Tu Mera Hero 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with the media reporter covering Titu’s news. The lady says Titu has made them thinking today by taking admission in the crèche. Titu lies there tired. The man says Titu did not come for any inauguration, his wife has left him here. Panchi stands far and looks on. The man says Titu knows the meaning of freedom, he does not work and has no objection if his wife works. The kids shout and wake up Titu. The lady asks Titu to say about this step. Titu asks are they giving news or scaring people. He removes the stickers off his face and the kids laugh. He asks the media what does he want and says their duties.

He asks them to make the truth reach to the people and asks them to catch corrupt people, why are they after him. Panchi says he knows everyone’s duty except himself. The lady calls him Nikhattu. Surekha comes and shouts. Panchi says how did she come. Surekha asks whats happening and gets angry. Govind looks on. Surekha says my son will stay as he wants. Panchi says I felt ….. She comes out and says no, she can’t tell anything, she can’t go against her conditions.

The man asks Panchi how does she feel to be wife of such man. Govind thinks why is Panchi ruining their name. Panchi tells the media that if Titu does not earn, then she has to earn, if both sit at home, how will they get food. The man asks her why did she keep Titu at crèche. She says she does not stay at home all day and he needs someone to take care of. Surekha says stop it, leave from here. The lady asks if Govind’s business shuts, will she bear this burden all her life. Panchi says yes. The man says she is an ideal, and calls Titu the lazy man.

Surekha takes Titu with her. Govind gets upset and sees Panchi. Keshav acts rude to Sundar and asks him to give the papers, he will get signs together. Sundar nods and gives the papers. Chetan and Rachna bring Manorama to the doctor. Manorama says she has seen the lady in paper, she has run from the mental hospital. She argues with her and holds Rachna’s neck to hurt her. They all hold Manorama. They give an injection to Manorama. Manorama says I m not mad.

Keshav takes Bhagwati’s sign in Sundar’s school papers and also get her sign on the hostel papers. Surekha is sad by what all happened. She makes Titu drink water. Panchi comes and says she got Aloo tikki for them. She says this is special, as I got this from Titu’s first earnings. Titu and Surekha get surprised. Titu asks how did this happen. Panchi says media liked his story and got profit, so they paid her. Titu says great. Panchi says I knew about this show, and thought to stun the world by this. She says she got 5000rs. Titu says did she call them there. Panchi says yes.

Surekha asks how can be happy getting money after losing money. Panchi says sorry, money is imp right now than name. Surekha asks Titu not to get in her words. Panchi sees the time and says sorry, you can stay here, but one hour is over. Surekha blesses Titu and leaves. Panchi calls Rachna and says plan is getting successful, Titu is hurt by this, come on time and do as I say. Rachna says she did all the arrangements of party and asks her to take care. Chetan comes and says mum is better now, so I got her home.

Rachna says he did well. He says he is lucky that she came in his life, she is supporting Manorama in this state. Rachna tells about Panchi’s efforts to bring Titu to right path and she wishes she succeeds. Manorama hears them and asks what will she do to help Panchi, she was making me mad, I will find out and break away Rachna and Chetan.

Panchi talks to Govind and says this was risky, but… it will be good, there is party tomorrow. She sees Titu and ends the call. Golu asks why did she end call. Titu asks her what is she hiding. She irons his clothes. Govind brings a Gajra for Surekha. Surekha says how can he be happy after much insult. She says call Panchi and scold her. He asks why. She says if you don’t scold her, I will not let you scold Titu.

Titu reads the wall message and says my writing is still there. Panchi talks to him. She says she does not get laugh by his jokes. She tells about Rachna’s problem, and they should know to deal with problems, and not make our loved ones away. He gets Golu’s call and leaves. She gets Govind’s call. Govind starts scolding her, to show Surekha. Panchi gets stunned.

Panchi introduces Titu in the party. A girl says Panchi got her Mr Perfect. Panchi says actually……

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