Tu Mera Hero 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Fake Titu/Hero making Sundar act like a girl to show a act. He makes Sundar like Juhi, who used to show monkey and rope act. Juhi comes there. Hero asks Sundar to rotate the ring and thinks he has laid the trap for Juhi. Hero asks Sundar to keep trying. He asks Juhi when did she come, he is teaching this to Sundar for school competition, It will be good if she teaches him. He thinks she will agree now. Juhi goes to Sundar and says you are very smart, remember give importance to thinking, don’t get in this small things. She goes. Sundar dances.

Hero asks whats this and scolds Sundar. He leaves. Sundar says what happened to Hero, he is acting strange. Govind plays with Sundar and catches him. Surekha tells about Godh bharai ritual and they will keep a ritual now for safety. Panchi says it will be fun, we will get baby soon, how to wait for 9 months. Surekha says Govind is here, and reminds to limit her dreams. Panchi says Bau ji is our best friend, its okay. Surekha asks about lullaby. Panchi asks Bhagwati to say and teases her. Govind says he remembers many lullabies and sings.

Hero comes there. Govind says Titu will dance for Panchi and asks him to say how he will dance. Hero says I won’t. They all insist. Hero says fine and dances weirdly. They all get puzzled. Sundar shows Hero’s dance steps. Govind says any dance is fine, we should celebrate happiness. Bhagwati asks Panchi not to dance, she has to be careful till 4 months of pregnancy. Panchi says what. Surekha makes Hero sit with Panchi. Govind asks Panchi to take rest. Panchi says but I….

Surekha says I got Titu by much difficulty, we should thank Lord. Rekha asks Panchi to get ready and we will practice dance. Pinky talks to Panchi, while she gets ready. Hero comes to room. Panchi says how to clear this misunderstanding. Hero asks why did she not say when elders were asking. She says they all were so happy, I did not have courage. He asks her to see result now. She says you are saying as if its just my news, you tell them the truth. He says why would I say. She says you are acting rude. He says I m with you and talks sweet.

He says hero is with her. She says she does not understand him, she has to get ready and go in function. She asks him to make him wear the necklace and he asks her to wear it herself. She asks him to stop acting and make her wear, he has to change clothes too. He makes her wear necklace and closes eyes. She looks at him in mirror and says Titu…..

Titu is tied by ropes and the man gives him food. Titu asks him is he married, does he have children. The man asks why. Titu says such man can’t have children, who do not know a parents’ feeling, he has no right to have children. The man asks Titu to limit his tongue and goes. Titu says I m sorry Panchi, I will come soon.

Panchi asks Hero to say something and he thinks he can’t say anything. Rekha taunts Vaishaili. Govind gets a doll and asks Surekha to give it in Panchi’s lap. They all clap. Surekha says now we will think of baby names, make sweaters…. And so on… Rekha gets unwell and tells Surekha that she has eaten bad chaat. Panchi tells Surekha that she had vomit by same reason, she has eaten wrong chaat. They all get shocked. Panchi says I m not giving any good news, I felt its Bhagwati’s pregnancy. Rekha asks what. Bhagwati says no. Hero says I told her to tell everyone. Panchi says I will talk to Titu in room. Panchi apologizes to Govind and Surekha. They get upset and still smile.

Surekha says its fine, don’t be sad bahu, we will wait to become grandparents, but hopes have started. Panchi smiles. Juhi goes to room and calls someone. She says she will try to run from here, don’t worry, I m fine here, keep things ready, the people are very nice. She sees a kerchief there and goes to see it. She thinks its some man’s kerchief, are they trying to know secret from her, there is someone who is trying to act smart, I have to find out.

Titu cries and says I miss my wife a lot, make me talk to her. Panchi asks Hero to come out, his phone is ringing and answers the call. Titu hears her voice and smiles.

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