Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with angoori talking to ammaji that she is keeping mata rani’s jagrata at home so she should come. Ammaji says she cant come as she going to vaishnodevi to temple. Angoori says that ok no problem but she should pray for her also at vaishnodevi. Saxena rings the bell n angoori opens the door n sees him a bit surprised seeing his hair all up due to shock. She asks him whether he got all the items for the jagrata. He says yes n gives it to her. Tiwari asks what is he doing here in the morning. Angoori says she had told him to get items for jagrata so he came. Saxena says he is a big fan of mata rani. Angoori tells tiwari to call suresh chanchal to sing the bhajans in jagrata n call angoori n vibhuti also. Tiwari says he will call n says that if anita will come then only jagrata will be more special. He says he will go n call. Anita again reads a useless article that if husband says no for candle light then he doesnt love u. So she asks him for candle light dinner he refuses n she says he doesnt love her. He tells her to stop reading this magazine. Tiwari comes n tells her to come for jagrata n tells her if she knows anyone who can sing so she should tell him as suresh chanchal is unavailable. Vibhuti says that he will let him know. Tiwari goes. Vibhuti thinks that this is nice time to impress angoori. Angoori is watering plants n vibhuti acts as telling someone on phone that he is booked for jagrata n can’t come sorry. Angoori says u sing so come for jagrata n sing please. He says ok n says even tiger comes for darshan when he sings. He goes to saxena n asks him to sing for jagrata from behind n he wants to show that he is singing. Saxena asks what will he get in return. Vibhuti says something in his ears. He says ok. Tika n malkha come n vibhuti tells them that they have done many sins so for that one of them should become a tiger at the jagrata n gives them money. Tiwari is inviting people. Pandit comes n tells him that he is doing puja ob good timing. He says he will get money also n the people(couples) who sit whole night for puja they become husband wife for next all years. Tiwari says vibhuti shouldnt be anita’s husband. Anita comes n says she came for help if angoori needs it. Tiwari says she has gone to market. Pandit greets her n blurts out everything and tiwari is irritated with this. She is happy n goes. Tiwari says why did he tell her he doesnt want her to get vibhuti again as he doesnt desereve her n he is useless. Pandit says then even angoori doesnt deserve a guy like him who is cunning. Pandit goes n tiwari says he called me cunning n calls him. Vibhuti goes to saxena n tells him to sing properly all the aarti’s or else he’ll start his hindi songs n slaps him says dont do any problem or he will do something which he wont like it. Saxena says ok. Everyone is ready for jagrata. Angoori prays, vibhuti does mic testing. Tiwari comes n asks what is he doing here n he cant sing properly. Angoori says he knows to sing. Anita comes n greets everyone. She asks vibhuti whether he is singing? She says if u’ll sing people will sleep. Tiwari thinks he’ll give sleeping pills to anita in juice n she wont be vibhuti’s husband next birth. He says he’ll get juice for her. Angoori says no she’ll get but he shouts at her n says he’ll get it. Tiwari puts sleeping pills in juice n says sorry anita. The episode ends.

Precap:- Anita is feeling sleepy n almost sleeps. Seeing this tiwari dances infront of her n she gets scared n wakes up. Vibhuti is singing n saxena says i like it 2 times n vibhuti gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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