice. She smiles and thinks the medicine which she added in this, will make him away from everyone, then he will be just hers.

Rajveer greets Mamta. Chandi asks you here, why did you come, we cleared all things, you have to be with Kajal. Rajveer says I won’t stay with that cheater woman. Chandi says you can’t behave so in her last days. Rajveer says its not that and tells everything about Kajal’s lie. Chandi gets shocked. Rajveer says Kajal signed the divorce papers. Chandi smiles. LN says Shekhawat took right decision, relations on lie does not stay, you fulfilled your promise, I will fulfill my promise now. He gives him Chandi’s hand and they smile. Rajveer says I will keep Chandi happy always. LN says I trust you.

Dabbu says Chandi told me about Rajveer and Kajal, I m glad, you and Chandi stay happy. LN asks Mamta what is she hiding from him. He asks Dabbu what happened, is everything fine. Mamta tells them everything. They all get shocked. Dabbu cries. Binny says we did not think this about Kamya. Dabbu says the doctor said Kamya’s grandparents are dead, so Dylan got him at home. Rajveer says it means doctor knows her, its all planned. LN says yes, we should meet him.

LN and everyone meet doctor and say they know everything, he has to support them. The doctor says he does not know anything and asks them to go. Rajveer holds his collar and asks him to say the truth, he can go to jail for this. The doctor asks them to go. Rajveer says I will call police. The doctor stops him and says I will tell everything. He says Trishna did all this planning, she became Kamya to go back in Dylan’s life, to take him away, the accident was fake, no one died, there was no one in car, she bribed me and inspector to workout this plan. He says I told Dylan that Kamya is orphan, so that he can take her home. Rajveer says you should be ashamed, come with me and tell this to Dylan. LN says no, Kamya is clever, she did all planning. Dabbu says yes, we have to catch Kamya red handed, else Dylan will not believe this. Rajveer says yes. Dabbu thinks she will bring Trishna’s truth out.

Dabbu’s grahpravesh happens and everyone smile. Juliet accepts Dabbu happily and blesses her.

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