Tu hi Meri Jeene ki Wajah a ff by rena (Part 2)

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Recap:anika ask divorce shivaay slap her anika pregnant

Everyone enters to see a sad anika sitting
Pinky:anika beta
Anika doesn’t respond
Pinky:anika beta
Rudr hugs anika
Ru:congratulations bhabi I am so happy I am going to become a chachu
Anika smiles at him
Om:anika and hugs her are u fine
Anika:ha I’m kai teek goon
Om:I know u are not and we cN Talk about it later if u need anything call me
Everyone leaves leaving shivaay and anika
Shivaay goes sits beside her and holds her hand
Anika jerks her hand
Shivaay: anika kya hogaya tumhe
Anika: shivaay plz leave me alone
Shivaay: anika don’t take stress have ur medicine anika was weak so she just took the medicine and sleep
Shivaay goes to freshen up

After that he came and saw anika and went and sit beside her
He cares her hair
Shivaay: Anika i am going to become a father
I don’t know why it angry with me but whatever it is I will Will make it clear it is my promise I will always make u hAppy and he kisses at anikas stomach
Shivaay:good night baby
And me kisses on a anikas forehead
Morning anika wakes up she goes to freshen up
Anika pov:now I am going to become a mother I Song know what to do maybe shivaay will love me now as I am going to become.e mother of his child but he dont love me and hexan never
Anika Animal was coming down suddenly she slips but shivaay holds her
Shivaay:anika be careful what if something happens to u or our baby
Anika: our baby but u said I can’t see me as the mother of my child
Shivaay: anika nothing like that come down shivaay holds her

Dining table
Pinky:Anika eat this it is kherr specially made for I
Anika:now I don’t want anything
Pinky:no excuses I have to eat beta
Dadi;ha puttar u should eat something
Om:anika and feeds her
Everyone smiles at their bond
Om feeds her food
Rudr makes her drink juice

Shivika room
Shivaay: anika I am going to office
Anika “;so
Shivaay suddenly comes and kisses on her lips
Anika was shocked
Shivaay: take care ofy baby too what should I buy
Anika piv: I want to eat tamarind but I can’t say anything to him
Anika: I don’t want anything g will just go plz
Shivaay feels sad and goes
Om:bhabi apka special ladoo
Anika:nahi I do t wAnt that now plz
Rudr:no bhabi atleast for my champ eat it n.a.
Om:anika what do u want to eat
Anika: tamarind
Pinky just now vo.es and heard it
Pinky:in this time.u will feel to eat something like that ok but one deal u eat this ladoo then I will give u tamarind
Anika unwilling says it andakes faces and everyone smiles
Anika: u all will make me fatt
Anika slee0s in rudrs lap
Rudr kisses on her forehead
I sorry for short update today I have a function so I am going for that

Precap: shivika cute moments and anika being sick and someone’s entery Arnav Singh raizaada

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