Tu Mera Hero 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi seeing Titu and going to talk to Rachna. Titu goes to her. Rachna asks her why did she tell everyone that her husband is Nikhattu. Panchi says she has to accept the truth. Rachna says she used to dream of a prince and a perfect guy, responsible and hard working, just like her, what about the dreams, how can she lose so soon. Panchi says fate is big thing, she got married to a Nikhattu, she felt everything will be fine, but she is not imp for Titu, her fate has failed her and she has locked her happiness.

Rachna and Panchi see Titu and continue the acting. Panchi says she has tried a lot to change Titu and now she is changing herself. Titu looks on and falls. Panchi wants to go but Rachna stops her. Titu gets up and leaves. Surekha gets angry on Govind and massages his head. He says I know you are angry, but spare me, Titu has grown up and has to do duty, its fine if someone does mistake for good. He asks for haldi milk so that he can sleep well. She breaks the flower vase in anger and asks what did she do. She says she did this for his good and says his lines.

Surekha talks to Rekha. Rekha eats food and ice. Surekha gets her anger out on her and talks to Titu on phone. She says she came to meet him, as she was worried for him, she wants to tell him that Panchi did wrong with him, no need to take it on heart, let her do anything, after few days, I will get you home. Rekha gets irked and says she got problem because of them. Titu sees Panchi coming and acts like talking to Panchi. Panchi brings some items and smiles.

Titu asks why is she smiling, what pain is she hiding. He goes to sleep and asks her to start the fan. Nikhattu…………plays………….. She asks why, won’t you throw slipper and on it. He says fine and sees the slippers away. He says I m here on bed, how will the distance end, you do it. She starts the fan. He says she can’t be without fan too and started it. He says I understood your pain now. She says nothing like that, you sleep now.

Mukund does pushups and talks to Vaishaili. He says Panchi made plan to insult Titu, why did Manorama take Surekha there. Vaishaili says this can make Titu have self esteem and he can start working, as Panchi will make him work always. She says Titu’s room will be ours and new furniture. He says gym equipment too, he has not even seen it. She says trust me, help me and I promise I will fulfill all your dreams. He smiles.

Keshav says he has sent all the forms with signs and this time admission has to be done. He turns and sees Bhagwati. She asks him about Sundar’s fees and asks him to pay tomorrow. Keshav says stop ordering me, and leaves annoyed. She thinks whats going on in his mind. She sweeps and Bhagwati scolds her. She makes her work a lot and troubles her. Bhagwati leaves. She gets a parcel and thinks Keshav has given fees in school, but nothing came from school earlier. She goes to see the parcel. Rekha looks on and thinks whats Keshav doing, he did not go on me, I told him to send Sundar away and he is getting school items.

Vaishaili likes the mattress in Titu’s room and says its so soft. Mukund says its matter of few days and then all this… Surekha asks what all this… Vaishaili says we just came to see the mattress. Surekha says fine, I will tell Govind to have same one in your room too, but don’t change anything here, Titu will come and sleep here, eat by my hands and same things. She leaves.

Panchi comes home and sees Titu doing something in rickshaw. He asks her to leave him to crèche and calls Golu, asking him to come crèche, work will be hard, but he will do it. Panchi hears this and thinks is Titu saying he will work, if Govind sees him, he will be happy. She brings his bag and gives him. She drives the rickshaw and thinks what will he do. They leave.

Titu talks to Golu and says he wants to convince Panchi. Golu asks will this be fine. He says he will give open sky to Panchi and fulfill her wishes.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oh no,not another titu plan

  2. so sweet,titu

  3. ohh titu there is no way to full fill her wishes…work hardly. ..plzz understand ur mistakes. ..u ar a nikhattu….

  4. I have an idea

  5. Titu can work in a radio station as there people have to sit and only tell to people

  6. Waha pe sirf bolne ka kaam hi hota hai nothing else to do and as titu tells nice jokes and commentery he can find job there

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