Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadaji asks ramesh is he going again, what will he do if not come to shop and remember person is none by his work,ramesh says exactly and now I will look after my family through my music.kirti tells dolly and aman abt viraj and kabirs fight,nisha says he is still angry with me and so he fought with kabir,aman asks nisha does she still loves viraj, nisha says no its just that I saw him after so long that,aman says I think u shd talk to viraj bro, dolly says no viraj is her past but nisha how abt kabir he is a nice person and u are married as well,kirti says dolly di is right,nisha says stop it guys kabir is not meant for love and moreover I don’t wish to talk abt this anymore, rukhma comes and says come fast looks like there is problem downstairs.
Ramesh says to dadaji after staying alone I learnt that I will do what I like , I used to work in shop bcoz of ur fear and family but not anymore I have decided to teach children music, I know this is not easy but I will work hard, dadaji asks ramesh is it ur final decision, ramesh says yes, dadaji says ok lets see with help of ur music how u deal with ur family expenses,nisha says dadaji everything will be as it was the shop and house and now I will join shop in place of dad, everybody gets confused, I know I and suku cant replace dad but will work hard, suku says nisha is right dadaji I trust nisha and we will workhard,nisha says dad has always worked for us and today he is doing something for himself and I want to stand by him plz allow us and don’t stop dad, dadji lshakes hand with nisha and walks away.
Ramesh goes to nisha and smiles at her and goes behind dadaji, laxmi leaves as well and stops ramesh and says ramesh this holi u have gifted me a lot and im with u, ramesh says I know its difficult, laxmi says but ur family is with u, I know its difficult but we will manage and win over the circumstances and just need to trust eachother, see even I work and nisha will go to shop and work as well,ramesh smiles.
Viraj is thinking abt nisha and his fight during holi , kaira comes and says hi viraj have some tea and why are u looking upset, viraj says she was right I shd really move on, gayatri says for the first time I agree with nisha u need to move on it will be very good for u,viraj gets up and says I need to stay alone for sometime and leaves.
Kabir is looking at the pic and says where are u bcoz of u I have fallen into so many things,ramesh comes and says kabir who are u talking to, kabir says this guy im here in india to find him and I will surely find him and uncle nisha told me this scarf in pic is from ajmaer so may be I get some clue from this, ramesh says see this sign here it’s a royal photographer and he may help u but I doubt whether the photographer is dead or alive, kabir hugs him and says thanku uncle and one more thing u made a right decision by following ur heart and I will follow this as well,ramesh says so what does ur heart say, kabir says I wish to help u so I will bring students for u, ramesh thanks him and hugs him and says good luck and good night, nisha hears this and says,kabir says no thanku plz,nisha says see kabir Ilove my dad a lot,kabir says and I love u, nisha says no funny things kabir dad is very emotional just don’t get into his business plz,kabir very seriously says if he is ur dad he is my father in law and starts laughing and says look at u why are u always so tensed ,nisha says no more nonsense and remember even if ur the last guy I wont marry u, kabir says whatever anyways after 3 months my visa expires and I will leave this country.
Gayatri says to kaira im very happy to see that viraj is finally getting over nisha and so it’s the right time u shd go for viraj and make him fall for u and here is ur first installment, kaira says no buaji I don’t know why im not liking it, gayatri says ok as u wish but when ur loan deadlines get over don’t come to me, viraj enters and sees gayatri giving kaira money.

PRECAP: kabir roaming in shots, dadaji scolds him for roaming like this, kabir sees dadaji reading magazine and the other side has his and nishas photo over it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. thankz for the fast update.

  2. lol
    the precap seems funny
    Nibir ♥


  4. Superb thank u very much for fast update..

  5. Do u mean roaming in shorts??

  6. Wow fast update thank u tanaya…..

  7. Thanks for updates speedly

  8. Like the precap it will be funny because kabir will try to take that magazine from him with this funny moves cant wait to watch it

  9. Thanks for fast update.

  10. This show has v talented actors but story is some what not interesting they are not properly utilising them…..Please try to make something interesting .

  11. We have to blame the writer not the actors.

  12. Sorry guys I have a question he many nibir fan pages r there on Facebook? On Google when I typed nibir nauc fb two to three fan pages r there! plz help I wanted to know n guys on one of the fan page it is written nisha auruske cousins is not going off air thus April! I hope it’s true!

  13. Sorry guys I have a question he many nibir fan pages r there on Facebook? On Google when I typed nibir nauc fb two to three fan pages r there! plz help I wanted to know n guys on one of the fan page it is written nisha auruske cousins is not going off air this April! I hope it’s true!

  14. the show is now a little bit diverting from its main concept and the characters have changed a great deal specially nisha she was the one who did not anyone near her and was a tomboy noww she iss all opposite………….. taking other characters exept for bua ji they have also changed a lot. plzzz keep a little bit oof their own personality in them as its their trademark of the character…… which makes them diffrent from other normal characters…….

  15. I agreewith u the characters are changing a bit but a change is obvious with time……

  16. U mean wearing shorts pants and roaming around

  17. i visited a page and it says that

    It all happened in the spur of the moment as they were trying to avoid being captured by goons. Nisha (Aneri Vajani) and Kabir (Mishkat Verma) disguised themselves as bride and groom, and joined a community wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, they got married for real while playing their parts in the wedding.

    However, Nisha and Kabir did not think much of it and went back to leading normal lives. However, with Kabir now staying with Nisha in the Gangwaal house, things have become a little complicated. And from what we hear, it is about to get even more complex.

    In the upcoming episodes, Dadaji (V.M. Badola) will find the magazine which has Kabir and Nisha’s wedding photograph. This will bring their secret out in the open and the entire community will start pointing fingers at the family. The family will accuse Nisha of misusing her freedom, and a huge drama will ensue. While the cousins will still support Nisha, the elders will scream their heads off. Dadaji will lose faith in his favorite granddaughter and blame it all on her father — Ramesh and his upbringing.

    In order to save their face, Nisha will be ordered to get married properly to Kabir with the whole family as witnesses. She will keep refusing but will succumb to the pressure eventually. Kabir will be emotionally blackmailed to agree in order to save the face of the family.

    Viraj (Tahir Shabbir) will obviously break down on hearing that Nisha, the love of his life, has moved on. The news will come as a big shock for him, but his ego will not let him grieve and let it out.

    We got in touch with Aneri Vajani to find out how the drama will unfold and she said, “The family will soon get to know about Nisha and Kabir’s wedding. There will be a lot of drama; in fact, we will be shooting for this sequence in a day’s time. However, I cannot reveal what will happen next. You will have to see the show to know what Dadaji will decide.”

  18. i’m confused will Nisha love kabir as she still think of viraj. l want nibiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr.

  19. hi guys am new here.i want stry is boring.plz make a new twist like this-dadaji sees pic of nibir’s wedding and he decide to nibir’s wding.but nisha still confused state at last she started liking him at that time kabir came to know that viraj is his bro.but viraj cant accept it and he decided to seperate nibir at any cost.


  21. Miss richa aap kis update ke liye thanks kar rahi hai:-).

  22. I think u shud have posted it earlier.

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