Udaan 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor thanking Lord for making her sit on first bench. The teacher sees Chakor’s pencil not sharp and asks Roshni to help her with her sharpener. Roshni ends her pencil by sharpening it, in anger and Chakor gets worried. Sheru teases the man and runs. The man runs after him and Imli smiles. She goes to take the raw mangoes. Prince says he did not say new guard that the girl has a dog and asks driver to take him back. Imli says her work is done and Sheru does potty there. Prince comes and sees Imli. He catches her red handed and asks her to give all the mangoes. She calls out Sheru. Sheru bites Prince. Imli asks Sheru to run.

The teacher draws earth and moon and Chakor does not understand anything. She feels sleepy and closes her eyes. He sees her sleeping and wakes her up asking did she come to sleep in class. Roshni smiles.

He says it means you did not hear anything. Chakor says I heard. He asks her to say what he told. Chakor says what she heard and her knowledge about moon. She says sometimes I talk to moon and missed it when there was no light in haveli and wanted help, but it did not come. He asks what is she saying, it means she did not hear him, she was sleeping. She says no. He says then tell me is earth round or flat Chakor says it can’t be round else we will fall, so earth is flat. Everyone laugh. He scolds her and asks her to note down in her book whatever he wrote on board. Chakor starts writing. Roshni breaks her pencil lead and asks Chakor as she gave her place to sit. Chakor gives her and says return soon, I have to write too. She thinks Roshni will make her pencil short again.

Imli and Sheru come to the village running and tells Billu that he is coming after me. She says she got saved, there is no one. Billu asks who. She says no one and holds her head. Billu says we are going to school to meet Chakor and ask can she teach us on Sunday, are you coming along. Imli says no, you all go, I will go home, I m hungry. She goes home with Sheru. Prince comes to school and guards does not allow him as he came late. Prince gives him money and guard smiles allowing him, Suraj asks him why is he angry and sees the marks on his hand.

Prince says Imli did this, her dog has attacked me, I will tell dad. Suraj says we will try again, and this time we will teach her a good lesson. The teacher tells about 9 planets. Chakor asks Roshni to give her pencil and Roshni says wait. The bell rings. The teacher asks kids to understand else he will explain tomorrow. Roshni says he taught well and he can give homework too. All kids say yes. The teacher says very good and asks them to copy in notebooks, and tomorrow they will come by learning all these things. He leaves. Roshni returns the pencil. The kids leave the class.

Roshni wipes the board and Chakor asks her not to do such. Roshni says go home and go. Chakor sees Roshni has wiped part of the diagram. Suraj and his friend think what to do with Chakor. Roshni tells Prince how she has troubled Chakor and she is in classroom.

Suraj goes there and locks Chakor inside the class. The peon asks Prince to go and he says he wants colors and bribes him to send him off. The peon says he will get the colors, he will shut classroom. Prince takes the keys saying he will close the class. Suraj asks which key for this class and gets it. Chakor says what she has to write is gone, she will write later. Suraj closes the door slowly and she turns by the sound. She sees him and says not to do this. Chakor runs to the door to stop him and he locks it. She bangs the door and they laugh asking her to be there for two days as its Friday today. Roshni asks her to copy homework for two days. Prince tells peon that he locked the door and does not make him hear Chakor’s voice. He asks did he check is there anyone. Suraj says no and sends him making noise. Chakor gets tensed.

Tejaswini tells Bhaiya ji that Chakor did not come from school. Lakhan beats Bhuvan and says if he made Chakor run, Bhaiya ji will shoot them. Chakor thinks how will she be locked there for two days.

Update Credit to: Amena

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