Satrangi Sasural 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s office
Priyanka goes to vihaan’s office to reprimand both of them, but finds them desperately trying to portray to her, that they are working, where vihaan is arushi’s boss, and not her husband. Arushi begins to leave, when priyanka points out to learn to eat properly and wipe her face. Asrushi and vihaan are mortified, while priyanka warns them and leaves. Outside, she reprimands the office people also for whiling their time, busy watching the romantic couple, rather than working. the peon says that they are just happy that arushi and vihaan are blessed to be so much in love and caring for each other. She reprimands him how he is a mere peon, and should stay within his limits, and not indulge in romance and other affairs at his age. All are shocked. Arushi is shocked, while the peon is highly hurt. They all discuss how brutal and cruel and mean priyanka is. Arushi later, comes back with a drink. Arushi comforts him, and praises him galore for his worthy controbution for Vatsala’s success. the peon smiles. People point out how nice she is. Employees start comparing arushi to priyanka, pointing out how friendly and compassionate she is, like nilima, unlike priyanka, and that she should have succeeded Nilima and not priynanka. She smiels. But she is scared when she finds priyanka standing in front of her. Other employees are shocked too. priyanka asks whats going on. She reprimands the peon for thinking like this. She says that she can solve that problem rightaway, as he can get his account cleared and not report from tomorrow onwards. All are shocked. Priyanka leaves. Employees turn to vihaan, pointing out how much the peon is valued here, and how nilima and granny used to rever her as family, and that Priyanka just thinks of him as an employee, and if she doesnt apologise, then they too shall leave. they agree in unison. Arushi and cvihaan are highly tensed. they go to priyanka, who refuses to see the point, and is adamant on a new peon. priyanka taunts them both, and says that she shall apologise if they need. Vihaan points out as to how they are all family. Priyanka agrres pointing out that she did this for only them both. vihaan asks her to go to apologise to the peon then. she is full of airs about her post. she says that they can keep the peone, but they should forget that she shall apologise to him. Arushi is tensed. Priyanka comes out and non resignedly goes back inside. Employees start questioning to vihaan why she didn apologise. They ask wehat she said. Vihaan tells that she doesnt wnat the peon to leave. They again point out that she didnt say sorry. Much to vihaan’s tension, arushi too stands for the right, saying that she shall keep her professional and personal lives apart. They enter into a make believe fight, and the peon asks them not to fight for him, as he doesnt need an apology, as he has already forgiven her, and asks them to patch them. they do so resignedly, while amused from inside. Employees too agree to join back.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Harpreet finds mini watching a guy’s pictures on a site. She informs to geet and granny, who afre highly ecited and hover around her. Mini reprimands them for sneaking on her, and then being bombarded with questions regarding her likeness for the guy. Mini says that its her school friend, and is happily married with two kids. harpreet and geeta leave. Granny asks how did she find such an old friend. Mini tells about the latest social networking site, and granny is very eager to get in touch with her friends too, and create a profile. But mini says that it isnt for people her age. she leaves. but granny is determined to open her account.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Kasturi and dadaji are very happy with girish’s new job. They discuss how he is a changed man. girish comes with torn clothes. dsadaji and kasturi ask him about the interview, and girish lies to them that he got the job. they are super proud of him. Kasturi asks about his dirty clothes, and he makes an excuse. They ask him to freshen uo, while he wonders how much longer can he carry on the burden of this lie.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
When priyanka is discussing the office with mini, vihaan and arushi come. She asks them if all is okay. He says that the peon shall saty and the employees shall also come. Priyanka says that she too has a condition, and that the peon should apologise to her now, if he wants to continue. They are shocked. They try to talk, but she refuses to listen to anything. granny comes and asks them to be quiet. granny says that they are not to discuss work at home. Mini tries to talk, but she again points out not to talk office at home. She calls arushi to come in with her. She complies. Vihaan tries to come to clarify that arushi isnt at fault, but granny snubs him and takes her inside. Vihaan tries to come, but granny stops him.

Inside, Arushi asks if she made any mistake. granny says that she isnt interested in office affairs. She asks her to sit. outside, vihaan is extremely impatient, to wonder whats going on with arushi. Then the door opens, and she rushes out to her room, without even blinking at vihaan, or mini and priyanka. The screen freezes on vihaan’s tensed face.

Precap: Priyanka finds an invitation for a foreign fashion week, leading to a possible collaboration too for business venture. she doesnt consider it at all, and throws it in the dustbin. When the dustbin is taken out to be dumped, tthe letter falls out, and lands in arushi’s hands, who is suyper excited at the prospect, and how it would open up foreign lands for venture and entrepreneurial vistas. But vihaan is irritated and tries to talk to her, but stops. they turn around to find priyanka in the cabin. she takes the letter from arushi and tears it in pieces. They are shocked, while arushi is upset.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Priyanka is such a snub ,I do not know how long the employees will take her arrogance for.She is so flippant and rude,I would have said to hell with you and your job.Bye.

    1. Check out my comments.

  2. oh my god I can not stand priyanka she needs to get a life

  3. just know prianka will quiet down and leave the two love birds arushi and Vihaan alone as soon as she starts sufing the net like mini mom she will get a man in her life and then she prianka will not even have time for office work which she is portraying that she is sooooooooooooooooooo serious at a little love for prianka in the right place and you will see how quick she will start to melt come on that four letter word L O V E does a lot to a woman she just needs to meet the right eligible bachelor but to tell the truth I would not like to be in arushis shoe with those seven mothers down her throat all the time that can be intolerable at times and her husband just stands there gazing and doing not one thing to help or defend his wife arushi

  4. If I was Arushi no matter how much I love Vihann. I would have dump him so long no one can’t treat me like rubbish. As for the workers in the office I would have quit. Let Pryanka find staffs to her expectations

  5. Priyanka is too bossy i hate her

  6. Granny has asked arushi for a baby.

  7. Arushi shy away!

  8. Rosey you think my guess is correct?

    1. Basta I do believe it could be either the gesture of a baby or as Kiki said Dadi maa could have asked her to do the account because she had asked mini ma to do it or it could be she asked Arushi to find out who is the friend mini maa is looking up on the account.OK.

  9. Basta I think that dadi maa ask her to open that chat account that mini ma had and they are doing a deal

  10. Aarushi is absolutely Gorgeous, stunning beauty, she reminds me of Tabu (my favourite actress) love her hair tied up all bac in a bun. An those Saries ar stunning , absolutely Gorgeous Aarushi. Well done!!

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