Doli Armaanon Ki 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Samrat opens the suitcase to reveal wads of notes, surprising james. james asks if he is fooling him, and if it is 40 lakhs. samrat says that its
73,440, in notes and change. james smiles and taunts him, with ridicule in his eyes, asking if its a beggar’s dakshina, while samrat is tensed, thinking that james did see through it. he decides to teach james a lesson at the right time. samrat insistently says that he has arranged the money and shall give it in two days. james lets out a sigh and says that he gave him two days. samrat is shocked to know that he understood so easily. james says that this money is the interest for two days, and when he meets him the next time, he shall get 40 lakhs. samrat begs to him for consideration. james however taunts and mocks him, but sticks to his condition. Samrat however says that he shall give the remaining amount. james takes out the revolver, and pointing it to his head, asks him to get lost and not forget who he is talking to. samrat is scared but still pleads for mercy. he fires two blanks, and scares samrat away. urmi sees this all from hiding and is tensed. James stands disgusted. he is about to take his car, when urmi calls himf rom behind. he points the guna t her too. she is scared but asks him not to wqorry as they are on the same side. he is alarmed, and says that he has seen her somewhere, and then recognises her, as samrat’s Ex-wife.urmi is tensed, asking how he knows about her. he asks how she got to know about him. She says that she came here to help him. he asks if he looks like he needs help, and asks whats her motive for helping him, and asks what she needs from him. She says that he blackmails samrat and she is his enemy, and hence they can be friends, for the same motive. he asks whats the deal, and what she wants. she says that she needs nothing. urmi instigates james, that samrat is befooling him, and that he is a fool to demand a mere 40 lakhs, and that instead he should demand for 1 crore, from a person of samrat’s stature. He asks if she is joking, as samrat came to him, with change. She says that he is befooling him, as samrat is completely an animal by nature. she says that samrat is just acting in front of him, to save his money. she also tells about samrat’s fake plans for theme restaurant, and he can easily get a crore too. He gets influenced. urmi smiles thinking that her plan worked.

Scene 2:
Location: Garage
Samrat meanwhile sells tani’s car for 22 lakhs too and with a pact that it shall look like theft. He gives samrat an advance of 5lakhs. samrat hands him the keys, and he refuses saying that hwe doesnt want to get cauight, but asks smarat to ensure that the doors of the car are open. samrat complies. he asks when shall he come to steal it. He says that he shall come tonight. They seal their deal. samrat eyes the money evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Sandhya has her face covered and created a tantrum. damini asks her whats the problem, and asks her to speak or show them her face atleast. shashi comes and says that she must be screaming due to happiness of the treatment’s success. damini starts getting angry and asks her to lift the dupatta and show her face. Shashi lets out a scream, as her face is covered in red rashes, as a reaction, to the treatment. shashi smiles within, as sandhya got a befitting reply. Damini asks if she contacted the doctor. She replies that she shall go with urmi, once she comes back.

Urmi narrates everything to Ishaan, who is angry at urmi, that she went alone, and asks her to tell him the next time she plans something like this. she apologises. then she tells how shaurya is missing them. He asks her to tell him that soon they shall go to take him. She smiles.

In his room, Samrat meanwhile is tensed, as to where to arrange the next 18 lakhs, and seal james’ mouth. he gets frustrated seeing james’ call. Samrat promises to james, that he shall definitely fulfill the promises and get the money in two days. james however cuts him to size and tells samrat demanding for 1 crore now. he is shocked. He starts stammering as to how he shall get 1 crore. Samrat tries to reason with him, but james cancels the call. Samrat is super frustrated, and tensed. He decides that he has had enough, and its beyond his tolerance level and now he shall have to arrange something else, instead of 1 crore for him. he decides to end this chapter of james once and for all. The screen freezes on his vicious face.

Precap: samrat asks the car thief, to come after 1, and details them everything, and asks them to be extra cautious. urmi hears this and is tensed. At the dinner table, urmi talks about the safety of cars to tani, alarming samrat and knocking the winds out of him, and how a gang has come in the town, of car thefts these days. He is alarmed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. The fact that Neha Marda is leaving the show I don’t mind that this situation is being dragged out. I hate that I may not be able to recognize my favourite show with all the change/time leap lol. I am loving Samrat squirming….always have to be on defence.

  2. fan of the show

    So, they’re just goihg to skip the 20th show altogether, it looks like.

    1. Is not this something else.They are cheating us.

    2. fan of the show

      Their terms and conditions (bottom of the page) say they are not obligated to provide this feature and they can stop it at any time.

  3. With urmi out i will not look at this show again

    1. fan of the show

      I’m willing to stay on and see where it goes, because I believe in the social cause they are doing – exposing the different facets of domestic violence.

    2. Well said Fan ,I will watch till it is finished.Exposing the domestic violence is a major topic for me.Also the social cause is good for my sociological aspects of my programs.Fan you were also great in demonstrating certain views that made me think real hard.I enjoyed talking and walking with you through the serial in such an educated way.I humbly say thanks to you personally .I urge you to continue because this is a forum where people can learn.

    3. fan of the show

      Thx Rosey. No promises, but I also enjoy, so as time permits.

  4. Hahh your time is up samrat now payback time

  5. fan of the show

    I think most of the fans are happy to see the rat suffer constantl,y and don’t mind how many days it goes on. The rat, who has cheated, deceived, and hurt so many people, is now on the receiving end of it for a change. I doubt that he will learn anything from it. I think that’s on purpose, to show that it’s very hard to change your nature, even if you are already mostly good, what to say if you are completely evil.

    1. fan of the show

      When you are nice to people only to use them, you are not nice, you are conniving, and stupid, because what goes around comes around. You get your karma back.

      So, when I see someone or somethig suffering, I help them if I can, but I also remember they are getting some kind of karma back.

    2. fan of the show

      I think the best help is to help people understand how their actions got them where they are, and to inspire them to change for the better. Bailing them out does not help, nor does pitying them help. If people want a better situation in their life, they have to make their life better, which means something has to change. So we should not fight the challenge of changing for the better. It’s a win-win situation, for that person and everyone around them. Now I’ll get down off my soapbox.

    3. Fan there is a difference between a nice person and being charitable.One can be charitable by helping someone with food,clothing etc. but does not have a nice character.A person could be genuinely nice but inwardly is not charitable and use that niceness to exploit people.What you are doing when you help according to what you are saying is charity and being good to people from the kindness of your heart.Do not stop doing because when karma returns to you it will be a blessing and not a curse.It will be doubled.It always pay to do good.

    4. In the case of Samrat he is in a league by himself.He naturally uses people by pretending to be of a good nature.He is slick as cooking oil.He has a silver tongue and can change from nice to bad then to evil.This is what makes him a great PIMP and the ladies he uses they are all pimperdolls.

  6. Oh yes!n individual can only change when that person earnestly wants to be changed.This is about the person and his heart and conscience,

  7. When Tani finds out about her car ,I will really like to hear her loving husband’s excuse and as usual baby doll will accept.Urmi heard the set up but did she tape it for evidence.

  8. When Urmi joins with James to bring him down ,I am wondering if he will get out of this one.Samrat had asked his father in law for some money in that episode gone did he get it.Tani is not wise because she would have question some of Samrat’s nervous behavior.She would have questioned why certain things are happening to him at this time.She just sits at home and be as dumfounded as ever and waits for him to say baby doll.Poor girl—-she need some mental growth—because love is not that way—-so easy..

    1. fan of the show

      FIL did not give him money, so he went to Shashi’s room and tried to steal her jewelry (given already to Urmi) and cash (big wad he found in a pillow). Finally Shashi also gets a taste of her son’s wickedness. Actually, he’s always been rude and arrogant with her.

    2. Samrat really stole his mother’s money.What else will he not do.That was a good thing for her to taste,Yeah real tasty.This is what happens when you encourage a child to do wrong. When that child grows up you are sure to be rewarded somehow or the other with the evil and wicked ways you encouraged him or her with.

  9. good going now this serial is starting to move along it makes you cannot wait to read and see the next episode thanks for that writers you see I give praise when it is due so keep it up also with the other serials

    1. fan of the show

      You just have to be a little more patient while they develop the characters. You find out how they operate when they are portrayed in different situations. Thaat’s how the story unfolds.

  10. I wil realy enjoy to see samrat exposed and tht baby doll is soo naive bt ths tym urmi wil win the game

  11. Urmi is going to leave the show as it will take a 20 year leap and samrat will play the role of shaurya which means samrat will be both samrat and shaurya. urmi said she can’t play the role of mother of a 28 year old child.her last episode is on 7 June 2015


    1. fan of the show

      Unknown, I think one of the spoilers said the rat dies. So I expect there won’t be a double role for Mohit Malik. Just Shaurya at age 28.

    2. fan of the show

      Yah Neha Mardi has been wanting to leave the show for a few months now – didn’t want to p;ay Shaurya’s mother at his age 8, then wasn’t getting enough personal time away from the show, then didn’s want to be Shaurya’s mother at his age 28.



    1. fan of the show

      If you hate rat the character, then you’ve gotta love Mohit Malik for making him so realistically hateful. It’s not any actor who can make you hate the character so thoroughly. Even James, though he is doing bad things, is not half as hateful as the rat.

  14. fan of the show

    I still wonder why James is doing this. Can’t figure it out from all the clues.

    1. Maybe sooner or later it may be revealed the reason why he does.

  15. fan of the show

    The rat got zapped (James). Kiran got zapped (by the rat). Shashi got zapped (got robbed by rat). Also Sandiya got a zap (face whitening backfired). They shouldn’t forget about zapping Damini, too. She deserves a good one. And ratni has been pretty mean, too.

    1. fan of the show

      Gloria K will be happy.

    2. Oh yes she will be real happy.

    3. And Rosey will be beaming with joy and happiness also.

  16. will miss you urmi please do not leave

  17. where is the update for the 20th May, are you all just going to leave us in the dark of what happened here. Please put in the update for the 20th

    1. fan of the show

      Mary, I put in an update as best I could remember on the bottom of the update for the 19th.

    2. Hi Fan, how about today’s update? Can you write it?

  18. @Fan, thank you for the update on the 20th. It seems the Telly Update’s writer left us in the blank?. If you don’t mind, please do the summary on Friday (5/22) episode?

  19. we will mis u urmi plzzzz stay back episod without u like a tea without bread luv u neha mwàaaaaaa

  20. I like seeing samrat suffering but I dun wan neha to leave . 🙁 but if they wanna drag the story until shaurya is 28 years old, then everyone will get fed up.

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