Tu Mera Hero 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Manorama talking to those ladies. They are actually Surekha and Rekha. FB shows how Rekha tells Surekha about Rachna and Panchi having reunion and Panchi is acting against Titu. Surekha gets angry and says I will see how Panchi puts Titu in trouble. Rekha asks Surekha to tackle Panchi, she is getting hurt by this heavy clothes, we will go home. Surekha says how will we go, my son is getting troubled by this mad Panchi, we have to teach her a lesson. Titu says this is like mum made, and looks around.

A girl asks him to come and have fun. He says he is resting, whats fun to do what everyone does. She says he is unique. Rachna says we are together after a lot of time, so lets have some enjoyment, and we have some games. Titu says its good, I can make anyone lose. The man says Panchi’s husband is competitive like her. Surekha says don’t know what will Panchi make him do. Rachna says its not easy, the twist is you have to eat the jalebis without using hands, the couple who wins will be our winner. Everyone clap.

Panchi tells something to Rachna in her ears. Surekha and Rekha see this and think Titu can do this, I can eat jabelis and can jump too. Surekha asks her to be quiet. Titu says where did Panchi go, and jokes. The game starts and the couples jump to eat the jalebis. Titu waits for Panchi. Surekha says what will Titu do now. Panchi comes and says she is interested to play, but she knows she can’t do it alone, and asks him to hit the jalebis, this is his fav thing to make things easy, start now and show your lazy smartness and make me win, my friends never saw me lose till now.

Surekha says I will see her. Panchi says do fast, time is ending. Chetan is close to win. Panchi asks Titu to hit the jalebis, its close. Titu aims and feels hurt by her words. Panchi asks is this also difficult, what happened, this is shortcut, he can do this atleast. Chetan and Rachna win the game. A girl asks Panchi how did she lose, she has never lost in any college game. Panchi says its fine Preeti, winning and losing goes on. Titu feels bad. Panchi says all days are not same.

Chetan and Rachna get the prize. Manorama, Surekha and Rekha look on. Manorama says she is hungry. Rachna gives salad to her and says this is healthy food. Manorama scolds her. Rachna calls Chetan. Rekha says how is she treating Manorama. Rachna tells Chetan that Manorama is not eating. Chetan asks Manorama to have food, and asks her to eat the salad. Rachna says I m sorry, I don’t like you are eating this, but you know your mental state is not fine, you should not come out alone, but be with someone, take care, Chetan and I worry for you. Rekha is shocked and says Manorama is mentally ill and worries.

Rachna tells Panchi that she does not like to be rude to Manorama, but she has to, as she is helpless, I want you to be strong and bring Titu on right path, be positive. Titu is about to fall and Surekha shouts. Panchi holds him and asks what happened. Titu says I heard my mum’s voice. Panchi says no, she is not here, she promised too. Surekha thinks Titu will be free in few days. Vaishaili says everyone melts like sugar in her words except Govind. Panchi gives food to Titu. A girl asks why are they here. Panchi says Titu sits and eats, not standing. She goes. The man announces the next couple and they do some short acts. Rachna and Chetan come next. Rachna says Chetan has many good things and praises him a lot. Chetan smiles. The man says our last couple is Panchi and Titu. Everyone clap. Titu looks for Panchi. Surekha worries.

Panchi dresses like Titu and does an act of Titu and his laziness. Titu is stunned. Surekha gets angry. Panchi dances like Titu and takes him on stage. Nikhattu………….plays………….. Titu sits in his chair and looks on. Everyone clap. Surekha asks Titu to come. Rekha takes Surekha away. Titu thinks it means mum was here and have seen this.

Rachna asks Panchi why did she tell everyone that her husband is lazy. Panchi says she learnt to accept the truth, fate made her marry a Nikhattu and failed her. Titu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wake up,nikhattu

  2. l hate panchi now

  3. why u hate panchi sree.hate titu useles guy.lazy felw

  4. I feel sad for titu. Its not his mistake that he became lazy. He was brought up like that only. Why this panchi is hurting his feelings? Making him funny infront of others.

  5. Its only way to make his childish mind mature

  6. i agree with lucky.titu has to be induced responsibility not ego.panchi should try to convince him by affection not with angry whose extreme will result in a titu that she could never bear,one so beasty.

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