Mr and Mrs. Maheswari Raglak episode 5

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Ragini was looking at mansion by staying outside of it.

Laksh,:- shall we go inside.. Or you still want to share..
Ragini:- I will stare will you have any problem.
Before Laksh could speak arjun interfere and says..
Arjun:- a change doctor sahiba tell me one thing what your house type their small or big.
Ragini:- medium as if have mansion their maintain it will be little complicated and dad likes simple life only that’s why. Any way your mansion was awesome.

Arjun:- thank you come I will show you your room.
Ragini :- hmm..
They both follows Laksh.

Ragini whispers in ear of arjun.
Ragini:- arjun tell me one is your brother born kadoos or after he became like that.
Arjun:- born kadoos and very possessive about Dari too. He won’t accept anyone entering into our family immediately..just think you were guest here for 6 months still he behaving as I’d you were going to stay here.

Ragini smiles and thinks I hope in these 6 months I will make to all to forgive mom and dad and to accept them.

Her thoughts were broken when she hits Laksh..
Ragini:- such can’t you see and walk after all this is your house yar…

Arjun laughs..

Laksh:- excuse me you hitter me when we stopped by the way what you were thinking that deep that you didn’t even see that we reached guest room and stopped walking too.

Ragini rubbing her head:- what do I knew where will be guest room in your mansion and coming to thinking I was thinking about my patient or.

Laksh:- this your room and feel free to ask anything.

Ragini:- thank you and one more thing I will freshen up and comes let’s go back to hospital as Dadi will be discharged today.

Laksh:- OK and dadi was for us and for you it’s

Ragini:- annoyingly Mrs.harish makes warm I knew that and don’t behave like typical Grand son. Like in whole world only he has dadi.. What the he’ll I don’t knew until when Ii should bare you..

Laksh about to speak but Ragini stops by saying.
Not a word again and pass be ready as I am going to come with in 30 minutes..

Laksh starts laughing loudly leaving arjun and Ragini who were staring him like he is alien.

Ragini:- what’s so funny that you were laughing like dinosaur..

Laksh:- I have to accept the fact that you were different that why you knew how dinosaurs will laugh. And you ladies will freshen and come in 30 minutes which is next to impossible.

Ragini:- firstly I am not different and secondly just now I came to knew, no in fact I saw how dinosaur will look while laughing because I saw it in you while you were laughing for no blo*dy reason. And secondly ladies or girls should manage lots of things so it will take time and I will definitely come in 30 minutes in fact before that.. OK.

Laksh folds his hands and says achaa ok let’s see you will come first or I will come.

Ragini:- challenge accepted..

Laksh:- mee too.

Saying this both goes in different directions leaving arjun who was standing like statue seeing them fighting like two kids..

Arjun sees upwards and says seriously god do you really think these two had grown up..

Saying this he to leaves..

Ragini comes out in 15minutes and starts roaming whole house and thinks..
Wow mom just explained exactly and it’s didn’t changed a little too I think it was same garden where mom and mama used to play.. I wish if I and bhai would brought up here who knows we both also might be played here.. If it happen then also this khadoos Laksh will fight with me like I stolen his lollipop..
Some one touches her shoulders she turns and finds arjun.

Arjun:- want guide to roam whole house mam.

Ragini smiles and says hmm yes but how much I should pay for this guide after by seeing this mansion it’s very big and awesome.

Arjun:- my fees is your small no more big pretty smile by the way your smile had talent of killing any one you knew and winks at her..

Ragini:- aww so cute thank you..

After few minutes Laksh comes down and search s for Ragini and says loudly.
She challenged me as if she will come before 30 minutes only these girls will takes decades to get ready finally what ever I won.

Arjun:- no bhai you were wrong Ragini came just in 15 minutes only but you did not came so I showed her our whole mansion and you took whole 25 minutes hmm you ruined our gents image chi chi.

Laksh:- hi chi chi various shut up ok and I neither lost nor win because I came before 30 minute’s only so our challenged is dropped and Dr. Ragini if it’s over let’s go to hospital we have go bring my dadi and your Mrs.pravati Harsh Mheswari. ..

Saying this he goes from their while raging huff and
goes back of him..

Dayal and harsh stands on both sides of Pravathi at entrance while shamans gives her Arthur and welcomes them by putting tikka on their fore heads…

Ragini about to enter but shailaja stops her and about put tikka but Ragini pulls her pally and places on her head and smiles shailaja too smiles and puts tikka on her head and welcomes her..

Shailaja makes Pravathi sit in her bedroom while ragini too sits next to her by fixing saline to her just then Sumitra comes by shouting maa and hugs her..

Ragini gets up and gives place to Sumitra..

Sumitra:- I was out of city maaa we went to house when we came to know that you are going through this all we immediately came back. You knew Pradee Sameera and Prudhvi too came to see you.

Three comes and sits with Pravathi.

Pravathi:- she is ragini Saxena cardiologist from London did my operation and going to stay with us in this home for 6 months..

Sumitra:- it’s seems you were settled their don’t you have anyone here..

Ragini :- no aunty mom dad bhai all were at London and my birth was in London only..

Sumitra:- can you understand hindi.

Ragini:- yea I can but I can’t speak.

Pradeep:- any way thank you for saving dadi and coming from their specialty for her it’s means a lot for us.

Ragini smiles and thinks you were my second brother after my dev bhai you were so calm but my brother is like a tsunami.

Ragini thoughts were broken when Pradeep forwards for handshake.

Pravathi introduces ragini to Sameera and Prudhvi too.
They all were talking with Pravathi… While Lakshmi and arjun to enters..

Arjun:- good morning docs.. How is your day in our home.

Ragini:- it’s fine..

Pradeep and all hugs each other..

While Laksh sits next to dadi all were talking and laughing.. Ragini acts as reading files and medicines but lost in thoughts..

If everything is fine then me and my family should have been present with all. I have a huge family but always grown up like I had no one..

Pravathi shouts ragini..

Ragini jerks and stands up asking what happen dadi are you OK.

Pravathi:- I am fine beta but where were you lost..
I am calling you from last 5 minutes.

Ragini:- I am sorry I was just thinking about a patient and why you called me dadi..

All giggles which cause ragini attention to them and then sees then seeing at Laksh who was huffing by looking at her and his look made her confuse..

Ragini:- what why are you eyeing me like that.. After some time oh oh I forget you said not to call dadi as dadi but I ga forgot that and started calling her dadi although I tried to remember not to call dadi as dadi but what to do it’s coming dadi only I hope you won’t mind I calling your dadi as dadi but tell me one thing won’t you allow them also to call your dadi as dadi or it’s special rule for me.

All opens their mouth by listening so many dadi words from her mouth and looks at Laksh who opens his mouth and his jeously anger was now completely visible on his face..

Laksh:- I won’t allow outsiders and unwanted people to call my dadi as dadi.. She is only our dadi.

Ragini:- who said no to that she is your dad I mean your all dadi..

Laksh:- stop it OK don’t says again dadi word OK and why don’t you call you dadi by leaving my dadi to me..

Ragini:- if I had na then also I won’t stop calling her dadi because I won’t call elders with their names as it’s not manners and don’t tell you you don’t have that manners..

Laksh:- excuse me..

Ragini:- say you were not excused… Saying this she leaves by saying bye to all before he could say further…

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  1. Deesh

    Awesome di. Loved raglak’s nok jhok ?? It was too funny ?? especially where ragini compares dev and prudhvi and where laksh comes late and arjun says Chi chi… ?? Loved their fight over dadi too… ? It was a cute epi ??

    1. Sindhura

      It’s Pradeep Deesh
      She compares Pradeep and dev
      Thank u so much

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  3. Dharani


  4. Awesome

  5. Awesome

  6. Sreevijayan

    Nice uodate dear

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  9. IME

    loved it!!
    read nxt part too!!
    love you !!
    take care !!
    byee !!

  10. Mintu

    Awesome dear.. ????

  11. Awesome episode

  12. A.xx

    amazing and loved lakshya’s character and rags’ persona xx

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