Tu Mera Hero 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu stopping Panchi from applying color and asks her to try hard to apply the color. They both challenge each other and smile. Arvind likes the food Rachna made. Manorama scolds him. Chetan says Rachna and I are going to Panchi’s place to play holi, we will come by evening. Arvind says sure, its their first Holi after marriage, greet Govind from my side. Manorama acts being dizzy and screams. They all rush to her and ask what happened. Manorama says she has headache and says she has much work at home, she is getting ill. Chetan asks her to rest and he will call doctor. Arvind asks them to go, as Panchi will be waiting.

Rachna says she will give medicine to her. Manorama asks them to go if they want. Chetan says he can’t leave her like this. Manorama asks Chetan to go with his sad and Rachna can be with her. Arvind says he will take care. Manorama says what will he do. Chetan asks how can I go without Rachna. She gets angry and asks him to go with his dad. They leave and Rachna gets sad.

Govind says challenge is fine, did you think what will you do to color Titu, its tough. Panchi says its fun. Titu tells Golu that its fun, Panchi can’t color him, as its not hard, but impossible, she will lose. Golu asks him to lose for Titu and get colorful. Titu asks him to decide on whose side he is. He says the work is to remove colors by bath, I can’t.

Panchi says Titu has to work to clean colors. Govind says Titu is very smart by mind. She says this is the plan, let him use his mind. She says let him think he is winning, then he will get careless and we will use this, we will win in the end. Govind does hi 5 and laughs. Titu gets head massage from Golu and uses his mind to think. Titu says he got idea to win. Manorama washes clothes to show Rachna and says its imp to wash, what will Chetan wear. Rachna asks why is she washing by hand. Manorama says Chetan does not like machine wash clothes. Rachna says she will wash and asks her to rest.

Manorama says I know you might be angry in heart that you could not go in holi, the work is much, I will manage. Rachna says she will do everything and asks her to rest. Manorama acts. Bhagwati makes Sundar ready and asks him not to run much. She sees Keshav with colors and asks who did this. He says some people at shop. She gives him white shirt. Sundar asks why do we wear white clothes. Bhagwati says colors look good on white. Sundar asks how. Keshav applies color to her and says like this. They smile. Sundar is glad seeing them together and happy. Keshav goes to change.

Manorama tells Rachna to wash her clothes too. Rachna says fine and makes her rest. She says she will apply balm. Manorama says no, how much will you work. Rachna asks her to rest. Manorama tries to avoid the balm and Rachna insists. Manorama takes it and asks her to go and work. Rachna says I will get medicine. Manorama says fine, apply this. Rachna then goes to wash clothes and finds water cold. Titu makes some work done and tells his friends that he is ready to make Panchi lose. He asks Golu to shut the window. Govind asks Arvind and Chetan to sit, and calls Surekha. They wish them happy holi and blesses Chetan.

Panchi brings snacks and says she is annoyed, as she is celebrating holi without Rachna. Chetan says mum was unwell. Bhagwati comes and greets them. Bhagwati asks Panchi to come, as all arrangements are done. Surekha asks Govind whats cooking. Govind says such kheer that everyone will have, they are trying to color Titu. She asks what. He says yes.

Manorama gets skin burning by strong balm and applies ice saying her headache is becoming real. Titu is watching movie and Panchi knocks the door. Titu asks his friends to be ready. Golu and the other friend see them, and Panchi keeps a barrier in the window. Govind and Surekha look on. Surekha asks them not to do this, as Titu does not like colors. Govind says she is doing Titu’s challenge and stops her. Bhagwati knocks the door and Panchi throws pichkari colors from window. Golu calls out Titu. They laugh seeing a big mirror to save Titu from colors and he asks Titu was this her planning, this is called planning.

Surekha says Titu is very smart and he will not let her win. Titu says he is her son. Surekha says yes and praises herself. Rekha says yes Titu is smart and clever. Surekha says lawyers are clever and good humans are smart. Panchi says she lost, but she would have thought something if she got time. Titu stops her and asks did I win then. She nods and he smiles. Govind says it goes on, come on now, I m hungry, lets have food before playing holi, and asks Titu will he not move to have food. Titu says yes, but me and my food will be away from everyone so that no one can color me and Surekha will make me eat. Panchi smiles and thinks eat well then you have to work hard Titu.

Govind says he will go to play Holi. Titu is sleeping. Govind signs all the best to Panchi. She thinks she waited for this moment.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nice episode I like d way God answer /punished manorama

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