Tu Mera Hero 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tu Mera Hero 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Govind saying he will find a home for Vaishaili in 2-3 days. She thinks she has to do something and calls him Bau ji. He says no Bau ji, only my son Titu and my bahu Panchi can call me Bau ji, you call me Chacha or uncle. He asks them to get ready fast. He sees Panchi sad and asks her to get ready well as its first festival for her in inlaws home. She says yes and looks at Titu recalling Manorama’s words. He thinks Panchi might be going through a lot, give her strength. He asks Titu to walk and go, not sit on trolley to go. Titu says I m tired, I can’t go on stairs, you should have got a lift.

Govind scolds Titu and Panchi looks on. Golu takes Titu with him. Kamlesh thinks what Manorama told him and worries for Panchi. He says he will talk to Panchi and calls her. Titu takes the call and asks how is he, he does not remember him, he should take a holiday too. Kamlesh asks him about Panchi. Titu says she went to become fresh and says he is very tired now. He says we have Holika Dahen, come in evening and talks in his usual ways. Kamlesh gets angry and ends the call.

Mukund is tensed and talks to Rekha. She says she is also in tension. He asks her not to give him more tension, and she says about Panchi, and also Vaishaili lying a lot to impress Surekha. She says she had big dreams and cries worrying when their truth comes out. She says we will lose everything and cries. She asks Mukund did he not check about her dad and money. He says he loves Vaishaili. Rekha scolds him and asks him can he buy gold earrings for her by his love. Vaishaili hears this and says she has to do something. He says her dad will get all property in one year, have patience.

Rekha says no, this won’t happen, don’t dream and fool me, I will not believe you. Vaishaili comes to them and acts sweet to Rekha, saying she got gift for her, she will give later. Rekha says stop bahu, where are you going, and asks her to gift her now itself. Vaishaili says she has kept all jewelry in locker and did not keep this diamond ring, mum told me to give you. Rekha is glad and shows Mukund. She smiles and wears it. Its tight and she can’t wear it. Rekha gets hurt.

She says its costly ring, I will keep this in locker. Mukund says fine, give it back to Vaishaili, she will wear it. Rekha laughs and says he does not know that her bahu gave it by love, she will not insult her by returning it. She likes the ring and praises Vaishaili. Rekha acts sweet to her and says she will manage everything, you make place in everyone’s heart, work well, make good food and smiles. Vaishaili gets glad.

Surekha sees the jewelry and wants to choose for Panchi. She asks Govind to see and he is upset. She asks him what happened. She asks him to see and tell. He asks if she married a useless non working man, how would she feel. She says what about me, no girl will like to marry such man, why are you asking this, what happened. He says just like that. She says tell me, what happened. He says it means we should have not done Titu’s marriage, we did a big mistake. She is shocked and asks why is he saying this. He says you gave the answer yourself.

He tells her about Panchi, if she knew this, would she marry the lazy useless Titu. Surekha asks what lazy, is working in office and counting notes is work, my son makes everyone laugh, this is also work, he is a diamond. She says you wanted to get him married, you chose Panchi, the good thing is Panchi loves Titu a lot, don’t worry, I have seen it by my eyes, She says let them live well, they are just married, they will get maturity, don’t worry. She says she will ask Bhagwati which necklace to gift Panchi. She leaves. He gets worried and says what to tell you why I should not get worried.

Titu sees tv and passes time. Panchi comes to him. She unpacks her bag and Titu sits on the chair to move in the room. He says she will feel she does not have anything good to wear. He jokes and gives good reasoning. She thinks over his talk. He says about ladies going for shopping and how much time they take to choose, they take so much time and then she says she will get ready in 5mins.

He says about girls and the time they take. She starts leaving. He pulls her and her hair hits his eyes. She says I m sorry and blows in his eyes. He looks at her and she moves back.

Kamlesh tells Panchi that we got cheated and he will ask for an answer from Govind.

Update Credit to: Amena

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