Tu hi Meri Jeene ki Wajah a ff by rena (Part 3)

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Hi guys how are I all o aI so happy with ur comments hope you like this this part also

Shivika room
Anika was eating imli when shivaay entered
Shivaay:oh if u needed this u could have said this to me
Anika: oh!I will do what I want
Shivaay comes closer
Anika: stop there She shouted
Shivaay Was shocked and stood there like a statue
Anika: don’t u dare come near to me
Shivaay: ok anika but why are u angry with me I mean of what I said to om was before but now i don’t think like that
Anika : I don’t care about what I think or not
Shivaay: anika plz what should I do
Anika :shivaay but she rushes to bathroom
She visits
Shivaay don’t know what to do he called Pinky and jhanvi
They came and patted her and Pinky ask her to get fresh so anika went to freshen up
Pinky:he sab hota hai shivaay tum uskla khayaal
Jhanvi: shivaay don’t be nervous o.k
And they goes shivaay gets a call and he goes to the pool side
Anika comes and was checking her phone when she got a call
Anika: hello
Man:niku Kasia hai tum
Anika: Arnav??
Arnav:pehchan Kiya chui mohi
Anika: he chotu don’t call me that
Arnav:ok panika Kasia hai tum
Anika: main teek goon
Arnav:I got to know how it marriage happens with that shivaay if u say I will spare him
Anika:no need to do all that and u know I are going to become a mamu
Arnav:Kya each mein
Anika:ha meri jaan
Shivaay enters now and hear her calling jaan and she was smiling whole heartedly now he was seeing her smiling like this after long time she smiles when she is only with omru but he was wondering whom she was calling jaan that too at this midnight
Anika: acha chashmish do u still wear yr specks

Arnav: panika u k ow right I only wears it in childhood
Anika: hey don’t call me panika
Shivaay pov:who the he’ll is she talking too and who have him the rights to call my anika panika
Shivaay: anika
Anika:I will call u later bye take care
Arnav:take care bye
Anika: Kya Hua shivaay
Shivaay: who was on the phone anika
Anika: my friend
Shivaay: do t ur friend have manners that he will call a girl in night
Anika: what is it problem shivaay why do I keep disturbing me
Shivaay grabs anikas phone to check but it is locked
Shivaay was about to throw
Anika: don’t u dare Shivaay anika was so o angry
Shivaay sensed it
Shivaay:what anika I was just checking the cover of the phone
Anika: ho gayi tumhara checking give it to me
Shivaay o.k and comes closer And closer to anika and anika moves backward
Shivaay: anika bahut khoobsurat hai tum
Anika: I know that already
Shivaay: hamare ansh or shivika kaise hai
Anika: kya ansh Kya shivika and then she remembers her words
Shivaay:girl then shivika boy then ansh but our baby also need an company n.a.
And comes closer
Anika:besharam and she pushes him
Anika sleeps Shivaay loses her stomach and say
Gud night baby anika is not knowing all these
Shivaay: baby tumhe para hai tumhara muma kumbakaran ke jaise sothe hoon when I come to this world na u will understand she n.a. always teases me when u come na will I be on ur papas side
And Shivaay also sleeps

Next day
Om’s room
Shivaay: what can I do to make it up to anika
Om:shivaay do u I love her
Shivaay: ha om
Om:just go and confess it to her sje will be very happy then
Shivaay: no anika Will kill me instead of saying yes
Om:no Shivaay I know her o.k she will say yes to u
Rudr: bhaiya propose her today night
Now it is morning right u make the arrangements and in night u propose her
Shivaay: ok and goes

Shivika room
Anika is getting ready
Shivaay: anika tum kahi jaa rahi hoon??
Anika: ha shivaay
Shivaay: kaha kise milna u are going in this condition and if u need anything tell me I will buy it
Anika:just stop it shivaay I am goo g to meet someone
Shivaay: who whom where
Anika: i am going to meet my ex husband and my ex boyfriend can I go now
Shivaay was he’ll shocked
Shivaay: anika u have an ex husband
Anika why can’t I have
Shivaay: why didn’t u tell me
Anika: ur mad u idiot I am going with priyanka for shopping
Shivaay:then why can’t I say that simply saying rubbish I was nearly going to have an heart attack anika ur insane
Anika: what me same to u back to u no return
Shivaay: what anik I care for u

Shivaay: ahh don’t say that plz my ear
Anika: oh really u can say can’t i say u are are a billu
Shivaay: anika don’t say it baby will here
Anika: kaun baby kaha baby
Shivaay points to her stomach iss baby
Anika iss baby!!!
Shivaay h:ha iss baby
Anika: u are saying like it is not ur baby
Shivaay :anika Kya kWh rahi hoon ofcousre it is our baby is it???
Anika gets angry and throws water on his face
Anika:go to he’ll and she goes
Shivaay: what the wack she is she is impossible I was just saying a joke oh god !!! I have to propose this lioness plz show some kindness that she doesn’t kill me
Maybe my Destiny is to die in water

Guyz how was this episode hope I all liked it and plz comment with love Rena

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    There are small mistakes
    *I (you) are going to become a mamu.
    *shivay loses(kisses)her stomach

    1. Rena699

      Thank you dear and I hate Auto correction

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