Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Radha getting Sadhna’s call, informing her about Murli demanding divorce from Shyamali. Radha says how can Murli do this? She says she will wrap up shoot and come home soon. She gets tensed. Kabir hears her and says I am glad that your parents are missing you. We don’t have the option to leave the shoot, but don’t fuss about the dress next time. Radha nods. Kabir thinks this is the chance for him to know about the truth. Sadhna asks LD, why did he leave Radha’s security. LD says anyone can take care of her. Sadhna says nobody is her husband, but you. LD says I am not her husband. Sadhna says Radha is staying here as your wife and is fulfilling all the responsibilities with honestly. You can’t run away from your responsibility. LD says you wants me to leave. Sadhna says she is alive because of her. This Chaturvedi Nivas is saved because of her. LD warns her against Radha and says she will break our hope and leave. We will be left with tears in eyes. Radha thinks she was so rude with LD. She gets worried. Kabir says he likes to come alone in the night and enjoy peaceful eve. Radha tries to message LD. Kabir snatches her phone. Radha gets shocked to see LD’s photo as display image. He says you should not pick any phone calls today. He asks her to smile and keep smiling. Radha smiles and asks him to sit. They sit.

Radha thinks she has to reach home and talk to LD, but how? Kabir asks what you will do after doing 5 films with me? Will you settle down or continue. Radha says she will go with the flow as told my her dad. Kabir says I thought you are close to your dad. Kabir goes to talk to agency. Radha gets worries. Sadhna gets worried about Radha and wonders why she didn’t come till now. She asks LD to have food. LD refuses. Sadhna gets angry and says nobody cares about me. LD asks what happened? Sadhna says Murli is forcing Shyamali to divorce him. She says Jhanvi didn’t come till now. Her friends didn’t know about her. LD says he will go and bring Jhanvi home. He asks her to have food. Radha thinks to call Sadhna and calls her. Sadhna picks call. Radha informs her that she came for dinner with Kabir. Sadhna says okay. She informs that LD is going to search for Jhanvi. Radha gets tensed and worries for Jhanvi. She thinks she has to go and save Jhanvi. She sees Jhanvi with someone in the same place. She gets shocked. She tries to see boy’s face, but couldn’t. Radha messages LD that Jhanvi is in national park and is infront of her eyes. She asks him to come there. LD drives off. Radha keeps an eye on Jhanvi. Kabir says lets leave from here.

Radha says we shall sit here for some more time. Kabir asks aren’t you tired. Radha says no. Kabir says I am happy. Radha looks at Jhanvi and thinks where is LD. Kabir says lets play some music. She thinks she has to keep an eye with Jhanvi somehow. She says she can’t miss the opportunity to dance with him and asks can we? Kabir says sure. They start dancing. Kabir says he likes carefree, fun loving, etc Radha. LD comes there and sees them dancing. Radha turns and sees him. She gets shocked. Kabir asks why you are here? He asks Radha to come and leaves. Radha tells LD that Jhanvi was there. LD looks at the chair. Jhanvi comes home through the window. Sadhna comes to her room and sees her wearing revealing clothes. Jhanvi gets tensed. Sadhna asks where did you go? Jhanvi says she went to friend’s birthday. Sadhna says you would have told me. Why you came back home hidingly. I will talk to Banwari in the morning. Jhanvi says don’t inform anyone. Kabir comes and asks LD, why you are troubling Radha and asks what is the matter? LD says you are not my employer so don’t say anything. Kabir asks do you love Radha? LD looks on. Radha asks them to stop it. He says we shall not end this eve like this. She holds his hand asking him to come. Kabir says lets go. LD looks on.

Radha collides with LD and her phone fall in his hands. He turns her phone. Radha thanks him.

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